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Episode Guide

    • It's a Turtle!
      Season 14 - Episode 10
      The green team returns from Tribal Council. Mookie is upset with Dreamz because he just screwed the team. Earl wanted to bring in Boo as a possible alliance candidate. At the reward challenge, it was a test of the most common question answers. In the end, Cassandra won, getting every single question right. She sent Mookie to Exile Island where Mookie said that he would take Cassandra's alliance out one by one. Back at camp, Cassandra decides to take Boo, Dreamz and Yau-Man along. They enjoy drinks, food and fireworks on a yacht. The next day, before the immunity challenge, Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz talk. He tells them Mookie has the Ravu hidden immunity idol. Yau-Man joins in and says that he is nervous about the other hidden idol. At the immunity challenge, it was test of endurance. The challenge ended up only lasting 1 hour and 25 minutes. Yau-Man was declared the winner. Before Tribal Council, Mookie gave the idol to Alex. There was plenty of vote off deals to go around before the Bula Bula tribe arrived at its first Tribal Council together. By a 5-3-1 vote, Edgardo Rivera becomes the tenth person voted out and the fourth member of the jury.moreless
    • Dead Man Walking
      Season 25 - Episode 8

      The Dangrayne tribe return to their beach and Jonathan removes himself from his former alliance as a result of the last vote. Now that he is without an idol, Jeff is hoping to vote out Jonathan next. Michael tells Jonathan that there are cracks in the alliance and not to give up. At the same time, he also wants to break up the alliance between Artis, Abi and Pete.

      While half the tribe is enjoying reward, Abi and Pete discuss taking out Jeff once Jonathan is out. But when Jonathan wins the Individual Immunity Challenge, the target is then put on Michael since he is a returning player. But Pete suggests to vote out Jeff and everyone is on board until Jeff finds out and tries turns the tables on him.

    • Going Down in Flames
      Season 20 - Episode 11
      There are now 5 villains and 5 heroes. The Villains get a map to the Heroes' beach in their tree mail and once they arrive there, the two tribes officially merge. Once they are merged, Parvati doesn't feel welcomed by the Heroes and Sandra tells Rupert the truth about the "all female alliance". Before Tribal Council, Russell thinks the Heroes will vote for Parvati. So he gives her his immunity idol without knowing that she already has one. But the Heroes ae testing Russell to see if he is really willing to join an alliance with them. Instead of Parvati, the Heroes really plan to vote for Jerri, while the Villains plan to vote out J.T.. Then at Tribal, Parvati gives Sandra and Jerri her two idols. A 5-5 tie is avoided, and Russell is exposed as a liar.moreless
    • Rustle Feathers
      Season 27 - Episode 12

      The remaining castaways must take on a frustrating immunity challenge, which leads to a somewhat unique tribal council.

    • Little Miss Perfect
      Season 25 - Episode 9

      The five former Tandang tribe mates are a strong group, but Jonathan knows there are a few cracks in the alliance. During a reward challenge win, the former Kalabaw members suggest that Michael and Lisa could possibly be persuaded to join their alliance.

      Back at the beach, Abi orders Lisa to stay loyal to Tandang and vote Joanathan out. Lisa feels that Abi is being too aggressive and thinks maybe it would be better to align with the former Kalabaw.

      After the Immunity Challenge, the Tandang alliance are planning to vote for Jonathan, but Abi is concerned that Michael or Lisa will flip. Over on the Kalabaw alliance, the plan is to vote for Artis, but they need someone from Tandang to help them out.

    • I Promise...
      Season 16 - Episode 10
      After Tribal Council, the tribe reacts to Eliza playing the decoy immunity idol. The next morning, the tribe competes in a reward for a visit to Yap, another island in Micronesia. Ozzy, Erik, Amanda and Jason win the reward and enjoy a traditional experience with a feast.

      On Exile Island, Cirie is having a rough time trying to live through a rainstorm. But while she is there, she has time to think about how she can get rid of Ozzy and his idol.

      Back on the Dabu beach, while James is keeping himself busy, Parvati complains that he is making too much noise while she is trying to sleep. Later that day, James and Amanda discuss how Parvati's own alliance with Alexis and Natalie seems to be getting much more serious.

      During the Immunity Challenge, Jeff tempts the contestants with food in exchange for dropping out of the challenge. After 5 hours in competition, Jason drops out after being given a guarantee from the rest of the tribe that he would not be voted out that night. But after returning to camp, everyone says they don't plan on keeping their promise and will vote out Jason. However, Cirie goes to the other girls behind Ozzy's back with a plan to blind side him.moreless
    • Slay Everyone, Trust No One
      Season 20 - Episode 2
      20 contestants from previous seasons of Survivor return for another shot at the million dollars. The contestants arrive on a beach via a helicopter and are divided into two tribes, heroes and villains. After the tribes meet, they participate in their first reward challenge. The heroes win the reward of fire but during the challenge, Stephenie and Rupert both suffer injuries but are able to stay in the game. The villains arrive at their campsite. Right away, Russell approaches Danielle to form an alliance to the final two and then says the same thing to Parvati. At the heroes' beach, the tribe starts to build their shelter and even catch four chickens from the wild. The next morning, the villains joke how Jerri and Coach could become romantically involved after a little flirting during the night. Over on the heroes, all the tribemates who were both on the same season before try to align with each other again. Back on the villains beach, Rob is successful in creating fire. That night, the heroes are not able to get a full night's sleep after Sugar starts annoying Colby. But the next day, they enjoy a meal of chicken soup. Both tribes get tree mail and participate in their first Immunity Challenge. After the villains win, the heroes return to camp and everyone seems to have their own opinion on who should be voted out. Sugar suggests Amanda but Colby wants Sugar out. However, Tom thinks Cirie should go, and Cirie thinks it should be Stephenie.moreless
    • Zipping Over The Cuckoo's Nest
      Season 26 - Episode 10

      One contestant's nerves are frayed to the point they may quit the game. A revelation looks to turn Tribal Council into one of the most tumultuous of the season. 

    • Why Would You Trust Me?
      Season 13 - Episode 11
      On Raro, some people aren't very happy with Jonathan's directions at camp. Later, the five Raro members and the four Aitu members merge into one tribe called Aitutonga.

      The Aitu members feel vulnerable, so Yul creates a plan to get Jonathan to flip sides. Jonathan later becomes the swing vote at Tribal Council. He decides to betray the Raro tribe and join the Aitu alliance to vote out Nate.moreless
    • I'm Gonna Fix Her!
      Season 16 - Episode 12
      The Survivor Medical Team looks at the cut on James's finger and tells him if it doesn't get better by the morning, he'll need surgery. Then the next morning, Alexis takes a bad fall and cuts her knee. At the Reward Challenge, the castaway meet with their family members and compete for a trip to Jellyfish Lake which is won by Alexis. She picks Cirie and Natalie to go with them on the trip. After the challenge, the medical team checks James's finger again. Medical decides that James must leave the game to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Amanda finds all 3 clues and discovers that the hidden immunity idol is hidden back at Dabu camp. Alexis returns from Jellyfish Lake and is shocked about James but worried about her own injury. Cirie states that because of the all-girl alliance at camp, they must beat Erik at the next Immunity Challenge. The next morning, Parvati says she would not be part of voting out Amanda no matter what the circumstance was. After Erik wins the Immunity Challenge, Amanda and Parvati think Natalie for the vote while Erik, Alexis and Cirie think Amanda should go. Before Tribal Council, Amanda realizes she is the next to go and searches for the immunity idol under the camp flag.moreless
    • Tastes Like Chicken
      Season 19 - Episode 9
      After the tribe returns from Tribal Council, Russell is without an immunity idol and without confidence for the first time as he thinks he is out next. The next morning while Natalie is out for a walk, she find a rat and kills it for meat, surpring her tribemates. Meanwhile, Russell is convinced there is another idol somewhere and is determined to find it. Then, while some original Galu members are enjoying a reward, Russell sets out to find the second idol without any clues and surprisingly, he is successful. Later that afternoon, Russell shows the idol to "Shambu" and the two of them start a new alliance to vote out Laura. After the Immunity Challenge, Kelly is the target of a back-up plan. Russell then tells Jaison about the idol and Jaison tells the other former Foa Foa tribemates. Meanwhile, the former Galu members (minus "Shambo") are all in a tight alliance of their own and all agree to vote for Russell. As the Aiga tribe heads to Tribal Council, Russell is unsure about when to use his idol and the entire tribe seems split between the old Foa Foa and the old Galu.moreless
    • You're a Rat
      Season 13 - Episode 12
      During the Survivor Auction, Yul reveals to the other castaways that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol.

      Jonathan takes the heat from Candice, Adam and Parvati for voting out Nate. The Aitu alliance (which now includes Jonathan) does not share their food with the 3 Raros which leads to an argument with Candice.moreless
    • Head of the Snake
      Season 28 - Episode 6

      The two tribes merge into one and one castaway ponders their vote as possibly swinging the game in favor of one of the alliances.

    • The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight
      Season 30 - Episode 7

      The tribal merge arrives and the castaways scramble to see if they can maintain their positions or better their stances.

    • The Gloves Come Off
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Jerri wakes up to find smoke covering camp from the fire, but has other things on her mind - just recently she has realized that Colby has an alliance with Tina & Keith. Jerri talks with Amber and tells her the importance in getting Colby back on their side. At Kucha camp, Kimmi becomes more and more depressed because no one respects that she's a vegetarian. She and Alicia get into a fight over the chickens and begin shouting. Later, Kucha wins the reward challenge, getting soaps and shampoos, and the other tribe members bathe a reluctant Kimmi in the dirty river water. At the Immunity Challenge, Ogakor breaks their losing streak, sending Kucha to Tribal Council, where Kimmi receives six votes and is voted out of the game. The tribe has spoken.moreless
    • Trial By Fire
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Things seem to be looking up for Kucha - their winning streak looks to be restarting, as they steal the Reward Challenge from right under Ogakor's noses, and they create a new kind of food: Kucha corn, made by heating up chicken feed. But the same fire that cheers the Kucha tribe up turns suddenly volatile when tribe "leader" Michael passes out from smoke inhalation, and falls face-first into the camp fire. Mike is flown away to a hospital via helicopter, leaving his tribemates behind. Meanwhile, the Ogakor tribe, given the bittersweet gift of Mike's elimination, worry about what has happened when they receive treemail announcing the accident. Next week the tribes will merge on equal ground - who will come out prosperous?moreless
    • I'm Not as Dumb as I Look
      Season 15 - Episode 7
      During the night on Fei Long, Jean-Robert addresses the feud between him and Courtney to the other tribemates. The next day on Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee wants James to trust her and the rest of the tribe. But while the others aren't looking, James goes straight for the second Immunity Idol and successfully finds it. Back on Fei Long, Todd and Courtney argue on Jean-Robert's presence in the tribe. Meanwhile on Zhan Hu, Jaime and Erik think they have found an Immunity Idol after James secretly removed and tossed away the incorrect plank of wood. Jaime keeps it in her bag just in case. Then at night, Jaime looks through James's bag and finds both Immunity Idols inside. The next morning, James realizes the other plank of wood is missing and predicts that the others have it thinking it's an Idol. Later that afternoon, both tribes meet and officially merge consisting of six original Fei Long members and four original Zhan Hu. The newly merged tribe then go on to enjoy Chinese culture and performances and a feast. After returning to camp they decide on the new tribe name, Hae Da Fung. Suddenly, Jeff shows up at the camp and leads the tribe to their first individual Immunity Challenge. In the time between the end of the challenge and Tribal Council, everyone on the tribe is scrambling and making plans as to who they are going to vote for and who will stick together as an alliance and who will play the Immunity Idol. At Tribal Council the vote is between Jaime and Jean-Robertmoreless
    • It's Do or Die
      Season 28 - Episode 13

      The four remaining castaways face an unexpected twist and emotions come to the surface as they look to secure themselves a spot at the final tribal council and plead their case to be named sole survivor.

    • Double Agent
      Season 23 - Episode 8

      Both tribes meet to witness the Redemption duel between Christine and Ozzy and after the winner re-joins the game, both tribes merge. When the merged tribe is at their beach, Cochran plays the double agent and lies to Coach about being treated badly by his tribe. But Coach doesn't believe him. After the Immunity Challenge, Cochran and Dawn are faced with the decision to stay loyal to their respective tribes, ending in a tie and a possible vote by a rock, or join an alliance of the opposing tribe.

    • Mutiny
      Season 13 - Episode 9
      Before the Reward Challenge, members of the Aitu and Raro tribes are both offered a chance at mutiny and to switch tribes. From Aitu, Candice and Jonathan took advantage and went over to Raro.

      Now a tribe of four, Aitu managed to win the Reward Challenge of a breakfast and a chance to look at pictures and letters from home, strengthening the tribe.

      Aitu then wins the Immunity Challenge sending Raro to Tribal Council. Nate questions the trust of Jonathan, but Brad admits to not trusting any of his other tribemates and was voted out.moreless
    • It's Funny When People Cry
      Season 18 - Episode 10
      Reacting to the previous Tribal council vote, Sierra realizes she may be the next to go, so she pleads her case.
    • You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      10 former contestants (Malakal tribe) face off against 10 die-hard fans of the show (Airai tribe). The two tribes meet and are instructed by Jeff to get their boat and map and also must find 2 Immunity Idols that can only be played at the first Tribal Council. Jonny Fairplay finds the first idol, which is not for his tribe giving Yau-Man a chance to grab the real one. From the Fans tribe, Kathy is the first to find the idol. The "Fans" arrive at their beach and right away start building their shelter. But as the tribe is getting to know each other, Kathy makes a few comments she should not have. Also, their shelter does not come across as planned especially when they are stuck in a rainstorm during the night. Over at the "Favorites", the entire tribe is helping out with the important things at the campsite. Also, Parvati and James start a little flirting while Eliza thinks Amanda and Ozzy have a very close friendship. This creates an alliance between Jonathan, Eliza, Yau-Man and Ami. Both alliances try to persuade others to vote between Eliza or Parvati. At the Immunity Challenge, the "Fans" win sending the "Favorites" to Tribal Council. At the last second, Jonny claims that he misses his pregnant girlfriend and wants to be voted out.moreless
    • 12/17/06
      The final five are Adam, Ozzy, Yul, Becky and Sundra. At the first Immunity Challenge, Ozzy wins which results in Adam being the first to be voted out. The final four then remember and reflect on the past castaways of the game before going to their second Immunity Challenge. Jeff announces that there will be no final two, instead the jury will vote for a winner out of the final three. Ozzy wins the second Immunity Challenge and at the second Tribal Council, it ends up in a tie between Sundra and Becky. After a long fire making tie-breaker, Becky wins and joins Yul and Ozzy in the final three. The 9 members of the jury then address Becky, Ozzy and Yul and vote for a winner.moreless
    • No Longer Just A Game
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      The remaining 6 survivors compete in a reward challenge which sees Colby winning yet again. Colby for his reward gets to ride on a horse and have a shower while he has a feast. The 5 others return home to find their shelter destroyed by a flash flood. Rodger worries when he can't find the tin of rice. Tina & Keith hike down the river to find the rice and swim in the water to retrieve the tin of rice. Colby wakes up and has eggs and bacon as part of his reward. Colby is shocked when he returns to camp to find it destroyed by the flood. The survivors work together to re-build their shelter. At the immunity challenge Colby yet again wins. At Tribal Council, Rodger receives 2 votes while Amber receives 4 votes and becomes the 4th Jury Member.moreless
    • The Martyr Approach
      Season 18 - Episode 13
      After voting out Debbie in the previous Tribal Council, everyone assures Coach that they voted her out because she was the one who voted for him. The next morning, Coach, Stephen, and J.T. decide among themselves that either J.T. or Coach will go to Exile Island after the next reward challenge. As the winner of the reward challenge, J.T. is faced with the decisions of who to send to Exile Island and who to take with him on the reward. Per their prior agreement, he sends Coach to Exile Island, who sparks a confrontation with Erinn over how he'll spend his time at Exile, with no food or water. J.T. then decides to take Stephen with him on the reward, a trip to the governor's retreat complete with a shower, a bed, and a feast. At the immunity challenge, the survivors are put to a mind over matter endurance test, which J.T. wins as Coach puts on a show over the pain in his back, although he refuses to have medical look at it. That night at Tribal Council, Coach, although feeling secure with his "warrior alliance," is voted out by Stephen, Taj, and Erinn.moreless
    • Hot Girl With A Grudge
      Season 28 - Episode 1

      Eighteen new castaways begin the challenge of making it to the end and winning a million dollars.  Even at this early stage, thought, a trio of contestants face making decisions that could affect their future in the game.

