Season 23 Episode 8

Double Agent

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • Explosive episode...Coach shows his true value in this episode....


    This is the beginning of this season big moves wise...Until now, everything was pretty lame, with weak competitors being eliminated and a bit of drama...Ozzy tried to pull a fast move, and even though it appeared he was successful, he failed to see the big picture...As I said previously, had he done a bit of research he would have found out that Christine wasn't the enemy...Moreover, Ozzy should have talked with his alliance and everyone should have been made aware that under no circumstance should Cochran be treated badly...The merge moment was well thought through...In connection with the Redemption Island challenge, Ozzy totally crushed Christine...Even if his performance in the challenge was really good, the blaming of Cochran for his elimination was really embarrassing...I mean everyone realized he was talking out of the side of his neck...Coach impressed me on his understanding of the situation, and on turning Cochran...This might be the true Coach not the Heroes vs Villains one...But by far his most important decision was not playing the idol on the Tribal Council...That was a BIG move...It paid off...Now, what I didn't liked was Cochran saying "I'll explain it" after confessing he turned...He might have a second plan to make a 5-5...Another thing I didn't liked was the Immunity Challenge performance of some of the players, especially Cochran and Coach..Coach needs to understand an Immunity won can prove beneficial more than an idol because with idol you can be blindsided...Cochran needs to understand its do or die for him so basically give your life in the challenge ... In the current conditions, maybe he will get top 7, but not more, unless he's lucky...He needs to put in more effort...

    Next one who should be eliminate is either Ozzy or Jim depending on who doesn't wins Immunity next...Even if Jim is a dangerous fellow in this game Ozzy is even more as although he is a bit out of shape I can still see him as having the capacity to win every Challenge...Coach leads a strong alliance and I think he can pull it off...

    I am sure the best is yet to come.

  • The true stupidity of almost every member of Savaii shines through today! Go Upolu!!! (Spoilers ahead!)


    Ok, so ther is obviously a lot to talk about with regards to this episode, so let me run through it all as best I can.

    Firstly, I am disappointed to see Christine lose on Redemption Island - she truly deserved to come back in (even though it wowas very disappointed to see Christine lose at Redemption uldn't have helped Upolu's cause) but Ozzy deserved to go home after what I considered to be an exceptionally stupid move, as Christine was never going to go back to Upolu after flipping the bird a t them.

    I also would've liked to see the merge delayed a little more, but it happened, and I loved the Coach/Cochran conversation back at camp. Coach saw right through the lie, but instead of chastising him, he offers him a way out!

    The Immunity Challenge was not my favourite challenge - it was borderline OK, but Savaii players won both Immunitys.

    What I loved most about this episode was the Tribal Council, and Cochran flipping to Upolu to get rid of Keith and send him to Redemption Island.

    Jim has absolutely no right to call Cochran a 'coward'. Jim is so arrogant and stupid - how can he say something like that after he pulled off an even worse betrayal by backstabbing Ozzy and kicking off Elyse? Whitney and Keith have no right to criticise Cochran either - they both betrayed their own alliance to get rid of Elyse, whereas Cochran simply voted against an alliance that he was never a part of. Only Dawn has some right to be upset at Cochran's move, as she was also an outsider. Ozzy has the right to be upset at what happened, but he should've been intelligent enough to kick off Cochran before the merge, have Christine come back to the game, and Christine would've definitely stuck with Savaii, whereas Cochran was unlikely to.

    My respect for Cochran has grown immensely after this one. He made a terrific move - it may cost him a million dollars if he gets to the end, but let's face it - there was NO chance of him getting to the Final Three if he stuck with Savaii, and he may be able to worm his way into the Final Three with Upolu, if he can divide and conquer.

    I can't say that I am particularly thrilled about Keith's elimination, as I certainly would've liked to see Jim go home, as he is so insanely arrogant and truly deserves to disappear.

    I also am now backing the Dragon Slayer wholeheartedly - he showed his intelligence today, and he definitely desreves to go far, as does all of Upolu. However, I am becoming a little disenchanted with Sophie and Albert, but we'll see what happens there. Also - great move by the Dragon Slayer to keep hold of the Idol!!!

    All up a terrifc episode. I hope Upolu picks off Savaii one by one, although I feel a little upset for Dawn, who truly deserves to go much farther in this game.

    Jim, Keith & Whitney have no-one but themselves to blame - if they wanted a tight group of six at the merge, they should'nt have conspired to kick off Elyse. Ozzy also has himself to blame - he should've got rid of Cochran before the merge and let Christine re-enter the game.

    A lot of stupid, stupid moves by Savaii - Ozzy seems more like a novice than a former finalist to me. They have imploded and I hope that they continue to implode.

    Can't wait until the next episode!

  • Ozzy defeats Christine handily at Redemption and returns to the game. Upon his return Upolu and Savaii merge to form Te Tuna. Cochrane tries to infiltrate Upolu's tight alliance, but Coach and the rest of Upolu, prove to be smarter than Savaii thought.


    While Ozzy's plan worked out well, the tribe as a whole may have handed the game to a member of Upolu. Ozzy's rant at Redemption Island was way too contrived. He should have said nothing at all. That would have been more believable. In addition Cochrane's story to Coach was just as contrived. Savaii failed to realize that stupid acts such as these are going to drive an immediate wedge between the tribes and a resentment will ensue that will never go away. That is exactly what happened here. I like that Upolu told the members of Savaii at Tribal Council that they knew Ozzy and Cochrane were lying. I liked how that caught Savaii off guard. After a slow start the game is starting to get very interesting. Can Savaii save themselves? I personally do not think so, but we shall see.

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