Season 22 Episode 4

Don't You Work For Me?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2011 on CBS

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  • Whether you like it or not, history was made tonight. (Spoiler alert!!!)

    I can not believe Russell Hantx is gone! The second person voted out of this game (technically third voted out, but second to be eliminated).

    I will miss Russell. I never want to see him win, but I alsways want to watch him play. He is a phenomenal player, you ahave to admit, even if you do not like him.

    As for the rest of the episode, meh. Nothing unpredictable happened, although Rob's control of Ometepe tightened.

    I am cheering for Stephanie and Krista on Zapatera, aka Russell's alliance. On Ometepe, m y favorite is Andrea, but I pretty much like the whole tribe.

    I thinkk that the game wil not be as exciting with Russell Hantz gone, but I still think this season will have the potential to succeed.

    Russeell, you will be missed. Once again, I must reiterate, that I never wanted Russell to win, but I really wished I could see him play and manipulate much longer.
  • As soon as he sets foot on Redemption Island, Russell vows to get back into the game and make his former tribe members pay for voting him out. At Zapeterra, Rob continues his mastery of the game and his tribe.


    In this episode we see the two veteran players go in complete opposite directions. Russell goes down in flames (Maybe I should say tears?) and Rob continues to soar. Rob accomplishes something he had never done in his previous appearances and continues to do a superb job of controlling his tribe and the outcome of the Tribal Councils. The fact that the vote went exactly how he wanted it to go is proof of that. After losing the duel to Matt, Russell says he is done with Survivor. I sure hope so. It's time to make room for new players.

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