    • Whiners are Wieners
      Season 25 - Episode 10

      Abi approaches Lisa about her comments at the last Tribal Council and Lisa tells her that she can't be in an alliance with someone who doesn't trust her anymore.

      After a Reward Challenge win, Abi cannot stop talking about how much she enjoyed it, annoying the other tribe mates in the process. Afterwards, Malcolm wants to secure a final four alliance with Denise, Michael and Lisa. But Lisa feels more secure with Jonathan, but Jonathan doesn't want to jump on board just yet.

      Pete and Abi's former Tandang alliance are struggling to survive and after the Immunity Challenge, the two try to get the others to vote Malcolm out. But the rest of the tribe is staying loyal to their six-person alliance. However, when Pete approaches Michael, he considers betraying the final four alliance he just made.

    • The Final Showdown
      Season 12 - Episode 15
      Due to a tie for the majority of the vote, two of the Final Four players must compete in a race to build a fire big enough to burn a string that will raise a flag once it breaks. The winner moves on to the Final Three, and the loser becomes the sixth juror. With the hidden immunity idol no longer in play, no one is sent to Exile Island following the final reward challenge. The Final Three do, however, go to Exile Island one last time to pay tribute to the players they outlasted by collecting their torches, placing them on the log skull, raising the Exile flag and setting the skull ablaze. They then compete in the final immunity challenge which helps determine who advances to the Final Two.moreless
    • Ready to Bite the Apple
      Season 15 - Episode 11
      At Tribal Council, "Frosti" has just been voted out and Jeff announces the remaining survivors will participate in a reward challenge. Peih-Gee wins the reward and picks Erik and Denise to join her for a special visit to a temple. The remaining four survivors (James, Todd, Courtney and Amanda) feel confident that they should be the final four in the game, but Amanda feels differently.

      On a walk to get tree mail, Amanda and Courtney discuss the option of blind-sighting James, who has proven to be the strongest player in the game. After the Immunity Challenge, Amanda then approaches Todd with the plan to vote for James. Although the plan may work, Peih-Gee creates for a backup plan in case James uses his immunity idols. At Tribal Council, the idols are not used and James is voted out.moreless
    • Survivor: China - The Reunion
      Season 15 - Episode 15
      Live from Television City in Hollywood, Jeff Probst talks with the 16 castaways and the winner about what happened during their 39 day adventure in China and what has happened since. Probst closes the show by announcing "Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites", the sixteenth season of the show.
    • Everyone's Hero
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      With Rupert as a guest on the Morgan tribe, everyone helps move the shelter to avoid the tide. Over at Drake, the tribe miss Rupert and decide to leave their last can of Spam for when he returns. After the Reward Challenge he does, despite being offered a shower at the other tribe's beach. But when Drake loses the Immunity Challenge, Sandra and Michelle both feel they may be the ones leaving.moreless
    • Perilous Scramble
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      The winner of the Reward Challenge will have the chance to receive a brand new car. Meanwhile, players scrutinize the others as new threats gradually emerge.
    • It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard
      Season 16 - Episode 6
      After returning from Tribal Council, Erik thinks he can't trust the other "Favorites" on his tribe and Tracy agrees with Erik. This gives Ami the chance to possibly create an alliance with the "Fans". Over on Airai, Jonathan thinks his knee is slowly recovering. After Airai wins the Reward Challenge, the medical team looks at Jonathan's knee and recommends that he leaves the game. Jonathan agrees and so is out of the game in order to go to the hospital. But on Malakal, the "Favorites" complain about Tracy and Chet's work ethic during the challenge. Ami doesn't like all the negative comments and puts her trust in Erik and Tracy. On Exile Island, Jason finds the decoy immunity idol and thinks it's the real one. At the Immunity Challenge, Airai wins and at Malakal, Chet tells his tribemates to vote him out due to his own injury. But Erik thinks it would be better to vote out one of the bigger threats instead.moreless
    • Beg, Barter, Steal
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      After traveling all night, 16 new competitors arrive in Panama City, Board the Rembrandt von Rijn still towing their bags, and, under the assumption that the upcoming Survivor: Pearl Islands starts in a few days, believe that they are sailing out to take publicity photos. Little do they know that it's already Day One, and they soon learn from Jeff Probst that in true pirate fashion, they'll be competing with just the clothes on their backs (with the exception of their running shoes for challenges). The castaways give Jeff their passports, jewelry, and any items that they don't want to lose, and are separated into two tribes named after two notorious pirates who sailed Panama's waters -- Henry Morgan and Sir Francis Drake. Wearing blue, the Drake Tribe consists of Rupert Boneham, Shawn Cohen, Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Trish Dunn, Christa Hastie, Burton Roberts and Michelle Tesauro. Wearing orange, the Morgan Tribe consists of Tijuana "T" Bradley, Nicole Delma, Darrah Johnson, Lillian "Lill" Morris, Ryan "Ryno" Opray, Andrew Savage, "Skinny" Ryan Shoulers and Osten Taylor. The two tribes then receive one bag of Panamanian money each and, after jumping overboard, head to an island where they find a Panamanian fishing village where must they pay and/or barter for the supplies they'll need for their adventure, keeping in mind that they must set aside enough money for boat rides to their respective islands, where they must be before sundown. After a tough loss at an Immunity Challenge, the Morgan Tribe goes to Tribal Council to vote off their first "pirate."moreless
    • I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal
      Season 14 - Episode 13
      Boo wants to see if he can listen into conservations by the water well by hiding while they are taking place. At the reward challenge, the Orange Team wins the first round and Yau-Man wins the second round. Yau-Man gives his car to Dreamz and exiles himself. On Exile Island, Yau-Man made the deal to out his biggest competitor. At the reward- Dreamz, Stacy and Cassandra delivered the supplies to the school and ate some lunch with the kids. Back at camp, on Day 36, Dreamz vents frustration about Yau-Man's deal. At the immunity challenge, after three rounds, Boo won. At camp, Stacy felt like she would go, but Dreamz wanted Cassandra, Stacy and himself to vote Yau-Man. At tribal council, Yau-Man played the immunity idol, making the 4 votes for him irrelevant, meaning that Stacy Kimball was booted and becomes the 7th member of the jury.moreless
    • It's My Night
      Season 27 - Episode 14

      The remaining castaways scramble to stay in the game and reach the final Tribal Council, where they present their cases as to why they deserve the million dollars and the title of soul survivor.

    • My Wheels Are Spinning
      Season 31 - Episode 11
      The "voting block" strategy continues.
    • You Call, We Haul
      You Call, We Haul
      Season 31 - Episode 8

      The castaways look to make big moves and question who will be the first to make such a maneuver.

    • Survivor: Gabon Reunion
      Season 17 - Episode 14

      The survivors discuss their time in Africa.

    • 10/25/07
      On Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee is feeling confident and thinks that losing the Immunity Challenge on purpose was the right decision and hopes to do it again to vote James out. Over at Fei Long, Todd tells Amanda about the clues for the hidden Immunity Idol hoping to get help to find it. Fei Long wins the Reward Challenge and are all excited and happy about hot baths and have a great time at a tea house. The loss leaves the Zhan Hu tribe frustrated and unsure about "Frosti" and Sherea's loyalty. Meanwhile, Todd approaches James and persuade him to share the Immunity Idol clue and promises to save him. After reading the clue, Todd realizes where the idol is hidden but "Frosti" gets in the way, allowing him to join the idol secret. Todd gives the idol to James and tells him, Denise and Courtney the plan to use it. The Immunity Challenge is a food eating challenge and Zhan Hu wins. The win ruins Todd's plan and the new plan is to vote Sherea out. But Courtney approaches the others in an attempt to change all of that.moreless
    • The Killing Fields
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Keith & Tina begin the day trying to go fishing until Jerri takes the boat instead. This frustrates Keith because he wanted to strategize with Tina. Both Tina & Keith begin to feel in trouble because of Jerri's comments last night that she felt close with Amber, Mitchell & Colby. At Reward, Kucha pulls off the victory. A forest fire is creeping closer to Ogakor camp as the survivors get worried. Tina admits to both Colby & Mitchell that she feels Jerri is bossy. Kimmi gets mad when everyone expresses they want some meat. Jerri joins Colby in his pig hunting to try and win his allegiance. Mike finally catches a pig and everyone enjoys a great lunch. At Immunity, Kucha pulls off another victory. At Tribal Council, we have our first tie between Mitchell & Keith. Because Mitchell has more votes from previous tribal councils, he is voted out.moreless
    • 5/8/08
      At the Dabu camp, Erik thinks about teaming up with Natalie to find the new hidden immunity idol, but still doesn't trust anybody. One the other side, Cirie, Parvati and Amanda vow to stay together until the final three. After the Reward Challenge, Natalie is upset with Erik for taking Amanda on his reward win. Then, after Erik returns from the reward, Natalie overhears him telling Cirie that he thinks Natalie and Amanda are the biggest threats for the jury's vote. Erik wins the Immunity Challenge and once the tribe returns to the beach, Natalie tells the others she wants to be told if its her being voted out. Cirie confirms she is the next to go, but suggests she try to get Erik to give her the immunity necklace with promises of forgiveness. During Tribal Council, Erik is willing to do anything to get the girls to forgive him. But what Erik doesn't know, is that depending on his decision, the girls are planning to vote him out.moreless
    • The Sounds of Jungle Love
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      The "Favorites" return from Tribal Council and reflect on the Jonny Fairplay vote. The next morning the "Fans" use their flint but have a hard time getting fire and then fight over where they will slee and build their new shelter. Later in the afternoon however, the tribe is successful in getting fire and boiling water and food. Mikey B and Mary begin a little flirting, meanwhile the "Favorites", Ozzy admits to really liking Amanda and Parvati and James continue to flirt themselves. That night Ozzy and Amanda kiss which makes Jonathan and Cirie nervous about their "couple alliance". At the Immunity/Reward Challenge, "Favorites" win fishing gear and send 1 of the "Fans" to Exile Island and choose one of their own to join the exiled contestant. When Kathy and Cirie go to Exile they search hard for the hidden immunity idol. Back on the "Fans" beach, the tribe discuss who to vote for between Chet and Tracy. But Joel feels uncomfortable that Mikey B. thinks he is in control. Then Joel turns the focus to vote Mary out to weaken Mikey. At Tribal Council, Joel is confident his plan will work.moreless
    • 11/20/08
      The merged Nobag tribe returns from Tribal and Corinne realizes that she and alliance are in danger of being voted out as long as Kenny and Crystal remain strong. So Corinne and Randy want to get Matty on their side. Meanwhile, Bob shows Sugar the fake immunity idol he made in a possible strategic move. During Bob's second time on Exile Island, he decides not to take comfort but realizes the clue is the same as before. So instead, he goes on a walk around the area. Back at camp, the "Kenny-Crystal alliance" discuss voting out Bob or Randy. Meanwhile, Randy reveals a plan to annoy everyone else and get Bob's "idol" to save himself from being voted out. Before Tribal Council, Randy thinks everything is going according to his plan.moreless
    • We'll Make You Pay
      Season 10 - Episode 12
      After winning the Reward Challenge, Gregg chose Katie and Jennifer to join him on the reward, a night spent on a yacht with a hot shower, a feast and a massage. To their surprise, the three are overwhelmed by a visit from their loved ones. Afterwards, they are treated to a swim with dolphins. While they're away, Ian, Caryn and Tom come up with a plan. Try to force a tie and have Caryn pretend to know and feel she is being voted out. But afterwards, Ian took Katie aside and revealed the plan to her. In the end though, Katie did not force the tie, voting Gregg out leaving Jenn very vulnerable.moreless
    • Mutiny
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      With five left in the game, the competition becomes a battle of the sexes. While the two remaining men are away celebrating a reward that Burton won, the three remaining women hatch a plot against the men.
    • Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
      Season 28 - Episode 12

      The castaways scale new heights to earn a spot in the final four. Meanwhile, friends become enemies when one player overhears plans for her eviction and one player devises a strategy to use his special immunity idol.

    • Blackmail or Betrayal
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      Returning from Tribal Council, Dreamz is glad it's over. The next morning, Alex and Mookie confront Dreamz about the betrayal. Dreamz says that he did not betray the group. At the reward challenge, two were formed. Boo injured himself, leading green to a victory. On Exile Island, Boo looks at the clue and says that he is nearing heat exhaustion. At the reward, the four Bula Bula tribe members enjoy showers, food and Alex and Earl talk in bed. The next day, the green team returns from the reward. Mookie and Alex try to blackmail Yau-Man. At the immunity challenge, Stacy wins and cannot be voted out. Before Tribal Council, it was discussed that the vote would be between Mookie and Alex. At tribal council, in a 4-3-1 decision, Mookie Lee became the eleventh person voted off and the fifth member of the jury.
    • The Brains Behind Everything
      Season 17 - Episode 8
      As the Fang tribe wakes up, everyone hopes for a merge. But instead they receive tree mail suggesting them to practice for an upcoming reward challenge. Fang wins the reward of a traditional experience in a Gabon village. While over on Kota, Kenny realizes that he has slowly learned how to play the game of survivor well as he is able to provide fish for the tribe. On Exile Island, Bob follows the clues to find the idol but is frustrated when he can't find it. He creates his own fake idol to try and psych out his other tribemates. Later, when the two tribes meet for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff tells them they have now merged and are competing for individual immunity. After returning to camp, Charlie and his alliance (Corinne, Bob and Randy) say they will all vote for Crystal. Meanwhile, Kenny rounds up his alliance (Matty, Susie and Crystal) to vote for Charlie. So both sides try to get Sugar to vote their way. Going into Tribal Council, the newly named tribe (Nobag) are clearly divided.moreless
    • The Final Four
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      It's day 37 in the Outback, and only four contestants remain. With Rodger gone, Elisabeth is the only member of the original Kucha tribe remaining, and is pulling out all the stops to get herself in to the final two, as she believes she will win if she makes it that far. The Reward Challenge consists of many elements of previous challenges, and ends with Colby winning a car and a visit from his mother. The Survivors learn that, between them, they have lost 85 pounds during the last five weeks, and when Colby wins the Immunity Challenge as well, he must make a difficult decision as he contemplates voting off Keith, "the least deserving." As the contestants receive care packages from home, one of them is going home and, with a unanimous 3-1 vote at Tribal Council, Elisabeth Filarski, the last remaining Kuchan, is voted out of Barramundi. Only Colby, Keith and Tina remain. Who will win?moreless
    • My Word Is My Bond
      Season 30 - Episode 13

      A tough reward challenge awaits the remaining six castaways. A long lasting alliance may be on the verge of crumbling.

    • A Sinking Ship
      Season 20 - Episode 13
      After Candice's flip to the Villains side, Colby and Rupert share their disappointment in her while Jerri worries she would flip back to the Heroes side. Rupert confronts Russell about how he plays the game, which made Russell want to vote out Rupert next for the next Tribal Council. The castaways meet for the challenge and Jeff tells them it will be for immunity. Afterwards, he read a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol to the entire tribe. When the castaways return to camp, everybody went looking to find the idol. Sandra finds it and hides it from the others while Rupert tries to trick the others that he found it by putting a rock in his pocket. Before Tribal Council, the Villains plan to wash out "Rupert's idol" by splitting their votes. In the end, Rupert and Colby are safe from the vote by sticking to their plan of voting for Candice. The next day, the tribe meets for another Immunity Challenge. Afterwards, Russell gets concerned that Parvati may be more loyal to Danielle than to himself. So he tests their loyalty by tell both girls the other is out to get them. After Parvati finds out the truth she gets Jerri to vote for Rupert but then at Tribal Council, Russell is able to flip Jerri's votes after Danielle has an emotional breakdown.moreless
    • The Great Lie
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      On night 27 Christa is accused of sabotaging the fish food source by throwing them in the jungle. She swears she didn't do it, but she can't prove anything. Sandra tells us she did it. At the reward challenge, the survivors got to see their loved ones (moms, hubsands, fiances, etc). Jon receives news that his grandmother had died. The other survivor gave up their chance to see their loved ones so Jon could find out more about his grandmother. Jon and his buddy went back to Balboa Beach for 24 hours and the rest went to another beach for 24 hours. Back on Balboa, Jon jokes about how his grandmother didn't die and the fact everybody else believed him. At the Immunity Challenge, the survivors worked a puzzle where they form as many words from "SURVIVOR PEARL ISLANDS" as they can. Burton wins. As the survivors are leaving Jeff calls them back. Burton spelt a word wrong and was stripped of immunity. Lill, Darrah, and Sandra were left and got a new set of words. It was a timed trial and Darrah won Immunity with 14 words. At tribal council Jon's white lie went unknown as Tijuana became the 10th person voted out.moreless
    • I've Been Bamboozled!
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      After losing a reward challenge, the Saboga tribe is no more as the four members are split into the other two tribes leaving only Chapera and Mogo Mogo. With the three tribes merging into two, Ethan and Jerri join Mogo Mogo and Rupert and Jenna L. join Chapera.
    • The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy
      Season 17 - Episode 11
      After returning from Tribal Council, Bob is upset that Sugar continues to laugh at Randy for using the fake idol. The next morning, Kenny and Bob are able to get some big fish for the tribe. Later at the Reward Challenge, Jeff shows all the castaways videos from their loved ones. Corinne is not picked to join a team for the challenge and realizes the others are sticking together in their alliance. Bob wins the challenge and while he is watching his video, his wife surprises him from behind a tree. Later, Bob takes his wife to see the camp, then all the other loved ones show up to visit the tribe mates for the afternoon. While Bob and Corinne get Tree Mail, Bob tells Corinne he will make a second hidden immunity idol to fool the others. Meanwhile the alliance at camp discuss voting out Bob next. But after Bob wins Immunity, Corinne tries to use the fake idol to blindside Matty by getting Kenny to switch alliances.moreless
    • 11/16/06
      Aitu enjoys a traditional tribal dance and meal after winning the Reward Challenge and send Candice to Exile Island again as a result of her mutiny.

