Season 9 Episode 3

Double Tribal, Double Trouble

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2004 on CBS
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As the two tribes gather for the Immunity Challenege, Jeff tells them that regardless of the outcome, both tribes are going to seperate Tribal Councils. The tribes first fight for reward which is won by the men. Then the men battle for single immunity, won by John K. By winning immunity, John K. spends the day with the girl tribe deciding which woman will receive immunity when the tribe goes to vote. At Tribal Council, John P. is voted out of the tribe even though conflicts with Rory are present. As the men leave, John K. stays until the women arrive. Once there, he gives the single Immunity to Ami, stating she was safe anyway. The vote reveals that the women remain divided and the "younguns" are shocked to see Mia get voted off.moreless

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  • Now things get really interesting...

    This was definitely the best ep of Vanuatu thus far, with interesting developments at both camps with a DOuble Tribal approaching. I love the Double Tribal episodes - so much drama in a small package, and double the drama all up. It's also very interesting to have the Double Tirbcal this early in the game.

    On Lopevi, I like John K and that is pretty much it. Nobody else I am fond of at all. Brady is all right I guess. I can't stand most of the older ones.

    On Yasur I like Eliza, Julie, Mia, Scout, Ami and pretty much everyone actually. Twila is an interesting character, but as the show progresses, she becomes more endearin gto me.

    Sad to see John P go home. He was a strong player but the awkawrd alliance on the tribe is prevailing. Also sad to see Mia go home and SHOCKED to see Lisa flip on them. Eliza was the uncertain one but they should have kept a closer eye on Lisa. I don't know if that's a smart move on her part - she could be the outsider now, but we will well and truly see.

    Looking forward to the next one!moreless
  • Why start out with 18 castaways?

    I do not understand why the producers of Survivor: Vanuatu felt the need to start out with an 18 person cast when there are double-boot episodes. I'd rather there be a 16 person cast with no double-boot episodes so that we, the audience, have an opportunity to get to know the cast. I feel as though we did not really have enough of an opportunity to get to know the cast early on.

    Anyhow, the best part of this episode was John K.'s manipulation of the female tribe when he got them all to confess who voted for Dolly. To add some humor to this episode, I enjoyed John K.'s (as well as Scout's) complaining about Eliza's "great" ability to talk and talk and talk.moreless
  • One of the few good shows in Vanautu

    One of the good great shows of the Vanautu series

    Scout is just mean if you ask me and has

    No heart. To be honest, I find nothing wrong with Rory

    And wished that people cut him some slack as he is

    Trying very hard. Mia gets voted out and the women are

    now without two women!
Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Brady Finta

Brady Finta

Himself (Season 9)

Ami Cusack

Ami Cusack

Herself (Season 9)

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Brook Geraghty

Himself (Season 9)

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Chad Crittenden

Himself (Season 9)

Dolly Neely

Dolly Neely

Herself (Season 9)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • For the first time ever, a tribe that WINS the immunity challenge (Lopevi) goes to Tribal Council and votes a player (John P.) off. This is also the first time ever that individual players hold immunity during the tribal phase of the game (John K. and Ami). And, for the first time, a player from the opposing tribe (John K.) is present at the other tribe's Tribal Council.

  • QUOTES (2)

  • NOTES (3)

    • For this episode only, John K. won single immunity. He then passed over the single immunity to Ami when it was time for the female tribe to vote.

    • John P. (J.P.) was voted out of the male tribe and Mia was voted out of the female tribe.

    • This is the SECOND time that two Tribal Councils were held in 1 hour (the first time was episode 7 of Pearl Islands). It is the FIRST time that two castaways were voted off by their respective tribes in one episode (Osten quit in Pearl Islands as opposed to being voted off).