Season 26 Episode 13

Don't Say Anything About My Mom

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Have so much admiration for Brenda

    This was a very cruel thing they did tonight. At least they should have given Brenda a pass tonight for the gesture she made. Vote her out next time but not right after she did this. This could've been a Survivor taboo from now on: if someone made a generous gesture for the whole tribe nobody writes his/her name down that time around. AKA immunity for that night. What hurt Brenda most was that she never would've written Dawn's name down. Not since Dawn had that melt down and she fished her tooth out for her. To have Dawn turn around and stab her in the back like this is heartbreaking. What hurt her even more was the fact that she could've held on and beat Dawn. But to let go and give Dawn her first ever immunity, then she turns around and does this is heartbreaking. And this hurt will carry beyond this game. Cochran this can be expected from but Dawn? This is hurtful. All Cochran has to do now is hook up with Sherri and Erik to take to finals and kick out Eric/Dawn next two votes and he has it locked up.

    LIke Brenda said, it's a two edged sword being so generous. But to have Dawn do the slashing is heartbreaking.

    Did Brenda's dad advise her to be humble because she's haughty naturally or that's how she came over last season? I'd like to believe the latter. I didn't hate her her first time around but thought her alliance was haughty. This time I have nothing but love for her. As a person she's shown so much character. Put aside the fact that she's pretty and sexy, she's got a pretty good package going for her. I'd like to see her again on Survivor. Hope she wins Favorite player.
  • I saw it coming!

    When Brenda gave away the Challenge, I knew that Dawn would send her home. That B" has been wanting to get her out. I generally can pick the winner early on but this one has me really wheeling. Brenda made the mistake of wearing her heart on her sleeve, thinking they would reciprocate when she gave up the reward challenge. I knew, also, the dawn would finally get her revenge by getting the other ungrateful idiots to go along. NEVER USE YOUR EMOTIONS in any game, you will LOSE.
  • the worst season

    This is the worst season in my opinion. The driving force this season is fear.. not friendship, no integrity, not trust of any kind. Brenda found that backstabber's teeth and kept her in the game. Brenda encouraged her and soothed her and comforted her .. for nothing. Brenda deserved the million dollars and NONE Of those left are deserving of a dime. I'm done watching survivor this season.. I'll learn online which of the non deserving won but they aren't worth my time to watch every week anymore... I'm done
  • By far one of the harshest things I have ever seen.

    Wow, this episode leaves me absolutely stunned and devastated. I cannot believe they voted out Brenda after what she did for them. I could not find it in myself to vote somebody out who gave their own time wit h their lovesd one up for the others. At least not the very next day.

    It was just so ruthless and I felt Brenda's pain. It was palpable.

    Dawn's ruthlessness is coming to shine through, as is Cochran's. Sherri is under the radar and not really doing much but it was just as ruthless from her.

    I've done a complete 180 in who I'm cheering for now. Eddie and Erik.

    This is just astounding to be honest. Poor Brenda, she did not deserve it. :(
  • Erik, Brenda and Dawn find themselves struggling to stay afloat in the game's final days as a Reward Challenge with game changing implications comes around.

    We "Survivor" fans all know that giving up immunity is an incredibly stupid mistake (Just ask Erik and . In this episode we saw just how stupid throwing an immunity challenge can be. It could not be more obvious that Brenda was going to be cut loose. As soon as she said she felt safe because Eddie did not win immunity was a crystal clear sign she was anything but. The last few episodes have really helped turn what began as a very boring and predictable season into a very entertaining and suspenseful one. I am certainly glad for that. In the end, I actually found myself feeling sorry for Brenda when she finally was called for jury duty. That's a hell of a way to be thanked for giving up your reward! This is something that we have all known since "Borneo" but I will say it here: Man, "Survivor" players can be very cruel when they want to.
  • Likeability is a liability

    In a game where paranoia is everywhere Brenda made a crucial mistake. She should have never giving up on immunity. Especially since she has stated that Dawn is the most paranoid player left in the game. Maybe she still had only 5 minutes left on that log, but maybe Dawn had 4 minutes.

    Brenda had no enemies. She would have won against everyone of them. It was the only choice to make. Cochran said likeabiltiy is liabilty and this is the truth. The moment she increased her status in the tribe by giving them their loved ones, was the moment Brenda's likeabilty went through the roof. The time to cut her loose. Eddie might look tough, but it is Brenda who would have had the best chance at wining the next immunties. I don't believe Eddie will win next immunity, he hasn't proved it in the past. Eric's breaking down fast and will not have the right amount of power left.

    Dawn has the blood on her hands, Sherri is this season's floater, therefore I believe Cochran will win this season. Cochran is on his way to the final and the money. It is Cochran's game to lose at this point. Since the moment he got Andrea out, he has proved that he can outwit them all. It's time for a favorite who is also a longtime fan of Survivor to win Survivor Fans vs Favorites. This season will be his redemption.

  • Never trust little old ladies that seem harmless...

    Brenda deserved what she got. Never ever let immunity get away from you. Dawn is a very slippery person, and I have no doubt that she would do anything to win. She's by far more ruthless than anyone left in the game.

    She plays the helpless card and managed to fool a lot of people.

    Again Brenda deserved it.

    But I don't think it will do her much good because I reckon Cochran will win this.

    When I see Dawn, just get a nasty reminder of Sandra. Just awful.

    Hope the greed takes over and we see her in a superstar so she can't hopefully get eliminated first.
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