      On Raro, Jonathan supplies many fishes for the tribe in hopes to show them he pulls his weight on the tribe, while others feel Rebecca will need to step up at challenges.

      Aitu win the Immunity Challenge and Raro is sent to Tribal Council once again with a mysterious note in a bottle and are told to open it after the vote.moreless
    • He's a Ball of Goo!
      Season 16 - Episode 5
      Jason from the "Fans" laments the fact that Chet was not voted off, as it allows the tribe to remain weaker and he doesn't think his tribe is physically strong enough. The next morning, the "Favorites" prepare to cook a chicken. Afterwards, Ozzy tells James, Parvati and Amanda that he has the Immunity Idol because he thinks he can trust them. The two tribes meet and Jeff tells them that the tribes will be shuffled as "Fans" will be mixed with "Favorites". The new tribes then participate in a Reward Challenge. At the challenge, Ami, Jonathan, Parvati and Chet are all injured, and in the end the Airai tribe win a steak barbeque. At Malakal, Joel thinks it's ironic that Chet is still with him on his new tribe. Erik is excited to meet Ozzy up-close, while Ozzy believes Chet should be voted out next. Over at Airai, Eliza finds the camp to be a disaster. Jonathan is still suffering from his leg injury and gets medical attention. The next morning, the tribe builds a new shelter in a new location. At the Immunity Challenge, Airai wins immunity. At the Malakal beach, Joel is fed up with losing and tells Erik and Ozzy that the weaker people need to go, and Chet should be the next to go. Cirie on the other hand knows she will be voted out after Chet, and tries to convince Ozzy and Amanda to vote Joel out.moreless
    • Arranging a Hit
      Season 13 - Episode 13
      Returning from Tribal Council, Jonathan is still amazed at the words that were spoken about him. At camp, Parvati slices her finger with a machete. For the Reward challenge, the remaining castaways get a visit from their loved ones and family members. After Ozzy wins immunity, Jonathan tries to make sure he is safe from the vote and believes Adam will be voted out.moreless
    • Plan Voodoo
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      Cao Boi wakes up from a nap in the tent. Yul is there and Cao Boi starts telling him about a dream he had. He says that the dream told him how to weasel out the hidden immunity idol by voting for two of the three people who have been to Exile Island. He says that if the tribe splits the votes for Candice and John, then they will know who has the idol.

      Also, both tribes go to Tribal Council to vote someone out.moreless
    • Gettin' to Crunch Time
      Season 29 - Episode 9

      Fearing his time in the game may be coming to an end, one of the castaways resorts to using any means necessary to keep playing.

    • You've Got a Puzzled Look
      Season 14 - Episode 14
      The final five, Boo, Yau-Man, Dreamz, Cassandra and Earl return from Tribal Council. At the Immunity Challenge, Yau-Man wins immunity and Boo tries to stay in the game as he tries to persuade Earl and Yau-Man to vote out Dre. But in the end, Boo was voted out at the next Tribal Council. Earl reveals that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol, but it was not needed as nobody voted for him.

      The final Immunity Challenge was won by Dreamz and at Tribal Council, Dreamz was faced with the dilemma of what to do regarding the agreement with Yau-Man to hand over the immunity necklace. But he felt that if gave the necklace over, he would be voted out and went back on his promise. Yau-Man's agreement was broken and he was voted out 3-1.

      At the final Tribal Council, the jury had to decide between a final three, Cassandra, Dreamz and Earl.moreless
    • To Quit or Not to Quit
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      The Morgan Tribe was having a hard time sleeping during night 3, and this caused them to lose the Reward Challenge. Drake won reward and won a piece of a map for their buried treasure. The Drake tribe also got to steal one item from the Morgan tribe. They sent Sandra and she chose to get their tarp, annoying the members on Morgan. Osten then told to the whole tribe that he wants to quit and Tijuana tries to calm him down. Back at Drake, while fishing, Shawn loses the fishing spear which angers Rupert. So Rupert goes out on a search to look for the spear head and is successful. At the Immunity Challenge, Morgan loses immunity and a 5-2 vote caused Ryan S. to be the second voted out.moreless
    • A Slippery Little Sucker
      Season 15 - Episode 14
      Todd, Courtney, Amanda and Denise are the final four and return to camp. The next morning the final four all have food on their mind as they participate for a Reward Challenge. Amanda wins a pizza and invites Todd to eat with her so she can have a conversation with him. Meanwhile, back at camp, Denise contemplates not being picked or being picked last throughout the game and tells Courtney she wants Todd out. When Todd and Amanda return, everyone at camp is feeling nerves and paranoia that they will be out, espceially Todd. He tries to secure his place in the game by telling Courtney and Amanda that Denise should be the next to go. Before the final Immunity Challenge, the final four pay tribute to the previous tribemates voted out. Amanda wins a balancing act at the challenge and back at camp, Denise tries her best to stay in the game by talking to Amanda. But at Tribal Council, Denise is voted out and Todd, Courtney and Amanda are the final three and go up against the jury's questions.moreless
    • Thunder Storms & Sacrifice
      Season 11 - Episode 14
      The final four witness a Mayan ritual in their camp but when the Mayans leave the ruins, Stephenie, Lydia, and Danni resort to eating the sacrificed chicken, spelling bad luck for the finalists. The players then go to the next Immunity Challenge, where Rafe wins and Lydia is voted out at Tribal Council. The next morning, the remaining Survivors pay tribute to the people that have been voted out. The final Immunity Challenge results in Danni's victory, who is approached by Rafe, who tells her that he releases her from any promises that she had made to him, allowing her to choose freely between either him or Stephenie for the Final Two. Danni chooses Stephenie to sit next to her in the last Tribal Council, which irks the ousted Rafe. The jury later asks their questions to Steph and Danni, and live, the final reading of the votes takes place in Los Angeles, where Danni wins in a landslide victory.moreless
    • You're Going to Want That Tooth
      Season 18 - Episode 5
      Sierra and Brendan talk about the Exile Island alliance on the Timbira campsite, leaving Sierra feeling very confident. Jalapao wins the Reward Challenge and the tribe enjoys snacks and letters from home. Over on Timbira, Tyson finds it strange that Brendan takes Stephen with him to Exile and suspects an alliance. Jalapao returns to camp and Spencer reflects on why has not told his tribe mates that he is gay. After an Immunity Challenge where J.T. chips his tooth, Timbira wins. Back at the Jalapao campsite, everyone is frustrated. Although J.T. is upset with Spencer's performance at the challenge, Taj has an outburst and takes her anger out on her tribe mates. At Tribal Council, Jalapao has to decide to "punish" Taj for her emotional outburst, or Spencer for his effort at the challenge.moreless
    • I'm In Such a Hot Pickle!
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      On Airai, Jason tells Eliza he has the hidden immunity idol which allows them to believe they could go far. The next morning, Tree Mail tells both tribes that they are moving to a new beach. Once the two tribes arrive at the new beach, they merge into one tribe. Once the tribes merge, Eliza does not feel she is in a good position after seeing that Ami was voted out. Everyone agrees to live on the Malakal beach and Erik suggests the new tribe name, Dabu. That night, Ozzy and Alexis's relationship starts to build up which bothers Amanda. The new tribe arrives at their beach and after talking to Jason, Ozzy guesses he has the fake immunity idol. Meanwhile, after talking with Parvati, Eliza realizes the game is no longer fans versus favorites. Parvati then tells Amanda about the alliance she has with Natalie and Alexis, but Amanda never wanted that. After the first Individual Immunity, Parvati is confident that Eliza will be voted out based on the way she has played the game so far. Eliza then confronts Jason about giving her the "immunity idol", but after she sees it, she realizes it's not the real idol. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to get Cirie to vote out Alexis. At Tribal Council, Eliza tries to play the fake immunity idol, and after being rejected, she tells everyone Ozzy must have the real one.moreless
    • The Day of Reckoning
      Season 19 - Episode 10
      Back at camp after Tribal, Laura is still shocked that Russell played a second immunity idol. The next morning, Russell is back at it again looking for the new idol and "Shambo" turns to John to try and make him join the Foa Foa alliance. While on a reward, Russell discovers a clue to the third immunity idol and once he returns to camp he tells his alliance and they start looking for it right away. Monica starts to have doubts about who she can trust in her Galu alliance since Jaison approached her to join Foa Foa. Laura thinks she is probably being targeted and suspects "Shambo" of switching alliances. After the Immunity Challenge, "Shambo" tells Brett that she is voting for Laura, but Monica and the other former Galu members try to save Laura and force a tie. At Tribal Council, the merged tribe appears to still be divided until a tie breaking vote shakes things up.moreless
    • The Puppet Master
      Season 19 - Episode 1
      The 20 contestants arrive at the island and are already split into two teams: Galu and Foa Foa. Team leaders are chosen. Tribe Foa Foa wins the first challenge. Galu wins immunity. The first contestant is sent packing.
    • Apple in the Garden of Eden
      Season 17 - Episode 7
      The two tribes meet for a huge feast and while they eat, Charlie ruins a chance for Kenny when a clue for a hidden immunity idol is revealed. But when then idol is found, Marcus convinces the others to toss it and throw it in the ocean.

      After the meal, the two tribes divide themselves into new tribes after being given instructions. Crystal and Kenny swap from Fang to Kota and get Susie to help them vote out the biggest threats in the tribe.moreless
    • All Hell Breaks Loose
      Season 19 - Episode 8
      Foa Foa returns to camp and make their plan of attack for when they merge and Russell is confident the tribe is united as one. Over on Galu, Laura is confident that "Shambo" does not like her and they continue to argue. Both tribes then get tree mail and after meeting together they merge into one tribe and after a feat, decide on the new tribe name, Aiga. Russell shows the hidden immunity idol to Laura and right away suggests a voting strategy. But when Laura doesn't agree with Russell's ideas, he decides to try again with Monica. Then after showing the idol to Moncia, he shows the idol to John to try and get Laura out. Then, after talking to "Shambo", Russell continues his plan to vote out Laura. But after Laura wins immunity at the challenge, the plan has to change. Erik and John discuss things with the other guys and tell them to vote for Monica. But Jaison tells his former Foa Foa tribemates to vote for Erik, and all the girls agree. Both Erik and Russell go to Tribal Council with their immunity idol and Russell uses his, but it doesn't help him as he receieves no votes, and in the end, the other idol ends up being flushed out.moreless
    • Honeymoon Or Not?
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Jerri and Colby win a reward challenge, where they are sent to spend the afternoon on the Great Barrier Reef. What turns out to be a surprise for Jerri is that Colby brought back pieces of coral for everyone. In a bigger surprise, Jerri finds herself going home when Keith, Colby, and Tina team with the Kuchas to vote her out.moreless
    • Me and My Snake
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Rupert finds a wild snake.
    • One Armed Dude And Three Moms
      Season 27 - Episode 4

      One survivor is confident that he is running the game to suit his goal of winning but is on the receiving end of harsh words before the next duel at Redemption Island.

    • Our Time To Shine
      Season 28 - Episode 3

      One of the tribes considers deliberately losing an immunity challenge in order to rid themselves of a disliked tribemate.

    • Odd One Out
      Season 28 - Episode 4

      The castaways drop their buffs and form new tribes. Meanwhile, a decision made early in the game could lead to one player's downfall.

    • Trojan Horse
      Season 23 - Episode 7

      After witnessing the Redemption duel, Ozzy thinks it would be a smart move to purposely vote out a strong player in order to eliminate Christine. Ozzy approaches Cochran about his plan and suggests that he could be the one to go. On Upolu, Coach calls upon his religion to lift the tribe's spirits and find the idol as a group. When Coach returns to his tribe mates with tree mail and the idol, the entire tribe rejoices.

      When Savaii lose the Immunity Challenge, Cochran felt confident in Ozzy's plan to send himself to Redemption Island, but when Ozzy voices his frustration at the loss, he begins to think otherwise. But the next morning, Ozzy interprets a dream he had and tells the tribe he is willing to be voted out afterall, but the others on the tribe don't agree with the plan.

    • Survivor History
      Season 20 - Episode 10
      The Villains once again return from Tribal Council and since Jerri had no idea her closest friend would be voted out, she feels vulnerable for the next vote. But Russell assures her that he doesn't trust Sandra and Courtney and that they will be the next to go. When the two tribes meet for the reward challenge, the Heroes firmly believe that there is a female alliance after they see that Coach was voted out. After the Villains win the challenge, Parvati finds a clue to the new hidden immunity idol and shares it with Danielle. Back at the Heroes beach, J.T. thinks the merge is coming and plans to give the immunity idol to Russell still thinking there is a female alliance. Then when the Villains return from their reward, Parvati and Danielle serach for the idol and find it, they decide not to tell Russell about it. But after the Heroes win the Immunity Challenge, J.T. secretly passes a note and the idol to Russell and when they get to their beach he shares it with his alliance. Sandra and Courtney know they are the next to go and Russell doesn't trust Courtney even though Parvati tries to get her to stick around a little longer.moreless
    • They're Back!
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      With a Panamanian military escort, three motorboats shot across the sea, each hold a tribe of past Survivor castaways. The eighteen people are divided into three tribes. Wearing yellow, the Saboga Tribe consists of Jenna Lewis (Borneo), Rudy Boesch (Borneo), Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback), Tina Wesson (Australian Outback), Ethan Zohn (Africa) and Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands). Wearing green, the Mogo Mogo Tribe consists of Richard Hatch (Borneo), Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback), Lex van den Berghe (Africa), Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (Marquesas), Shii Ann Huang (Thailand) and Jenna Morasca (Amazon). Wearing red, the Chapera Tribe consists of Susan Hawk (Borneo), Alicia Calaway (Australian Outback), Amber Brkich (Australian Outback), "Big" Tom Buchanan (Africa), "Boston" Rob Mariano (Marquesas) and Rob Cesternino (Amazon). The All-Stars are given nothing but their water canteens, and are not told the names of the other castaways or how many tribes there were. Armed with no information, no fire and no help, these eighteen All-Stars would be challenged once again to outwit, outplay and outlast all the others, to become the ultimate survivor.moreless
    • This is Going to Hurt
      Season 21 - Episode 14
      The tribe gets tree mail that includes a video of a family member for each castaway. Then, "Fabio", Chase and "Sash" agree that if one of them wins the Reward Challenge, they would all go together. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways met their loved ones and after Chase and his mother win the challenge, he chooses "Sash" and Holly to go with him. Back at camp, "Fabio", Dan, and Jane were very upset at Chase's choices, especially "Fabio" who thought Chase would have kept his promise. While, Chase, Holly, and "Sash" are enjoying their reward with their loved ones, they all agree to go to the final three together and vote out "Fabio" next. But after "Fabio" wins the Immunity Challenge, the new three-person alliance of Chase, Holly, and "Sash" must now change their vote. Chase was conflicted between voting for Dan or Jane, while "Fabio", Holly and "Sash" agreed to vote out Jane. Then, while Chase, Holly, and "Sash" are talking, Jane joined them wanting to know if the alliance of four was still strong. The three of them hesitated in their answer until finally admitting that they were indeed thinking about voting for her. After finding out that she had been betrayed by her alliance, Jane let her anger known and dumped a bucket of water on the camp fire. At Tribal Council, Jane let it all out telling Jeff that she was the next to go and that the new three-person alliance will vote out "Fabio" or Dan after she is gone. Jeff suggested that "Fabio", Dan, and Jane should form their own alliance to vote Holly and force a tie. But after the tribe votes, Chase and "Sash" use their immunity idols and Jeff's proposed alliance fails to form.moreless
    • Opening Pandora's Box
      Season 27 - Episode 3

      Simmering family rivalries come to the forefront during an intense tribal challenge. One castaway's decision on what to do for the rest of the game has a tremendous impact on the remaining contestants.

