Season 2 Episode 13

Enough Is Enough

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on CBS
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The remaining 5 survivors (Colby, Tina, Elisabeth, Rodger & Keith) are beginning to get homesick. Tina explains how she misses her husband and her children. Elisabeth states that she misses her mother. The survivors at the reward challenge get to email their loved ones. Keith surprises his girlfriend by proposing to her; she says yes. Tina's husband wins the challenge and gets to talk to Tina for a while. The survivors decide to play a friendly game of frisbee. Keith & Colby get into a huge fight over rice portions. At Immunity, Colby yet again wins. At Tribal Council, Keith receives 2 votes while Rodger receives 3 and becomes the 5th Jury Member.moreless

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  • Very sad departure!

    Well the episode was a very good one, firstly with the Reward Challenge with the loved ones at home playing. I thought the challenge was slightly unfair with some castaways having three family members collaborating, and others having just one, but that wasn't a major concern for me. Keith's proposal was nice - he's definitely my least favourite castaway remaining, but even saying that, I don't really dislike him, so that's nice.

    Meanwhile, I was so sad to see Rodger go home! He and Elisabeth were such a cute pairing - one of the most unlikiest alliances you'll ever see, yet one of the best as well. It was like a father/daughter type of thing - and his sacrifice to keep Elisabeth in the game over himself ws just so amazing, and one of hthe absolute best things I have seen on this show.

    It was definitely a very touching episode in multiple ways, and I would be really, really happy if Elisabeth could somehow pull off the win at the next Immunity Challenge, and I would be over the moon if she could win the following one as well!

    Can't wait to see how the remainder of the season unfolds!moreless
  • Good episode, but sad to see Rodger leave.

    The episode started with the remaining five desperate to get food and trying to catch crickets. The reward was that the person whose loved one answered the most questions right could talk to them over the internet. Keith even used this opportunity to propose to his girlfriend who said yes to him. Tina then won the challenge and got to talk longer with her family. The next day Colby and Keith got into an argument about how much rice they should have each day. Colby even called him a bozo. Colby won the immunity challenge even though Keith would have won if he did not drop his key on the way back. At tribal council the three original Ogakor members banded together to vote out Rodger. Overall, this was a good episode even though there have been better.moreless
  • Say it ain't so, Kentucky Joe!

    I think Rodger and Paschal were my two favorite male Survivors of all time so far.

    These two never spoke a bad word about anybody.

    They played the game not as like "acting" but as themselves.

    I cried when Rodger was voted out.

    I wished it was he and Elisabeth to the final two.

    Because Rodger was a good sport and got along with everybody.

    Despite having physical limitations, he was pulling more than his weight.

    By cathching fish and building shelters.

    That is the reason he was kept and was in fifth place.moreless

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