Season 11 Episode 10

Eating and Sleeping With the Enemy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on CBS

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    I can't be more glad. Jamie is finally out and before Gary and Danni. Throughout the entire season he was so paranoid and arrogant. I never liked him back in the old tribe and now, in the merge, I definitely couldn't stand him. That episode, during the challenge, when he said Judd was only there to guarantee the lead. How rude and cocky was that?! I remember Bobby John said he didn't have any moral, and he was right! He doesn't have any.
    Then he tried to cover it up by trading a good meal by a terrible meal, at the reward challenge. But did he really think they would buy it? Everyone could see right through his 'honest' act. I'm just glad Steph finally decided to get rid of him.
    Again, Lydia still annoys the hell out of me. I can't seriously understand what she is doing there. She is so useless and weak. I hope she goes next. She totally doesn't deserve to be there at all!
    Cindy is a really strong player. If Danni doesn't make it to the top 2, I hope Cindy makes it. Judd is going to freak out! But be careful Judd, you don't want to upset everyone.