    • Call the Whambulance
      Season 12 - Episode 14
      The final four consistsing of Aras, Terry, Danielle and Cirie continue to survive and plan for future voting while Terry and Aras continue to feud.
    • Stir the Pot!
      Season 16 - Episode 14
      The final four castaways are Cirie, Amanda, Parvati and Natalie. Amanda wins the first Immunity Challenge, and Natalie is voted out after Cirie argues with Amanda and Parvati. After returning from Tribal Council, Amanda breaks down after she worries about a final two sitation and another argument with Cirie. The final three then get Tree Mail and it is revealed that there will indeed be a final two and not a final three. The tribemates then go to Exile Island to remember the previous castaways voted out. Amanda wins the final Immunity Challenge and votes out Cirie leaving her and Parvati in the final two to face the jury's questions.moreless
    • Price for Immunity
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      At the Reward Challenge, the players are given money with which to bid on items at the Survivor auction. The auction begins with luxury foods but midway through, Jeff offers the contestants an advantage at the next immunity challenge, which Danni bids the most on, and wins. At the end of the auction, the players are shown one last item to bid on - their loved ones. Judd pools his money with some of his tribemates, ensuring him time with his wife (and giving him the opportunity to pick two other players and their loved ones to join him) while the other three unpicked players are sent away to the former Yaxha camp with no hugs, kisses, or conversations with their relatives. These three, Danni, Rafe, and Lydia, form a new alliance out of resentment that Judd did not choose them, and at the Immunity Challenge, Danni secures a win by using her "switch positions with any player" advantage. With the Immunity out of the way, Rafe is able to convince Stephenie to vote out Judd with him and the others, and a pissed-off Judd is sent packing.moreless
    • 5/3/07
      After tribal council, Alex is glad to still be in the game. Alex and Stacy talk and Boo breaks up the conversation. At the reward challenge, the winner would receive a river rafting trip along with an advantage, while the two runners-up would join the winner. Boo won and Yau-Man and Dreamz joined him. At the reward, they enjoy a river rafting trip, then a nice lunch and finally, letters from home. At the immunity challenge, Boo's advantage allowed him to skip to the final round with Dreamz and Alex. In the end, Boo won immunity and could not be voted out. At tribal council, in a 6-1 decision, Alex Angarita, the final member of the Four Horsemen alliance was voted out. Alex also becomes the sixth member of the jury.moreless
    • Enough Is Enough
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      The remaining 5 survivors (Colby, Tina, Elisabeth, Rodger & Keith) are beginning to get homesick. Tina explains how she misses her husband and her children. Elisabeth states that she misses her mother. The survivors at the reward challenge get to email their loved ones. Keith surprises his girlfriend by proposing to her; she says yes. Tina's husband wins the challenge and gets to talk to Tina for a while. The survivors decide to play a friendly game of frisbee. Keith & Colby get into a huge fight over rice portions. At Immunity, Colby yet again wins. At Tribal Council, Keith receives 2 votes while Rodger receives 3 and becomes the 5th Jury Member.moreless
    • This Has Never Happened Before!
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      The 20 new Survivors competing for a million dollars, forced to brave the wild islands of Palau (in the series' tenth installment, titled Survivor: Palau), begin their journey unlike any other season of Survivor - with no answers concerning tribes, camp locations, or what the heck is going on! Two of the competitors win the first immunity of the game when host Jeff Probst tells the contestants that the first two people who make it to shore, one man and one woman, will be awarded with individual immunity. This immunity proves vital, as the next day, the two immunity bearers (Jolanda Jones and Ian Rosenberger) start off a schoolyard pick as "team captains," each picking a person of the opposite sex to join their tribe. This continues until only two (Jonathan Libby and Wanda Shirk) are left, and both of them, without a tribe, are sent home. Upon Jonathan and Wanda's departure, Probst hands out the buffs to the remaining 18 castaways. Jolanda's tribe is Ulong (wearing blue), and joining her are Bobby Jon Drinkard, Stephenie LaGrossa, Jeff Wilson, Kim Mullen, James Miller, Ashlee Ashby, Ibrehem Rahman and Angie Jakusz. Ian's tribe is Koror (wearing brown), and joining him are Katie Gallagher, Tom Westman, Janu Tornell, Gregg Carey, Jenn Lyon, Coby Archa, Caryn Groedel and Willard Smith. At the first challenge, Ulong loses their best chance to make fire, flint, to Koror, and is also sentenced to attend Tribal Council, where Jolanda, apparently too strong of a woman, is voted out of the tribe.moreless
    • It All Depends On The Pin-Up Girl
      Season 17 - Episode 6
      Tensions rise at Fang when Crystal spills some of the tribe's rice supply. She tries to make up for it by not eating, but Matty insists that she eats. Over on Kota, Dan is paranoid and scrambles for an alliance, but the rest of the tribe continue to alienate him. The two tribes then compete in a game of Keep Away for a picnic reward which is won by Kota. While Kota is on their reward trip, the entire tribe receive surprise letters from home. Meanwhile, Fang is upset over the loss. Matty takes Ace aside and discuss their future voting plans. Meanwhile Crystal and Kenny talk about blind sighting Ace. At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff announces that both tribes will vote out one of their own at two separate Tribal Councils while they battle for individual immunity. After Marcus wins the challenge, he is able to assign a second immunity, and gives it to Sugar. Back at camp, Kenny on Fang tries to get Sugar to vote for Ace. Over at Kota, Dan is the main target, but after Susie angers Corinne, the alliance on Kota think they should change their vote.moreless
    • Big Win, Big Decision, Big Mistake?
      Season 11 - Episode 13
      The tribe is now down to Five. At the Reward Challenge, the Survivors are given a chance to win a car. Cindy ends up winning the car but is surprised by a twist: Jeff reveals that the winner of the car has never won the game, and some fans have claimed that the pattern is a curse. To thwart the superstition, Jeff gives Cindy the option to give up her newly-won car and give one to each other player in the game. A distraught Cindy decides to keep her own car and chooses Stephenie to come with her on the Reward, an overnight stay at an archeological dig. In the Immunity Challenge, Stephenie manages to unwind herself from a series of poles before the others, pulling off her first individual challenge victory ever, securing her a spot in the Final Four. At Tribal Council, the "car curse" continues when Cindy's irritated tribemates vote her out of the game unanimously.moreless
    • It's Survivor Warfare
      Season 30 - Episode 1

      Season 30 begins with eighteen new players who are divided into three tribes according to their occupations (White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar) as they attempt to become the lone survivor and claim the million dollar prize.

    • Not Going to Roll Over and Die
      Season 35 - Episode 12
      The castaways receive a much-needed visit from their loved ones and one player must snatch an immunity idol in plain sight.
    • An Evil Thought
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      We start off with Lisi joining Ravu and returning from Exile Island. She says it was not as bad as some people thought.

      Earl notes that Moto has three old Ravu and three old Moto members, and hopes to bring a former Moto to his side.

      At the reward challenge, Ravu finally breaks their losing streak to win a reward challenge. At their reward, Ravu overindulges and a couple of tribemates get sick.

      At Moto, Yau-Man discovers the immunity idol and decides to make a fake one to replace the offical Fiji hidden immunity idol.

      On Exile Island, Earl sees no reason to get the clue. He deems the island EARL'S ISLAND.

      In the immunity challenge, Moto continues their immunity streak and wins the challenge.

      At Ravu, the vote becomes likely to go between Rocky and Lisi. At tribal council, in a 4-2 decision, James "Rocky" Reid becomes the second offical man voted out of the game. Rocky will return to be a member of the jury.moreless
    • Bamboozled
      Season 12 - Episode 13
      Reward challenge includes news from home. A fight between two castaways leads one to learn something very important about the other. New alliances are formed.
    • Lost Puppy Dog
      Season 16 - Episode 8
      After Tribal Council, Malakal returns to their camp, leaving Erik as the last "Fan" on the tribe. Ozzy claims he doesn't feel like he is the leader but still has a target on his back. Early in the morning, Cirie and Ami go hunting for crabs and later, Ami lies to Ozzy about trying to save him from the vote. At Airai, Jason catches a rat and saves it for later just in case. Meanwhile, James is missing the Malakal beach and Parvati is missing Cirie and Amanda but makes a plan with Natalie to vote out all the guys and have a female final four. Tree Mail arrives asking both tribes to pick one person from the opposite tribe to receive individual immunity and go to Exile Island. After the combined Immunity/Reward Challenge, Airai wins immunity for the fourth straight time along with pizza and beer. Over on Exile Island, Ozzy discovers his fake immunity idol has been taken. Meanwhile on Malakal, Erik feels he will be the next to go and tries his best to stay in the game by confronting Cirie, Amanda and Ozzy about trusting Ami. Before Tribal Council, the tribe is still divided on who to vote out.moreless
    • That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!
      Season 16 - Episode 4
      After breaking the alliance Cirie had with Jonathan, the two argue at camp, and she is also not happy with Ami who gave her one vote at the last Tribal Council. At the "Fans" beach, Natalie knows she has been working hard but thinks Chet hasn't worked enough. Mikey B. has also realized this and claims Chet as the next one to go. Back at the "Favorites", Eliza is feeling sick and as a result, feels she could be voted out. James and Ozzy both agree that Eliza should have been voted out instead of Yau-Man. Of course when Eliza hears this, she doesn't like it. On Exile Island, Kathy doesn't feel like looking for the idol. But that doesn't stop Ozzy from looking for it, and is successful in finding it. After finding the idol, Ozzy creates a fake idol to put in its place. Back on the "Favorites" beach, Jonathan hears Eliza telling Parvati that he needs to be voted out. But Parvati still feels Eliza is the next one to go. But at the Immunity Challenge, the "Favorites" win. After the challenge, Mikey B. wants to vote Chet, while Joel wants Kathy gone. But Tracy tells Joel not to follow what Mikey wants and hopes to blindsight him at Tribal Council.moreless
    • This Game Respects Big Moves
      Season 22 - Episode 8
      When Sarita joins Matt on Redemption Island, the two talk about her tribe's dynamics and Matt starts to consider a Zapatera alliance. The next morning, both tribes receive tree mail telling them they will all witness the duel. Before the duel starts, Jeff announces that whoever wins will re-enter the game. Matt wins the duel and he and everyone else are given new tribe buffs, officially confirming a merge. When the tribe arrives at their new beach, they are welcomed with a feast and Rob suggests "Murlonio" as the new tribe name. That night, Matt tells Andrea he is considering a big move in order to eventually vote out Rob. The next morning, Rob sees Mike, Matt and Andrea reading the bible and says he wants to break up that camaraderie. After the Immunity Challenge, Matt confesses to Rob that he had considered joining a Zapatera alliance, but that his faith in God led him to stay with his former Ometepe tribe mates. Matt's confession leads Rob to tell his alliance to send Matt to Redemption Island again. But Mike comes up his own plan to vote Grant out.moreless
    • 3/18/15

      The three tribes merge into two and the castaways move to either changing allegiances or strengthening existing ones.

    • Starvation and Lunacy
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      When La Mina loses the reward challenge, Casaya chooses to banish Terry, La Mina's strongest member, to Exile Island. Alone, Terry figures out the ominous clues and winds up discovering the secret immunity idol on the island, but once back at his camp, he decides to keep his find a secret. At Casaya, the tribe's alliance of four, Aras, Courtney, Danielle, and Shane, begins to fall apart when Shane and Danielle butt heads about the workload at camp. Left without Terry for a day or two, La Mina struggles to survive while everyone waits for another strong leader to emerge from among them. When Terry returns to the game at the Immunity Challenge, it appears as though his tribe really needed him at camp, seeing how they lose the challenge and are forced to go to Tribal Council. Strategizing about who to vote off, the all-male alliance regrets Dan's decision to include Ruth Marie in their coalition and at Tribal Council, Sally is spared when the men collectively oust Ruth Marie, the tribe's weakest link.moreless
    • High School Friend Contest
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      After returning from Tribal Council, Jean-Robert realizes he had a close call even though the real Immunity Idol was not found by Jaime. The next morning, James says he knows in order to stay strong, his original tribe has to stick together. Amanda realizes that James is probably in the best position and could potentially win the entire game. After a Reward Challenge win, Jean-Robert reads the clues for the hidden Immunity Idol, but Todd and the rest of his original tribemates know better. Meanwhile, back at the camp, Denise is a little upset about being picked last during the reward challenge and therefore unable to participate. While the reward winners are away, Peih-Gee tries to stir the pot to get Denise to vote out Jean-Robert. At night, while the others are sleeping, Jean-Robert searches for the hidden Immunity Idol, not knowing that they have already been found. The next day, Todd becomes annoyed with James and the fact that he has both Immunity Idols and quickly comes up with a plan to try and vote him out. After the Immunity Challenge, Jean-Robert tells Erik he thinks he has the immunity idol but Erik tells him James has the real ones. After Jean-Roberts confronts Todd about it, Todd continues to flip back and forth between who he and his alliance should vote for.moreless
    • Stranded
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Survivor is back, and this time the 16 American contestants will be battling it out in The Australian Outback for 42 days, all vying for the grand prize of $1million. At the beginning of the show, the 16 are split into two tribes - Kucha and Ogakor. In the first 3 days in the Outback, Debb begins to get on the nerves of her fellow islanders with her attempts to take control, while Kimmi's over-eagerness to have fun grabs Jeff the wrong way, and Keith and Jerri clash almost immediately. When Ogakor wins the first Immunity Challenge, Kucha makes the long hike to Tribal Council where, with a 7-1 unanimous vote, Debb is voted out of the Outback. The tribe has spoken.moreless
    • The Ultimate Shock
      Season 10 - Episode 14
      Tom, Ian, Katie and Jenn are the final four. To celebrate, they are given a big breakfast as Tree Mail. After Tom wins a very physically demanding Immunity Challenge, the tribe gather together and tell Jenn she is being voted out. But before Tribal Council, Jenn tells Tom if Ian had won he was out, which completely shocks Tom, making him think Jenn shouldn't be the one to leave. After two rounds of voting Jenn and Ian are tied and go on to a fire-starter tie-breaker. Ian wins the tie-breaker and Jenn leaves the final four. After getting back to camp, Tom and Katie argue with Ian over the truth about his voting intentions. After getting Tree Mail, the Final Three acknowledge all those previously voted off castaways and then head over to their final Immunity Challenge. After standing on a bouy for 11 hours and 55 minutes, Ian tells Tom he will give up immunity only if he takes Katie to the final two in exchange for their friendship back. Tom agrees and forgives Ian. The next morning, Tom and Katie create a bon fire using their picnic table and face the jury and their questions.moreless
    • Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil
      Season 31 - Episode 10
      A relentless storm drowns the castaways' spirits, but a fun reward challenge offers a few players a glimpse into the Cambodian culture.
    • Pick a Castaway ... Any Castaway
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      The Morgan tribe wakes up the next morning and find that the ocean tide is rising and they need to adjust their shelter or make a wall to avoid the water. While at Drake, Jon continues to argue with his other tribemates. Christa and Rupert see the tension created by Burton and Shawn. At the Reward Challenge, a sewing machine is up for grabs. During the challenge Osten can't handle the water and needs to be rescued by his tribemates and as a result Drake wins the sewing machine and a clue to find their treasure. Drake finds their treasure and although some things were moldy they were still able to get chocolate. Back on Morgan, Trish from the Drake tribe takes their lantern while Andrew and Ryan O. explore their beach in search for water and fish but find nothing. During the night at Drake, Burton takes Rupert aside and tells him he thinks the tribe should purposely lose and vote out Christa and Trish. Rupert doesn't think it's a good idea but will do it anyway. Morgan wins the Immunity Challenge and a twist is introduced. Rupert is chosen by Morgan to join the tribe until the next Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council it's between Christa or Burton.moreless
    • Chaos Is My Friend
      Season 28 - Episode 10

      A food auction takes place and the castaways draw rocks to earn a huge advantage in the game. One player looks to guarantee his safety in the game by showing a source of power to the others.

