Season 25 Episode 6

Down and Dirty

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • Something never before seen happens as Tandang actually forefits a reward challenge. It's a decision both tribes soon regret.

    "Down and Dirty" is a significant episode only because of what happens at the Reward Challenge. As far as the rest of the episode is concerned, it's pretty much more of the same. It's a little difficult to feel bad for Tandang as they soon regret their decision because they all agreed to it. I had no sympathy for Artis. He felt it was a bad idea therefore he should have said so. Also, he said he wanted to win yet he refused to participate in the challenge. Shut up and live with your choice Artis! I feel the same way about Kalabaw. Their failure to think in the long term cost them. Tribal Council was no surprise either. It could not have been more obvious that Katie was going to be cut loose. Still I will be there for the next episode. Wouldn't miss it!
  • A lot of drama, but a little anticlimactic.

    Well there was a lot of drama with a series first deal that was cut at the Reward Challenge. To be honest, I think Tandang got a good deal, because those sandwiches will last one day, while the rice obviously could last a lot longer, if used correctly and sparingly. But I think both tribes seemed to be mostly upset at the trade, which is shocking because it's weird that they let it go on through.

    The Immunity Challenge was better, lalthough we have seen this challenge before (Redemption Island maybe, if I remember correctly?) but it was a fun one nonetheless, with Jeff and Malcolm leading the pace for their respective tribes.

    Nice comeback for Tandang, but I REALLY want to see Tandang lose, just because the pot is boiling at that camp, an d I want to see it all explode at Tribal Council!

    I was quite surprised Katie wasn't placed on the Jury. Also quite asad about that actually, as she would have been a GREAT juror! The Tribal Council was pretty intense, but the ending was anticlimactic.

    Can't wait to see the next one!