Season 22 Episode 4

Don't You Work For Me?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2011 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Russell Hantz becomes the second contestant to have played three or more times and still never sit on a jury after Rob Mariano. Russell also becomes the second contestant in "Survivor" history to play the game three times and only be voted out once after Amanda (during "Heroes vs. Villains").

  • Quotes

    • Rob: Hopefully, all these guys get in line like they should and do as they're told. If not, I'm not in control of my tribe after all.

    • Kristina: (referring to Phillip) The specialist thinks he's running the show but the specialist is just one big windbag so I'm going to let him dig his own grave.

    • Rob: (after finding hidden immunity idol) Maybe I learned something after last time.

    • Russell: (after losing the duel and being eliminated from the game) It's just terrible when you play with people that didn't really come here to play the game. They just came here maybe for fame or just for the money. This is my last time I'm playing this game. That's it. I have nothing left to prove to me or my family. Matt, I give him props. He beat me and I hope he goes all the way.

    • Russell: (referring to upcoming duel with Matt at Redemption Island) This duel, it's going to be man on man, good versus evil type thing. I like Matt. He's a good guy. If this was the real world, I'd be rooting for Matt but it's not. This is Survivor.

    • Russell: (referring to Matt on Redemption Island) Right now, this is his house but I'm about to take it from him. I'm going to keep winning. My tribe is going to come here one at a time and I'm going to pick 'em off and I'm going to make 'em suffer. I'm going to say "Sleep in the mud, fool".

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