    • 10/4/07
      On Fei Long, Jean-Robert rubs the women the wrong way making the girls feel uncomfortable. After catching a small crab, the men argue how they'll use the crab meat. Over at Zhan Hu, Dave continues to do work around the camp without taking any rest which annoys Peih-Gee and the rest of the tribe. At the Reward Challenge, blankets and pillows are up for grabs and after a number of rough wrestling matches, Zhan Hu wins the reward and their first challenge. After being kidnapped by Zhan Hu, Leslie feels welcomed and relaxed. Meanwhile at Fei Long, Courtney and Todd overhear Jean-Robert and James's game plan for who they would vote out next. As a result of being kidnapped, Leslie shares the clue for the hidden immunity idol with Jaime, returning the favor. The Immunity Challenge is won by Zhan Hu and Fei Long is sent to Tribal Council for the first time. After returning from the challenge, the girls plan to vote Jean-Robert while Aaron says he can't trust Leslie.moreless
    • 11/10/05
      At the reward challenge, everyone learns that they will be eating a meal, but the challenge will decide who eats what. The players must throw an arrow into a bullseye, with the closest to the center eating the best meal. Jamie, last to throw, receives foruth place, but decides to take last place to make up for his behavior at the last reward challenge, but all wonder whether he did it for strategy or out of the kindess of his own heart. Judd wins the best dinner, steak and beer, and Gary gets annoyed at Judd's gluttony. At the immunity challenge, a desperate Jamie gives his all, and in the end, it pays off when he wins Immunity. At Tribal Council, Gary reveals the hidden Immunity Doll that he has found in the jungle, which throws a loop in the former Nakum team member's plans to vote him out. Forced to pick someone else, Bobby Jon becomes the victim of bad luck and earns his place as the first Guatemalan juror.moreless
    • Two Brains Are Better Than One
      Season 19 - Episode 14
      After Monica is voted out, Russell plans to vote Brett out next as he is seen as the strongest threat. The next morning Natalie finds herself being able to relate more to Brett, something that Russel picks up on and wants to try and terminate. After a reward challenge win, Russel, Jaison and "Shambo" experience a traditional Samoan meal. Meanwhile, back on the beach, Natalie , Brett and Mick enjoy their time together and Natalie battles between friendship with Brett and loyalty with Russell. After Brett wins the immunity challenge, Jaison tells Russell he wants "Shambo" out, but Russell doesn't agree and thinks it should be Mick instead. Then before Tribal Council, Russell has second thoughts about keeping "Shambo".moreless
    • The Strongest Man Alive
      Season 18 - Episode 4
      After returning from Tribal Council, "Coach" is upset that Erinn singled out Brendan as the tribe's leader. The next morning the tribe continues to talk about who should be the leader. On Jalapao, Taj puts her "Exile Island Alliance" plan into action by talking to Stephen and including him in the alliance along with Brendan and Sierra from Timbira. Jalapao wins the Reward Challenge allowing them to raid the other tribe's campsite. Two Jalapao members arrive at Timbira and take one bag of beans and a water canteen. But Sandy thinks they should have grabbed Timbira's second bag of beans instead of a canteen. She then notices that Sydney is using her charm to flirt in order to stay in the game. Timbira wins the Immunity Challenge, sending Jalapao into a frenzy before Tribal Council. Half of the tribe believe Sydney is not pulling her weight at challenges, while the other half think Sandy has gotten too annoying.moreless
    • United We Stand, Divided We... ?
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      At Morgan, morale is low as the tribe is suffering from two immunity loses. Lillian especially is down as she feels she has lost her best friend on the tribe, Ryan S., meanwhile Andrew thinks Osten needs to mentally toughen up. Since Drake has their first clue, they decide to search for their treasure chest and have no luck. After the tribe gets tree mail, Sandra and Jon argue about who is the better swimmer between them. Jon vows Sandra won't be in the final four and definately won't win. The at the Reward Challenge, Morgan lose and Drake get blankets and pillows. When Morgan wakes up the next day, Lill goes off fishing alone and Ryan O. feels the tribe should not spread out on its own. Lill returns from fishing empty handed and with a missing hook. For the third time, Drake won the Immunity Challenge in a brawn testing battle, and Lillian, with all her efforts to stay in the tribe, got voted out.moreless
    • Hello, I'm Still a Person!
      Season 15 - Episode 13
      The final five is revealed and upon returning to camp after Tribal Council, Denise wonders if sticking with her original alliance of Courtney, Todd and Amanda was a mistake. The next morning Peih-Gee is the remaining tribe member of Zhan Hu and she feels she is the outsider. At the Reward Challenge, Denise wins a lunch and a night-stay at the Great Wall of China with Courtney and Todd. Denise's choice does not go over well with Peih-Gee, but it allows her and Amanda to converse with each other while the others are away. After returning from the reward Peih-Gee and Amanda cannot believe Todd and Courtney complain about the food they had. With Todd angering Amanda, she thinks about possibly voting him off depending on the results of the Immunity Challenge. After the challenge, Peih-Gee wants Todd out, but Denise would prefer him to stay thinking she has a better chance against him in the finals. At Tribal Council, the alliance of Courtney, Todd, Amanda and Denise hold strong.moreless
    • Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops
      Season 25 - Episode 1

      Contestants are divided into three tribes and meet the returning players. The Matsing tribe arrive on their beach and right away, Russell states he doesn't want to be the leader but still gives order to his tribemates. The tribe quickly get fire and water and Malcolm decides to let Russell have his way around camp...for now. Over on Kalabaw, Jeff fears he may have injured his knee, but doesn't want anyone to know. Behind his back, the tribe discuss how Jonathan should be the first to go since he is a returnee. Tandang arrive at their beach and RC and Abi click right away and start thinking about an alliance with Peter and Michael.

      Back on Kalabaw, Dawson knows that Jeff is really a former professional baseball player. Meanwhile on Tandang, RC doesn't trust Lisa and Michael knows who she really is, but doesn't tell the others. On Matsing, Zane puts himself in an alliance with everyone the tribe and when Malcolm reveals this to Denise, they create a bond and start a real alliance. Back on Kalabaw, Jonathan begins his search for the hidden immunity idol and finds the first clue. On Matsing, Russel also finds a clue, but doesn't know that Zane saw him take it.

      After the first Immunity/Reward Challenge, Matsing must go to Tribal Council. Back at camp, Zane tells the others he is the weakest and wants to go, in reality just a ploy. But some of the others on the tribe prefer to vote out Russell, especially when they suspect he has an idol.

    • Gouge My Eyes Out
      Season 25 - Episode 13

      Lisa reveals she would take someone she can ultimately beat to the finals, which Malcolm takes as a warning sign. The next morning, the Final Four alliance have a hard time believing that Abi has a real hidden immunity idol. Abi tells Lisa she is at the bottom of the alliance in an attempt to get Denise out. Lisa feels her vote could go either way and is waiting for the appropriate time. Later while on their reward, Malcolm, Lisa and Michael plan to be the final three. The next morning, Denise wakes up in pain but still participates in the Immunity Challenge. Before Tribal Council, Abi tries again to persuade Michael and Lisa to join her side. Malcolm feels confident that Abi is the next to go, but he doesn't know that Lisa is considering voting out Denise.

    • We're a Hot Mess
      Season 29 - Episode 4

      One of the castaways contemplates throwing the upcoming immunity challenge to make it easier for the tribe to rid itself of one of its weaker members.

    • Bag of Tricks
      Season 28 - Episode 8

      One of the castaways, with an eye fixed on reaching the end and winning the million, looks to remove what is perceived as the biggest threat to that win.

    • Out On A Limb
      Season 27 - Episode 13

      The Redemption Island duel determines who will be closer to re-entering the game. A test of knowledge is the immunity challenge for the remaining castaways.

    • Still Holdin' On
      Season 29 - Episode 12

      The survivors battle for a spot in the final six.

    • A Closer Look
      Season 23 - Episode 11

      Re-cap episode.

    • Why Aren't You Swimming?!
      Season 13 - Episode 8
      Nate was kidnapped at the last Tribal Council and spends the night on the Aitu tribe, while Yul seems to have his booting order all planned out with Ozzy being the first on the list.

      The two tribes meet up to compete in the Reward Challenge, where they are given a Survivor Catalogue full of rewards to choose from. Aitu wins the reward and Nate goes back to Raro.

      Adam spends an awful night on Exile Island and Aitu discuss the challenge and their other tribemates.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Aitu lose and face the vote at Tribal Council.moreless
    • Just Don't Eat the Apple
      Season 15 - Episode 9
      As the tribe wakes up, James realizes he had a close call at Tribal last night and reveals that he now plans to bring the Immunity Idol to every Tribal Council to be safe. Courtney is happy to wake up with no Jean-Robert at camp. Meanwhile, Denise continues to feel left out of the alliance since she was the only one to vote for Peih-Gee at the last Tribal Council. James thinks Courtney has become annoying and unstable in the alliance as she is always flirting with "Frosti".

      "Frosti", Amanda, Erik and Courtney win the reward of a cruise down the Li River and enjoy a meal. After the Reward Challenge loss, Peih-Gee takes it out on James and their argument creates tension at camp. On the reward cruise, relationships spark and the castaways enjoy themselves. When everyone is back at camp, Todd reveals how Peih-Gee hasn't been getting along with the others.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff tempts the contestants and offers food instead of participating in the challenge, everyone except Peih-Gee, Amanda, "Frosti" and Erik go for the meal. After Peih-Gee's immunity win, Erik feels he is the next to go. But after James and Todd discuss things with Denise, "Frosti" and Courtney were put on the chopping block.moreless
    • Survivor: Cook Islands - The Reunion
      Season 13 - Episode 16
      Live from Television City in Hollywood, Jeff Probst tallies the nine votes cast by the jury and announces whether Becky, Ozzy or Yul is the winner of "Survivor: Cook Islands." The 20 castaways talk about the life-changing experiences they had during the course of the game, and Probst also announces that 19 new castaways will soon head to Fiji for "Survivor 14" and the new twists that lie ahead; including one tribe living large while the other is virtually left empty-handed, and two hidden immunity idols on Exile Island.moreless
    • The Good Guys Should Win in the End
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      After returning from Tribal Council, Matty knows Kenny voted for him and is furious. Kenny approaches Bob about being lied to, and to make up for it, Bob says he will give Kenny immunity if he wins it. At the reward challenge, Bob wins and chooses Kenny and Crystal to go with him to a gorilla sanctuary. At Exile, Susie knows Sugar has the idol and so she chooses to have luxury over the clue. Back at camp, Matty and Sugar discuss alliances and Matty realizes he is the next to be voted out. But after the others return from their reward, Sugar changes her mind about being in the "Kenny-Crystal" alliance and promises Matty that he will be safe. After Bob wins immunity, Kenny tells Crystal that he should be voted out if he were to give away his immunity. But after Sugar finds out about this plan, she approaches Bob and tells him everything. Sugar then creates a new plan to vote out Crystal.moreless
    • This is the Man Test
      Season 19 - Episode 6
      Over on the Galu tribe, the castaways are enduring their fifth straight day of rain. John still believes the tribe's leader Russell made a mistake by choosing pillows instead of a tarp for protection from the rain. Meanwhile, the others think Russell is just working too hard in the rain. On Foa Foa, everyone is also trying to stay dry and warm but Russell thinks his tribemates are showing too much weakness. The next morning the rain stops and Galu are able to wake up to a rainbow across the ocean. The tribes meet for their Reward Challenge and Jeff tells them that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council. During the challenge, Russell on Galu passes out and the medical team is called in to check on him. Jeff makes the decision to end the challenge without a winner and both tribes return to their beach while Russell is examined by the medical team. When Galu returns to their campsite, it starts to rain again, and everyone's mind is on their leader, Russell. Back at the challenge site, the medics take Russell out of the game for safety reasons. On Foa Foa, the tribe is upset knowing that they are going back to Tribal Council. Natalie and Liz both know they are the next to go, but Liz tries to change things around. On Galu, all the girls agree that "Shambo" should go. But the guys think Monica is the weakest on the tribe. At Tribal Council, both tribes meet and discuss the game. Jeff then announces that because of Russell's departure, Tribal Council is cancelled and no one will be voted out.moreless
    • Fight for Your Life or Eat
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      Several castaways accept a tempting offer of food that means they must opt out of the Immunity Challenge; the remaining Casaya members are asked to form a new alliance; and Shane decides to wear a skirt.
    • Damage Control
      Season 19 - Episode 13
      After the vote, "Shambo" returns to camp shocked that she wasn't told that John would be voted for. The next morning, Jaison is talking to Monica and Brett about how to persuade the jury to win the money and lets it slip that Russell doesn't need the money. The tribe then meets Jeff for a challenge, but are surprised to learn that it is for immunity, not a reward. After the challenge, "Shambo" and the other former Foa Foas are confident that Dave is next to go. But Monica tries to convince Russell that "Shambo" should go instead. The next day after Tribal Council, Russell plans his next vote, for Brett. The tribe then meet Jeff for another immunity challenge and after Brett wins immunity, Monica feels the most vulnerable for the vote. Before Tribal Council, Monica tries to put the spotlight on someone else. She angers Russell by telling him she knows the truth about his life outside of the game. Then at Tribal Council that night, the former Foa Foa alliance find out if they are still strong.moreless
    • What the...? Part II
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      The Outcasts tribe vote back two players into the game - Burton and Lillian. The two report back to their original sides, who both act as though they are glad to see the previously eliminated person. The day after goes smoothly, even though Lill feels that her team is very lazy - and she is even more worried about her stay on the island...the Morgan tribe has run out of food. Thankfully, at the challenge the next day, the teams merge into the Balboa tribe, and after a win for Burton at the challenge, everyone goes back to the Morgan beach, where suspicions fly and both sides struggle to gain Lil's trust. At Tribal Council, Lill sides with the former Drake tribe by voting out Andrew, the obvious leader of the former Morgan tribe.moreless
    • I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends
      Season 32 - Episode 10

      One castaway faces the choice of using a new power for the hidden immunity idol or risk seeing an ally go home.

    • Want to See the Elephant Dung?
      Season 17 - Episode 1
      18 new contestants are stranded in the harsh conditions of Gabon, Africa. The Kota and Fang tribes are decided and then particpate in their first challenge. The Kota tribe win extra food in the challenge while Marcus and "GC" win individual immunity. Each tribe reaches their campsite and both get organized while getting to know each other better. At night, the animals start coming out and Randy cuts his head on the roof of the shelter. The Medical Team is called in and gives Randy stiches. The next day on Fang, Michelle complains that she's cold and that the other tribe is the better one. At Kota, the tribe reads their first Tree Mail telling them to meet for an Immunity Challenge. The Kota tribe wins the first challenge and flint for fire. When Fang return to camp, the guys want Michelle voted out but Randy wants Gillian out. At Tribal Council, Fang argue about why the tribe lost the challenge but agree for "GC" to be the leader. In the end, Michelle is voted out. Fang gets fire after returning from Tribal Council and enjoy a warm night and meal. In the second hour, Kota is doing their daily chores and Charlie and Marcus discuss alliances. Back on Fang, "GC" tries to get the campsite on track but Randy doesn't agree with all of GC's decisions. early the next morning though, Gillian complains about the tribemate's talking not letting her sleep. "GC" then quits as being the leader and no one else steps up to the plate. The tribes meet for their second Immunity Challenge which is won by Kota again. On Exile Island, Dan has a hard time trying to find the clue for the hidden Immunity Idol. But after he returns back to his tribe, the other tribemates think he is acting strange leading them to believe he found the idol. At Tribal Council, Gillian can't be saved.moreless
    • Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      Cao-Boi doesn't think the girls on his tribe do enough, while on Raro, with J.P. gone the other men seem to be pulling their weight a lot more than before.

      At the Reward Challenge, Raro wins the reward of more fishing gear, spices and wine. The tribe is able to catch an octopus but Cristina spills it into the water, angering a few of her tribemates.

      On Aitu, while a few of the other tribemates are away exploring, Yul reveals to the others who he can't trust. As Cao-Boi and Ozzy are on their adventure they just happen to come across the Raro tribe on their beach.

      Aitu then wins the Immunity Challenge, someone from Raro is going home.moreless
    • Going for the Oscar
      Season 15 - Episode 12
      The survivors return from Tribal Council and are releaved that their plan to get rid of James was successful. Todd feels strong with his alliance of Denise, Amanda and Courtney and their plan to vote out Peih-Gee and Erik. At the Reward Challenge, the survivors are paired up with family members. Denise and her husband Robert win and choose Todd and Amanda to go along with them. Back at camp, Erik and Courtney don't believe Todd's story about his younger sister having a mis-carriage. After the family members leave, Peih-Gee confronts Denise about her decision to pick Todd and Amanda as she had previously felt upset with the decision. After Peih-Gee's Immunity Challenge win, Erik is the one who is lined up to be voted out next. But he and Peih-Gee approach Denise with a plan to go against her alliance and vote Todd out instead. As Tribal Council approaches, Denise still is unsure about who to vote for.moreless
    • 3/21/07
      After tribal council, Ravu awakes on Day 16 to a bunch of bugs. Mookie slaps Rocky with his buff to get rid of the bugs. Rocky says he would strangle Mookie with the buff.

      When the Survivors arrive at a location, they are shocked that it is a tribal switch. Picks are made until one person is left. Lisi is sent to Exile Island. The two new tribes head back to camp. Over at Moto, Earl becomes exicted about the new surroundings. On Exile Island, after reading a clue, Lisi says she hates Exile Island.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Ravu and Moto were even for most of the challenge. After a series of conjestions in the course, Moto pulled away with an immunity victory.

      Before Tribal Council, the decision was between Rocky and Anthony. At tribal council, Rocky and Anthony went off at each other. By a 5-1 decision, Anthony Robinson became the first offical man voted out of the game.moreless
    • Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules
      Season 24 - Episode 1

      18 contestants are divided into two tribes, one with males (Manono), and the other with females (Salani).

      On the way to their beach, Alicia creates an alliance with four other tribe mates. Salani is the first to arrive at their beach and realize they will live with Manono on the same beach. When the men arrive, they try to help the women catch two live chickens. After the women catch both chickens, they try to negotiate with the men since they stole an item of theirs at the drop-off.

      While the tribes are working, Colton feels more comfortable with the female tribe and on Manono, Matt feels confident in his own alliance of men. Later, when Manono is the first to get fire, Salani try to get the men to trade a chicken for some fire, but are unsuccessful. That night, Monica and Christina steal a hot ember while the men are sleeping, but by the next morning, their fire burns out. When Christina tries to negotiate with the men again, Alicia thinks she is becoming to friendly with Manono and wants to vote her out first. Later, Sabrina finds the hidden immunity idol, but cannot use the idol on herself or her tribemates, so she gives the idol to Colton.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Kourtney injures herself, forcing the challenge to end prematurely. Since Manono was in the lead, they decide not to finish the challenge and send Salani to Tribal Council.

    • So You Think You Can Meke?
      Season 14 - Episode 8
      At Ravu, while Dreamz and Lisi are asleep, Alex, Edgardo and Mookie dig for the hidden immunity idol and successfully discover it.

      Before going to the reward challenge, both Moto and Ravu will have to learn a traditional Meke, a type of Fijian dance.

      At the Reward Challenge, the judges viewed Moto's three areas good enough to be the winners of the challenge.

      Moto enjoys their reward and dance in the night hours.

      On Exile Island, Lisi has been exiled and says it sucks so much that she doesn't want to be there and thinks about quitting.

      At Moto, Earl and Michelle want to dump Stacy before the merge. At the Immunity Challenge, they use three weapons: bow/arrow, spear and blow dart. Moto scores in these three areas, winning immunity.

      At Ravu, the vote was being split between Dreamz and Lisi.

      At tribal council, Lisi and Dreamz argue. By a 4-1 decision, Lisi Linares becomes the eighth voted out and the second member of the jury.moreless
    • The Final Four
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      We're down to the Final Four - Richard, Kelly, Rudy and Susan, the original Tagi alliance. With alliances being formed and broken at a rapid rate, friendships crumble, and when Kelly wins Immunity at the first challenge, Susan is voted off of the island (following a tie vote between her and Richard). Then, the three remaining Survivors are forced to take a ceremonious walk past the extinguished torches of their old tribemates, and take part in an endurance challenge that pushes them to their limit. Kelly wins Immunity for the second time in only a few days, and, with the sole vote cast at Tribal Council, votes Rudy off of the island, propelling herself and Richard into the final two. Following an emotional final Tribal Council, in which the two Survivors make their opening and closing speeches, and are interrogated by each member of the Jury, the seven former members of Ratanna cast their votes for who they want to win. In the end, it comes down to a 3-3 vote between the pair. Greg casts the deciding vote, and with a 4-3 majority, Richard Hatch, the 39-year-old Corporate Trainer from Rhode Island, wins Survivor, and walks away with $1million.moreless
    • Eating and Sleeping With the Enemy
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      Jamie's paranoia about his alliance's loyalty reaches an all-time high, annoying many of his allies. In the team reward challenge, Gary, Judd, Stephenie, and Danni win an overnight stay in a mansion. While there, Gary and Danni try to persuade the other two to switch sides and vote to keep the strongest in the game. Later, Rafe emerges as an honest threat to the others when he wins his second individual immunity, keeping him safe from the vote, and allowing him, Stephenie, and Lydia to betray and blindside Jamie by axing him from their "group of six" by voting him off of the island.moreless
    • It's Called a Russell Seed
      Season 19 - Episode 3
      On Foa Foa, Mick is having a hard time trying to start a fire, but Ben is able to do it without any problems. Russell realizes Ben is good around camp and plans to keep him around. Over on Galu, everyone is relaxing and doing yoga except "Shambo", which makes her feel a little alienated. Back on Foa Foa, Russell tells Ben that Ashley wanted him out the night before in an attempt to get Ashley out. Then, before the Immunity Challenge, the tribes receive tree mail containing their swimming suits. The reward and immunity is won by Galu, and as the team leader, Russell is given the choice between comfort or camping tools. Right away he chooses the towels and pillows and the women are happy with the decision, but the men are not. He also chooses "Shambo" to visit and observe the Foa Foa tribe. During "Shambo's" visit, she comes off as very friendly and approachable. While she is there, she discovers the second clue to the hidden immunity idol. But she doesn't know that Russell already has it. Meanwhile, Jaison is trying his best to get Ben voted out, while Russell continues talking to the others to try and get Ashely out. Then at Tribal Council, Jaison and Ben argue right before the vote.moreless
    • The Twist
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The twist changes the entire game. All alliances in the game are crushed when each tribe is asked to select three of its "best" members, "best" meaning whatever they might interpret that to mean. When the three chosen members from each tribe show up at a neutral location, they are informed that they are now members of the other tribe. A switched Silas, split from his alliance mates, is voted out of Boran.moreless
    • 9/15/05
      The new castaways are stranded in the unforgiving jungles of Guatemala, left to live inside the Mayan ruins in the new season of Survivor! The tribemates are split up into two tribes automatically and are greeted with a surprise as they approach host Jeff Probst -- two past Survivors are coming back to play the game again and serve as resource tools. Bobby Jon Drinkard from Survivor: Palau joins the Nakum Tribe (wearing yellow), which consists of Brandon Bellinger, Danni Boatwright, Margaret Bobonich, Cindy Hall, Jim Lynch, Judd Sergeant, Brooke Struck and Blake Towsley. Stephenie LaGrossa, also from Palau, steps up for the Yaxha Tribe (wearing blue), which is made up of Gary Hogeboom, Rafe Judkins, Morgan McDevitt, Lydia Morales, Jamie Newtom, Amy O'Hara, Brianna Verela and Brian Corridan. The new teams are set loose to complete an 11-Mile trek through the jungle, with the better campsite and flint at stake. Nakum finishes only moments before Yaxha, but Yaxha seems to come off with the better end of the stick when many Nakum members begin getting sick. The sickness and discomfort for Nakum proves to be an advantage to Yaxha, who wins the Immunity Challenge and sends Nakum to Tribal Council, where they vote Jim out of the tribe.moreless
    • Let's Make a Deal
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      As the days grow longer and the temperature increases, the energy-less Barramundi Tribe quickly shifts into survival mode, trying to find a way to get food, since they only have one cup of rice left. At the Reward Challenge, everyone is treated to some food during a Survivor Acution, but it doesn't last long, and it does not give the tribe energy enough to sustain themselves. It's obvious how tired the players are during the strenuos Immunity Challenge, which Colby wins, and later, Jeff Probst makes a deal with the castaways to trade all of their tarps for more rice to last the final thirteen days in the Outback. The survivors make the trade, but how will they cope without shelter? The issue is put on the back burner as the Ogakor alliance votes off Nick, making him the third member of the jury.moreless
    • Cops-R-Us
      Season 28 - Episode 2

      The tribes struggle to cope with cold and wet weather that lasts for lengthy periods of time.

    • Taking Candy From a Baby
      Season 19 - Episode 2
      Over on the Galu tribe, Yasmin wakes up after her third night and complains about living outdoors. Meanwhile on Foa Foa, Betsy confronts Russell about not trusting him and has no regrets about not voting for Marisa. Russell feels he can trust Jaison. Then while the rest of the tribe eats lizard meat, Russell tries to look for the hidden immunity idol even though no one has been given any clues. Fortunately for him, Russell ends up finding the idol and only tells Jaison about it. Then as Betsy and Mike get tree mail, the others discuss how Mike should be the next to go based on his age. The two tribes then meet for the Immunity Challenge and a fishing gear reward. After a very violent challenge in which Ben is removed because of a violation, Galu wins. In a new twist, one member of the winning tribe visits the losing tribe to observe them at their beach and during Tribal Council before returning to their original tribe. When Foa Foa returns from the challenge, Mike is examined by the medical team. They reveal he is suffering from low blood pressure and decide to remove him from the game. On Galu, "Shambo" tries out the new fishing gear but doesn't catch anything. Back on Foa Foa, Yasmin is visiting the tribe and makes waves with her comments and arguments with Ben. Later that night, while the others try to sleep, Ben works around the campsite and makes a lot of noise. Before Tribal Council, Betsy worries she is the next to go since Mike is now out of the game. The girls then discuss their decision with Jaison and Russell and Russell is sure that Betsy is out.moreless
    • Not The Only Actor On This Island
      Season 25 - Episode 7

      The two tribes merge and the former Kalabaw tribe hopes to bring someone from the Tandang tribe to give them an advantage. Later, while Lisa is drying everyone's clothes, she accidentally finds Malcolm's immunity idol, ultimately promising her a final three with Denise.

      Jonathan approaches Michael to see if he and R.C. would be willing to join the Kalabaw alliance. But Jeff talks with the men of Tandang to get rid of Jonathan.

      After the individual Immunity Challenge, R.C. feels confident with her alliance. But Jeff is unsure if he should side with the returning players or go with Tandang's plan.

    • 10/11/07
      The Zhan Hu tribe discovers that some of their rice has mold on it which makes it in-edible and causes Dave and Sherea to clash. Meanwhile on Fei Long, tree mail says both tribes are to meet at Tribal Council for a challenge, and the tribe thinks food and a big meal is involved. The Fei Long tribe wins the reward of a fisherman's family helping them with some fishes and spices. While Dave is kidnapped, he gets to know the other tribe better and is excited about learning about the hidden immunity idol and gives the clue to Todd. At Zhan Hu, the tribesmates are happy with the decision that Fei Long kidnapped Dave as there is now less conflict. However, without Dave the tribe is not getting as much work done. On Fei Long, when the fisherman's family arrives, Jean Robert is able to use his knowledge of the Mandarin language to communicate with the family. The Immunity Challenge is won by Fei Long and on Zhan Hu, the tribe is torn between Dave or Sherea as to who should be voted out.moreless
    • Mad Treasure Hunt
      Season 28 - Episode 7

      The remaining castaways scramble to find the hidden immunity idol in the hopes it will guarantee one of them avoids going home at the next Tribal Council.

    • Survivor Russian Roulette
      Season 30 - Episode 11

      A twist for the immunity challenge leads to a two way fight for immunity.

    • "Survivor: Cook Islands" begins with the four tribes all having their own opinions on the fact that the tribes were decided by race. Soon they all get to their camp and start building shelter and get settled in and start getting to know each other. Raro (the Caucasian tribe) end up losing one of their chickens and a possible romance begins. While Aitu (the Hispanic tribe) seem eager to work together and on Puka (the Asian-American tribe) Cao Boi is able to get rid of Brad's headache with his hands. At the Reward and Immunity Challenge, three tribes win Immunity and Hiki (the African-American tribe) lose. However, they are then able to decide which member of a winning tribe gets sent to Exile Island. At Tribal Council, Hiki vote out their first tribemate.moreless
    • 3/19/08
      On Malakal, Tracy thinks Ozzy is in control of the tribe and will win unless he is voted out. Erik bond with Ozzy grows as he is taught to climb trees and get coconuts. At Airai, James thinks the women complain too much about the state of the camp, while Kathy is missing the comforts of home. Malakal wins a spa reward at the Reward Challenge. Meanwhile, Airai suffer through a rough rainstorm which causes Kathy to become depressed and break down. She makes a big decision and leaves the game. Back at Malakal, Cirie and Amanda discuss how they see Ozzy's arrogance after the tribe goes on a boat trip. Amanda thinks it may be best to vote Erik out because of his loyalty to Ozzy. After the Immunity Challenge, Airai wins for the third straight time. At Malakal, the "Favorites" discuss which "Fan" should be voted out. Ozzy suggests Erik should stay, but Ami has a plan of her own to vote out Ozzy.moreless
    • Everything Is Personal
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      Growing frustration between other tribemates begin to form - Judd feels out of the loop since the rest of the tribe voted Jamie out. The next morning, Gary attempts to form an alliance with Lydia in a conversation that is overheard by Judd. At the reward challenge the castaways that went to the overnight stay in the last reward challenge are taken out by those who have not won rewards yet, Cindy, Lydia, and Rafe. Cindy eventually wins the challenge and picks Rafe to join her on a waterfall picnic. Stephenie expresses her anger to the remaining four at camp about being the first eliminated from the competition. At the immunity challenge, Rafe narrowly outruns Gary to win immunity again, and at tribal council Lydia calls out Steph about her running the show and Gary calls out Judd about his immunity doll lie. Gary is voted out 6-1 by his tribemates and becomes the third juror of Guatemala.moreless
    • Girls Gone Wilder
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      The tribes merge into one, Jacaré. Jenna and Heidi strip naked in an attempt to gain food items during a challenge and Alex struggles with Shawna's departure.
    • Boys vs. Girls
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      For the first time in Survivor history, the game begins with a battle of the sexes. The eight men -- Ryan Aiken, Alex Bell, Rob Cesternino, Dave Johnson, Butch Lockley, Daniel Lue, Roger Sexton and Matthew "Mateo" von Ertfelda -- make up the Tambaqui Tribe (wearing blue). The eight women -- Deena Bennett, Jeanne Hebert, Janet Koth, Shawna Mitchell, Jenna Morasca, Christy Smith, Heidi Strobel and JoAnna Ward make up the Jaburu Tribe (wearing yellow).moreless
    • Ruling the Roost
      Season 13 - Episode 4
      After Aitu wins the Reward Challenge, Ozzy successfully finds a fish each for everyone on the tribe. But a climb up a tree searching for bird eggs, ends in the nest falling down with a baby bird inside.

      The spirit on Raro is not as high as Parvati doesn't like how J.P. acts around camp, while she flirts a little with Nate.

      After the Immunity Challenge, Raro heads to Tribal Council.moreless
    • I Have the Advantage...For Once
      Season 13 - Episode 14
      The castaways get news about their reward challenge and Parvati and Adam know they need to win it or Adam is going to Exile Island since the remaining 4 members of Aitu are still tight.

      Ozzy, Yul and Parvati win a spa reward and Ozzy sends Adam to Exile Island. Back at camp, Becky realizes Ozzy is a real threat in the game. After returning from the reward, Becky confronts Yul about voting out Ozzy earlier than they had planned. Yul isn't entirely sure about doing that but mentions how Parvati and her flirting is also a threat.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Ozzy wins once again and Parvati is voted out as the former Aitu tribe remains dominant.moreless
    • Wipe Out!
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      It's a Rob vs. Rob showdown as Rob M. tries to get on Rob C.'s good side by forming an alliance with him. Meanwhile, Rob M. and Amber continue to heat things up. After a very painful and physically draining Immunity Challenege, Rob C. believes he's safe. But in the end, he was only being taken for a ride and was duped as he is voted out at Tribal Council.moreless
    • The Amazon Heats Up
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      A fire rages through the camp and destroys everything.
    • Don't Be Blinded by the Headlights
      Season 25 - Episode 2

      After Tribal Council, Russell realizes his mistake of giving out orders and plans to tone it down. That night, Angie and Malcolm try to stay warm. When Roxy sees this, she feels the two cannot be allowed to get too close. The next morning on Tandang, RC finds the clue to the idol and shares the clue with Abi as a sign of trust. On Kalabaw, while the other tribe mates take shelter from the rain in a cave, Jonathan searches the camspite for the idol and eventually finds it. Back on Matsing, Roxy tells Russell about how close Angie and Malcolm are getting in an attempt to get Angie out. On Kabalaw, Lisa is finding it hard to fit in and her shyness gets mistaken for time away looking for the idol.After the Immunity Challenge, Matsing are going to Tribal Council for the second time in a row. Denise is caught in the middle of a Russell/Roxy alliance who want Angie out, and an Angie/Malcolm alliance who want Roxy out.

    • The Power of the Idol
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      Two tribe members are sent to Exile Island and they form an unexpected bond. Castaways from the original La Mina team try to break up the Casaya alliance. At tribal council, the eighth person is voted off of the islands.
    • What About Me?
      Season 21 - Episode 15
      Coming back from Tribal Council, the alliance of Chase, "Sash" and Holly seem strong and before the next challenge, they all agree that "Fabio" is the next to go. But "Fabio" wins the first Immunity Challenge and attempts to break the alliance. He thinks Holly is a bigger threat than Dan, but Chase refuses to vote for her and later that night at Tribal Council, the alliance of three remains intact. The morning after Dan is voted out, the final four set off on the Rites of Passage, remembering their former tribe mates until they arrive at the their final Immunity Challenge. "Fabio" then wins his third challenge in a row and couldn't be happier when they return to camp. Holly and Chase admit to "Fabio" that if he had not won immunity, he indeed would have been the next to go, while "Sash" lies and says he would have stuck with him all the way. At the next Tribal Council, "Sash's" lies are exposed to the others and Holly does not survive the vote. The final three men in the game return to camp and the next morning enjoy a huge breakfast with their tree mail. They burn down their shelter and head to the final Tribal Council to answer the jury' questions.moreless
    • Q and A
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      A reward challenge turns into an auction for letters from home and tribe members comfortable in their alliances take it easy.
    • Surviving Survivor
      Season 20 - Episode 1
      This special episode will take a look back at the last 10 years of "Survivor" with new interviews from previous contestants.
    • Down and Dirty
      Season 25 - Episode 6

      At the Reward Challenge, rather than complete the challenge, Kalabaw make an agreement with Tandang. Michael on Tandang offered to give up the challenge for all of Kalabaw's rice. Back at the Tandang campsite, Artis, Pete and Abey are not happy with the decision. Although Kalabaw enjoy themselves at the reward, they now have no more rice and have difficulty catching fish.

      After the next Immunity Challenge, Kalabaw must return to Tribal Council. The tribe returns to their beach and Jeff and Carter discuss the next vote. Jeff thinks Jonathan should be the one to go, but Carter wants Katie out.

    • It Will Be My Revenge
      Season 30 - Episode 2

      One of the castaway's behavior may leave her in trouble with the rest of her tribe.

    • Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      Bruce joins Casaya after voting out Melinda and right away, Bruce proves himself a hard worker but is sent back to Exile Island after his tribe loses the Reward Challenge. At La Mina, Misty tries to use her charm to keep herself in the game, but after a rough tackle Immunity Challenge, they are sent to Tribal Council.moreless
    • 4/24/08
      After Ozzy was voted out, Amanda and James are both angry and cannot believe that Parvati would organize that behind her back. Afterwards, Parvati tells James her plans for an all girl final 3 and is sorry for not telling him about the Ozzy vote. The Reward Challenge is a Survivor Auction and after Jason is sent to Exile Island, the rest of the tribe thinks he's the lucky one for having the chance to look for a new Immunity Idol. On Exile, Jason is indeed successful in finding the new idol and believes his alliance with Natalie remains strong. Back on the Dabu beach, the girls strategize to get Jason voted out next even if he has the idol. The next morning, it is Erik's 22nd birthday and the girls take that into consideration in their back-up plan to vote out James if they are unable to vote Jason out. After the Immunity Challenge, Jason goes fishing and while he is away, Natalie looks through his bag to see if he has the immunity idol. She makes sure Jason is confident that he will not play the idol at Tribal Council, therefore the girl's plan is working properly.moreless
    • I Need Redemption
      Season 23 - Episode 1

      18 new contestantsare divided into two tribes and are joined by 2 returning players. Everyone on Savaii is thrilled to have Ozzy join them, while those on Upolu are much more hesitant to have "Coach" on their tribe. The two returning players then participate in a reward challenge specially designed for them. With the help of a very vocal tribe, Ozzy wins the challenge leaving "Coach" feeling rejected by his new tribemates.

      Savaii arrive at their beach and right away the tribe start to get to know each other. When Ozzy suggests to go for a swim, Cochran is very hesitant but ultimately dives in. Over at the Upolu beach, the tribemates take advantage of "Coach's" prior experiences while building the shelter. But while everyone is working, Christine starts her search for the hidden immunity idol. That night, "Coach" feels more comfortable and welcomed by his tribe as a new alliance of five bond under the stars.

      The next day after Savaii wakes up, Dawn has a rough morning and needs to be consoled by Ozzy. Later that day, the tribes meet for their first immunity challenge which is won by Upolu. When Savaii return to their beach, Dawn hopes that an argument between Semhar and Jim will keep her safe. But Ozzy feels that Semhar should stay and that Cochran lacks the physical strength needed.

    • The two new tribes are dropped off of a truck and into the highlands of Brazil. Jeff announces both tribes will then vote for one person based on first impressions. The red tribe, Jalapao, vote Sandy. The black tribe, Timbira, vote Sierra. Both tribe mates are upset that they were the first to be singled out, but are able to skip the trek to camp and fly by helicopter. Meanwhile, all the other tribe mates have to walk in the heat to their campsite, carrying all their supplies. While they are alone at their respective campsites, both Sandy and Sierra read a letter with a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Sandy attempts to find the idol, while Sierra decides to make a shelter instead. The next morning, both tribes meet for their first Immunity Challenge which is won by Timbira. The Jalapao tribe returns to camp and many tribe mates agree that Sandy worked hard during the challenge, and that Carolina is bossy. But Sandy is not convinced that she is safe and continues looking for the immunity idol.moreless
    • Off With Their Heads
      Season 19 - Episode 12
      After the vote for Laura, John explains to Monica why his vote went towards a former a Galu member. This does not sit well with Monica who says that John showed no loyalty and should be the next to go. The next morning, the tribe gets money in their tree mail for the Survivor Auction. At the auction, John buys a clue for the hidden immunity idol but when he looks for it, he can't find it and thinks that Russell may have already found it. Then, when the tribe decides to eat a chicken, "Shambo" takes charge of the cooking and argues with Dave. That night, "Shambo" has a dream that the tribe voted Dave out. She tells Russell about it and the plan to vote out Dave is born. After the Immunity Challenge, all of the former Foa Foa tribe are with "Shambo" to vote for Dave. But as Russell is talking to John, he thinks John is more of a threat and should be the one to go. Russell talks to Dave about his plan and tries to get others on board.moreless
    • Blood Is Blood
      Season 29 - Episode 5

      One of the castaways looks to make a grab for power but his plans may be undone by a tribal switch.

    • Taste the Victory
      Season 23 - Episode 5

      Stacey arrives on Redemption Island and tells Christine that "Coach" is in charge of the tribe. At the duel, the two competitors spill the beans to the spectators about Benjamin's control at Upolu, refusing to call him "Coach". Albert and Mikayla return to the tribe and tell everyone about theduel and what Stacey said which angers "Coach". Albert also feels worried after Stacey's comments, so he goes on a search for the idol after finding a clue. Albert reveals the clue to "Coach" and Sophie and after another search,"Coach" eventually finds the idol.

      On Savaii, Elyse feels strong about the alliance she is in, but when Ozzy finds out that "Coach"is in charge at Upolu, he lets it slip that "Coach" should vote out a strong player next. Jim picks up on it and plans to warn Keith. Later, after a fishing trip, Ozzy is proud to be the provider of fish for the tribe.

      Upolu arrive back at their beach after winning the Immunity/Reward Challenge and enjoy a nice salad and meat from the challenge. Over on Savaii, Ozzy thinks Cochran is the weakest link and should be next. But the secret alliance of Cochran, Dawn and Jim approach Keith to try and vote out Elyse, but Keith doesn't want to lose Ozzy's trust.

    • Sleeping With the Enemy
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      After being surprised by Roger being voted out, Dave & Butch wake up to make a dock so that the rest of the castaway's won't get wet. Rob becomes jealous when he sees Dave climbing a tree. At the reward challenge, the nine are split into three teams of three. In the first round; Dave, Alex, and Deena win. In the final round Dave wins and brings Deena with him for ice cream and a bath. Jenna & Heidi complain about Dave getting to eat for the 3rd Time, and bathing for the 2nd time. Dave & Deena enjoy their ice cream and Dave asks Deena if he's next. Deena admits to Dave that it's between him and Matthew. Dave & Deena return to camp where they want supper. Jenna becomes pissed and calls Deena a fat cow. Rob becomes jealous when Heidi spoons with Dave and fears Heidi may double cross him. The survivors receive a mask for everyone and they dress it up like themselves. At Immunity, they learn that each survivor has 3 ropes holding the wood and after the 3rd chop to their mask the wood will break their mask. Matt is eliminated first followed by Dave, Alex, Rob, Butch, Deena, Christy & Heidi, as Jenna wins Immunity. Jenna & Deena promise Rob that Dave is going but Rob fears that Heidi won't vote for Dave. At Tribal Council, Matt receives a vote, but Dave is voted out with eight votes and becomes the 1st Jury Member.moreless
    • Medical Emergency
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      A medical emergency forces one castaway to leave the island for treatment and the other players are left to ponder whether the person will return to the game or not. At the Reward Challenge, the tribe members are required to answer personal questions about their fellow tribemates which does not sit well with Courtney.moreless
    • You Own My Vote
      Season 22 - Episode 2
      On Ometepe, Phillip tries to repair the damage after his outburst at the last Tribal Council. So he tells Rob that he will do whatever and vote for whoever he says. Later, Rob sees Matt with Andrea and plans to break up the duo knowing how powerful a couple can go. Meanwhile on Zapatera, Ralph sees Russell trying to look for the idol, so he does a search of his own and is able to find it. Then, when the tribe wins the reward/immunity challenge for the second time, Ralph knows that Russell found the clue for the idol and confronts him about it.moreless
    • ...And Then There Were Four
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Matthew, Rob, Butch and Jenna are the final four. The guys plan an all-male final three, which backfires when Jenna wins the first immunity.
    • Lie, Cheat and Steal
      Season 31 - Episode 14
      The final castaways are interviewed by the jury members, who then vote for the winner.
    • Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
      Season 30 - Episode 4

      Two castaways, with polar opposite attitudes, clash and each looks to send the other home at the next tribal council.

    • This Is Where We Build Trust
      Season 29 - Episode 10

      One castaway looks to trade reward for potential security. Tribal council erupts into chaos as plans by some may be sidetracked by the playing of an idol.

    • I Trust You But I Trust Me More
      Season 18 - Episode 14
      The final four Erinn, Taj, Stephen and J.T. return from Tribal Council and start thinking about votes from the jury. The next morning, the final four compete in their second last immunity challenge. After J.T. wins the first challenge, Erinn tells Stephen and J.T. that Taj could win if she goes with them to the finals. Even though Taj is in their alliance, J.T. starts to believe that what Erinn says has a lot of truth to it. After voting out one member of the final four, the remaining survivors go on their Rites of Passage, remembering all the previous survivors voted out. After returning to camp, Erinn tries to make sure the guys take her to the final two. After the immunity challenge, the final three go to Tribal Council and J.T. must choose between intergrity and friendship or an easy ticket to a million dollars. Once it's down to the final two, the jury asks their questions and votes for one person to win the million dollar prize.moreless
    • She Obviously Is Post-Op!
      Season 17 - Episode 2
      Fang wake up the next morning and realize they are running out of rice. Randy suggests to eat 2 meals a day instead of , but they rest of the tribe, especially GC, strongly disagree. Over on Kota, the tribe seems divided among different alliances. At the Reward Challenge, Fang wins comfort in the form of pillows and blankets. Back on Kota, the tribe discuss that Paloma gave up during the challenge and all believe she should probably be the next to go. On Exile Island, Sugar is successful in finding the hidden Immunity Idol. Fang wins the Immunity Challenge for the first time. At Kota, Sugars tells Ace she has the idol. Ace tells Sugar that Paloma is out next but Paloma tries to get Ace out by talking to Corinne. In the end, Paloma can't save herself.moreless
    • Million Dollar Decision
      Season 29 - Episode 7

      The two tribes and the castaways scramble to figure out alliances and the next target for tribal council.

    • It Could All Backfire
      Season 10 - Episode 13
      With five members remaining in Koror, Jennifer tries to team with Ian to get rid of Tom, which leaves Ian scared of an all female alliance. At the Reward Challenge, Ian wins a car and takes Tom with him on his Reward trip, which completely shocks Katie. When Ian returns to camp he realizes how betrayed Katie feels.moreless
    • Assumptions
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      The two tribes move to the same beach, but when they find out they're not merging into one tribe, a player realizes she has made a big mistake.
    • Then There Were Five
      Season 23 - Episode 14

      The merged Te Tuna tribe now consists of the five member alliance from the original Upolu tribe. Albert thinks Sophie is becoming more of a threat and feels he is better off taking Rick with him to the final three.

      After the Redemption duel, the tribe starts scrambling to figure out who should be voted out of the alliance. Brandon makes an agreement with Albert to vote Sophie out, while Sophie tells Coach that Brandon should be sent to Redemption. Later, Brandon interrupts a private conversation between Coach and Albert and on top ofthe previous comments made by Brandon's father, Coach thinks Brandon should go. But when Brandon wins immunity, there must be a change of plans. Albert becomes an easy target after some of his lies are exposed to the tribe, but Brandon is willing to give up his immunity and forgive him.

      Before Tribal Council, Coach is conflicted as to how his vote should go.

    • The Beginning Of The End
      Season 26 - Episode 12

      Two immunity challenges and two tribal councils force the remaining castaways to scramble as current alliances are tested and new ones may be formed.

    • Running The Show
      Season 23 - Episode 10

      Although Cochran is friendly with Coach, after talking with him during some yoga, he doesn't feel any safer. Later, the merged tribe witness the Redemption duel, where two people join the jury.

      Afterwards, Ozzy enjoys himself on Redemption Island as he has the entire place to himself, allowing him to keep his strength up. Back on Te Tuna, Cochran considers siding with Whitney and Dawn to take down the former Upolu alliance. After the Immunity Challenge, Dawn feels she is the one to go, so Whitney approaches Albert in an attempt make a big move. Albert considers a new alliance and approaches Cochran and Sophie, but Coach soon starts to suspect Albert.

      Then at Tribal Council, Jeff announces a twist...a double elimination.

    • Free Agent
      Season 23 - Episode 6

      Savaii return from Tribal and Ozzy feels betrayed by his alliance so he announces that he is no longer in an alliance with anyone and tells his tribe he has the immunity idol. The next morning, the tribe thinks Ozzy should apologize for throwing a temper tantrum. Over on Upolu, Brandon looks for the immunity idol not knowing that "Coach" already has it.

      After the Redemption Island duel, Sophie finds Christine very bitter about being voted out and thinks she has no allegiance for the Upolu tribe. Meanwhile, Edna tries her best to strengthen herties with "Coach" to stay safe. Back on Savaii, Ozzy apologizes to the tribe and approaches Keith in order to stay in the game.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Savaii start off with some trouble, but ultimately win. The tribe spends time together at a natural water slide which unites them after such a rough morning. On Upolu, the tribe is figuring out who should be voted out next, Mikayla or Edna since neither of them were part of the original alliance of six.

    • Cut Off The Head Of The Snake
      Season 26 - Episode 9

      Confusion is rampant in the camp when deciding who to vote out in the next Tribal Council - an easy target or try and potentially blindside another person.

    • More Than Meats the Eye
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Alex and Shawna's relationship grows to new levels, and is put to the test when Matthew develops an interest in her Shawna. Christy asks her tribe why she was spared and Butch calls her work during the reward challenge, a defining moment.
    • 2/16/11
      Sixteen new castaways arrive on a beach in Nicaragua and right away are surprised to learn that previous players Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will be joining the tribes. The two tribes then learn about another big twist. After they are voted out of their tribe, they will go to Redemption Island. After another tribe member is voted out, the two will duel which decides who will go and who will stay for a chance to join the tribe once again. Once the Zapatera tribe arrives at their camp, Russell approaches Stephanie to persuade her into an alliance. But the others realize what he is up to. Meanwhile on Ometepe, everyone praises and idolizes Rob. Everyone except Christina, who thinks Rob is too dangerous to have around, so she goes to Phillip and Francesca to try and get Rob out. But after Ometepe lose the reward/immunity challenge, Phillip jeopardizes the alliance after revealing their secrets.moreless
    • The Merge
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Kucha and Ogakor receive tree mail at their camps - the tribes are merging, and as a pre-merge twist, the women are all meeting together at Ogakor camp and the men are all converging at Kucha camp. With everyone ready to move full-time into the Kucha territory, all are surprised to learn that they will be living in a new section of the Outback, and that they will have to create a new shelter, and adapt to their new surroundings. Despite some merging festivities, where the castaways become Barramundi and receive a big picnic basket full of elaborate platters, the tribal lines run deep as former tribemates strategize the best way to pick off each member of the opposing tribe. The Immunity challenge lures Keith into a strong sense of safety when he withstands an endurance competition longer than anyone else, who all settle for temptations. At Tribal Council, it comes down to a nail-biting tie between Jeff and Colby - but Jeff, who has already received at least one vote in a previous tribal council, is sent home, just missing a spot on the jury.moreless
    • Pick-up Sticks
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Just as the men are getting comfortable with their severe environment, Alex is injured with a minor cut. In a twist in the game, Dave and Jenna are forced to mix up the tribes to include men and women for each. Shawana suddenly feels better once the guys join Jaburu.
    • The Poison Apple Needs to Go
      Season 18 - Episode 2
      While around the campfire at Jalapao, Sandy is thankful she was spared. But if things go according to Spencer's plan, she is the next to go. The next morning, the tribe is on a hunt for a meal of termites. Over on Timbira, as the tribe struggles to make a fire, Sierra gets Brendan to help her look for the hidden immunity idol. While they're searching, Debbie catches them but believes Sierra when she tells her that they are making a fire pit. Meanwhile, Candace and "Coach" argue over how to cook their rice and bean meal. Back at Jalapao, some of the tribe mates are surprised to learn who Taj is married to. The two tribes then meet to compete in the rain during a very physical reward and immunity challenge. Timbira loses the challenge and Tyson believes Sierra should be voted out. Jalapao spends the rest of the day using their new fishing gear to catch fish. Stephen labels J.T. as the tribe leader as he uses his knowledge to help with the fishing. Over on Exile, Brendan and Taj read the first clue for immunity. Back at Timbira, Sierra is still in trouble of being voted out, but when "Coach" finds out that Candace wants to vote for him, the plan may change.moreless
    • Say Goodbye to Gabon
      Season 17 - Episode 13
      The final five are Susie, Sugar, Kenny, Matty and Bob. Sugar tells Bob she wants to take him and Matty to the final three. Later when Sugar and Kenny check tree mail, she makes Kenny think she'll take him to the final three. When the tribe returns to camp from the immunity challenge, Kenny feels confident he is safe when Matty approaches him about voting Susie out. But before Tribal Council, Sugar is thinking twice about the vote. The next morning, Susie knows she will be the next to go unless she wins immunity. After Matty gets tree mail, the final four embark on their Rites of Passage honoring all their previous tribe mates voted out. After the final Immunity Challenge, everyone returns to camp and Matty and Sugar both agree to vote out Bob. However, Sugar then thinks maybe they should force a tie and let fate decide who should go. The next morning, the final three wake up on their last day in Gabon. They check their Tree Mail, but find a huge breakfast feast instead. After breakfast, Bob, Sugar and Susie set fire to their shelter and watch it burn. Later that night, the final three head to their final Tribal Council and face the jury's comments and questions.moreless
    • Kill Or Be Killed
      Season 26 - Episode 4

      Feeling low after back to back tribal councils, the Fans tribe must deal with hostile elements and unwanted visitors in their camp.

    • The Survivor Devil
      Season 35 - Episode 13
      The castaways battle to win individual immunity and earn a spot in the final five.
    • Million Dollar Gamble Part 1
      Season 33 - Episode 10
      Part 1 of 2. A power struggle between castaways erupts and each player tries to arm themselves with allies. Also: Tensions rise when Gen Xers turn on each other; and one person throws another under the bus to build trust.
    • The Gods Are Angry
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Clarence & Kelly get scared when lions came close to camp. At Samburu the 4 elders, Carl, Frank, Linda & Teresa, do chores and make camp life easier but the youngsters refuse to do work and decide to sleep in. While the elders go to get water the younger players decide to cook and eat some food, leaving little for the older Samburans. Lindsey decide to make bracelets for Kim P, Brandon, and Silas to show their allegiance to each other. Boran wins Immunity, sending Samburu to Tribal Council, where the vote ends up in a tie between Carl & Lindsey. To break the tie, Jeff quizzes the two vote-getters on life in the Bush, and Lindsey wins, eliminating Carl.moreless
    • Flames and Endurance
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      The final four are Darrah, Lill, Sandra and Jon.
    • The First Exile
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      The new season of Survivor starts off with a bang, with Jeff revealing that the first reward challenge would take place before the contestants got to talk to their teammates at all. Some players are dissapointed about the division of the four tribes, which are separated by gender and age. Wearing light green, the Viveros Tribe consists of the four younger men -- Aras Baskauskas, Austin Carty, Bobby "Bob Dawg" Mason and Nick Stanbury. Wearing light blue, the Bayoneta Tribe consists of the four younger women -- Danielle DiLorenzo, Misty Giles, Courtney Marit and Sally Schumann. Wearing orange, the La Mina Tribe consists of the four older men -- Dan Barry, Terry Deitz, Bruce Kanegai and Shane Powers. Wearing purple, the Casaya Tribe consists of the four older women -- Cirie Fields, Melinda Hyder, Ruth Marie Milliman and Tina Scheer. Able to put their feelings aside, the tribes attempt the challenge, which requires one person from each tribe to run into the jungle on Exile Island and find an amulet hidden in a skull. Bayoneta's runner is left empty-handed, forcing the group to choose which woman will be left behind on the island, and a reluctant Misty loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and is forced to stay behind until the Immunity Challenge. Later, the four tribes build their camps, but all run into problems, either between contestants or with nature. Misty copes well on Exile Island, all the while trying to find a hidden Immunity Idol. At the Immunity challenge, Misty regroups with the other younger women of Bayoneta and helps them pull off a win, with both men's tribes close behind, forcing Casaya to report to Tribal Council. Once there, Tina, the most eccentric of the bunch, is voted out unanimously.

    • 3/8/07
      As Ravu goes to sleep Yau-Man and Earl team up to hopefully uncover the hidden immunity idol.

      For the reward challenge, both tribes receive a catalog and select what they want if they were to win. In the end, Moto wins yet another challenge.

      On Ravu, Rocky begins getting annoyed at fashion conversations that the Ravu women are having and after losing the Immunity Challenge, voting plans are discussed. The vote comes down to Anthony and Rita. At Tribal Council, Rita Verreos is voted out 5-2.moreless
    • Hungry For a Win
      Season 19 - Episode 4
      After "Shambo" returns to her tribe, she comments how much she prefers being on Foa Foa compared to Galu because she fits in better over there. Erik and John then approach "Shambo" for the clues to the hidden immunity idol which she shares with them. The two tribes get tree mail which tell them to choose three members to go on a "quest". The two teams of three meet and must participate in a reward challenge without Jeff Probst. The two teams compete for a reward of chickens. Meanwhile, while the challenge is going on Erik begins his search for the idol and is successful in finding it. Back at the challenge, the reward is won by Galu. Over on Foa Foa, Russell is still unsure who should be in his real alliance, but Natalie thinks she and Russell are definately in a safe alliance. Back on Galu, one of the chickens escapes and Erik and "Shambo" are determined to capture it, but no one else seems to care, which angers Erik. At the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa wins immunity for the first time. After the challenge, Russell and Erik on Galu feel Monica did not perform strongly enough in the challenge. But the younger half of the tribe feels that Yasmine is the laziest one on the tribe but don't feel like making Russell angry with their vote. At Galu's first Tribal Council, the tribe discuss what kind of person deserves to be voted out.moreless
    • Friends?
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Desperate to keep her tribe alive, Elisabeth begins to think that she can possibly lure Tina to vote for Jerri, the perfect person to target, because of her annoyance-level at camp. At the Reward Challenge, everyone gets some time off from Jerri and her pocket pet when Jerri wins a boomerang throw and decides to take Amber with her for a feast. Later, Jerri and Amber share their suspicions that Keith and Tina may be thinking about going against the former Ogakor members, and at the Immunity Challenge, Jerri loses her chance to vote out Keith when he wins Immunity for the second time in a row. At Tribal Council, Elisabeth's plan to get rid of Jerri fails to work when one of her own comrades, Alicia, is voted out of the Barramundi Tribe.moreless
    • 2/5/04
      The tribes are dying of thirst and when it rains, they drink and collect it like wild animals. A mysterious box with three locks shows up as tree mail. Saboga wins the reward challenge and allows all the tribes to get a flint and a pot with a clue to the first key for the box, which they now know is rice. Back at the camps, everyone can finally make fire. Next, at the Immunity Challenge, Saboga appears to win, but loses again. At tribal council, Rudy is all-star number two to go.moreless
    • Blindside Time
      Season 26 - Episode 8

      The tribes merge into a single tribe and talk starts among some about potentially blindsiding a person at the upcoming tribal council.

    • Create a Little Chaos
      Season 25 - Episode 4

      While the Tangdang tribe are in their shelter, Abi sees the clue to the idol in RC's bag and points it out in front of the other tribe mates. Abi thinks RC did it on purpose, but Pete was the one who actually planted the clue for everyone to see. On Kalabaw, Jeff, Jonathan and Carter build a strong alliance, leaving the girls to build an alliance of their own. On Matsing, Denise thinks Russell has the idol, but don't have the evidence. Back on Tangdang, Abi and RC aren't getting along, which worries RC about her position in the alliance.

      After Matsing lose the Immunity Challenge once again, Malcolm plays both sides of his alliance by telling Denise to vote out Russell and telling Russell to vote out Denise. But after Russell and Denise have a conversation about Malcolm, everyone is vulnerable.

    • Hell Hath Frozen Over
      Season 25 - Episode 11

      The Final Four alliance (Malcolm, Michael, Denise and Lisa) have their next target, Abi. But if she were to win immunity, the four plan to vote out Jonathan. Abi is feeling beat up after the last Tribal and tries her best to give herself an advantage. At the Survivor Auction, she buys a place into the final round at the next Immunity Challenge and although there is no second hidden immunity idol, Abi tells the others she has one.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Abi's auction money is put to good use and she wins individual immunity. Later, although Lisa is part of the Final Four alliance, she doesn't want to vote out Jonathan. Lisa tells Jonathan the alliance's plan, allowing him to tell Carter and Abi to vote for Denise. Jonathan then approaches Michael to see if he will also vote for Denise, which would betray his Final Four alliance.

    • Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      At Nakum camp, Judd and Margaret have a heated debate about Judd's decision to vote with the former Yaxha members. Later, the pressure of a challenge loss falls on Jamie when he, given the responsibility of completing the first of three tasks in the reward challenge, is blown out of the water by Yaxha's Brandon. The reward that he single-handedly loses for his team turns out to be a phenomenal one that allows the winners to actually swim in the ocean - it is a croc-proof deck. While hanging around the deck, the Yaxha tribe begins to grow weary of Blake's fantastical stories and arrogant attitude, and Nakum's constant losses bring Stephenie to tears. Though rather sullen, Nakum pulls through with a win when it comes to the Immunity Challenge, thanks to challenge star Lydia, and at Yaxha's tribal council, Blake's attitude catches up with him as some of his old tribemates turn on him and vote him off of the island.moreless
    • 2/26/09
      Timbira returns from Tribal and Erinn comments about the "friendship" she had with Candace, but in doing so, she angers her tribe mates. The next morning, Erinn realizes she has to step things up to keep herself in the game. Meanwhile, Jerry is struggling with stomach pain and tries not to show weakness. Over on Jalapao, the tribe tries out their new fishing gear. They struggle with their net, but are successful with their fishing rods. After losing the Reward Challenge, Timbira return to camp and "Coach" is visually angry. While they fish, "Coach" and Tyson discuss who should be voted out next. On Japalao, spirits are high after winning a tarp, chairs and pillows. Over on Exile Island, Brendan and Taj get clue number two for the hidden immunity idol and form a secret alliance with each other. Jalapao wins the Immunity Challenge and Jerry from Timbira blames himself for the tribe's loss. Timbira return to camp and discuss Jerry's sickness. "Coach" wants Erinn out and thinks that Jerry should stay. At Tribal Council, the tribe decides who should be leader and vote out another tribe mate.moreless
    • Surprise! And...Surprise Again!
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      The remaining castaways return to camp and Chris finds himself now being the only male left. During the reward challenge, the castaways are surprised by a short visit from their loved ones. Eliza won an overnight visit from her mom and was saddened when she had to leave. The next day at the Immunity Challenge, Jeff surprises the survivors again as he reveals their loved ones will be involved in the competition. After the challenge, Chris started an alliance with Eliza, Scout and Twila to finally break the alliance of women lead by Ami.moreless
    • Suspicion
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      By Day 4, the separation from food really starts to take a toll on some of the contestants. No food is offered at the Reward Challenge, where Rodger faces his fears and jumps off a cliff only to have his tribe lose, but everyone is bound to get some nutrition with the Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately, the food supplied - cow brains, beetles, and worms - isn't what the castaways are hoping for, and Tina can't stomach it, giving Kucha, led by vegetarian Kimmi, Immunity from Tribal Council, which is exactly where Ogakor is forced to go. At the vote, Jerri's suspicions that Kel has been eating a secret stash of beef jerky seems to be enough to get him kicked off, as Kel becomes the second Outback competitor to get his torch snuffed.moreless
    • One of Those Coach Moments
      Season 18 - Episode 7
      Joe and Sydney are talking at the Jalapao campsite and Sydney voices her concern that she might be the next to go if all the boys stick together. But Joe assures her she'll be safe. Over on Timbira, the tribe argue with "Coach" about how to cook their beans and end up with a burnt meal. Back on Jalapao, Taj and Stephen wonder if they should include J.T. in their Exile Alliance.

      Timbira wins a reward to visit a waterfall and a meal. On Exile Island, Joe and Erinn figure out the clues to the hidden immunity idol. On Jalapao, Taj realizes that Joe will have all the clues and decides to make a fake idol. Before going fishing, J.T. finds Taj's idol and so she then decides to include J.T. in her alliance.

      After Jalapao loses the Immunity Challenge, Joe finds the fake idol thinking it's the real one. He then talks with the others and decides to vote for Taj. The newly formed alliance discuss things with Joe and tell him that Taj should stay. But then at the last second, J.T. may change his mind.moreless
    • The Ultimate Sacrifice
      Season 18 - Episode 12
      The tribe mates receive videos from home, and one will have to sacrifice their own reward to allow comfort to the others. Debbie also turns against Coach and tries to get him voted out.
    • True Lies
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      The two tribes merge into one, Soliantu. A new rule in the game is introduced at tribal council, the person with immunity has the choice to keep it or give it up to someone else.
    • Wrinkle in the Plan
      Season 29 - Episode 8

      Sparks fly as parents square off defending their children.

    • Flirting and Frustration
      Season 13 - Episode 3
      Aitu are back from Tribal Council and comment about Billy and what he said about Candice. At the Puka tribe, Yul is starting to get annoyed by Cao-Boi. The tribes meet up with Jeff who announces that they are about to integrate into new tribes. They now have gone from four tribes to two, Raro and Aitu with have both males and females from each of the four tribes. The tribes get to their beach and all feel happy and excited with the new change. At the Aitu camp, Candice is confronted about Billy's comments and she reveals he just took it out of context. Also, right away the castaway try to start new alliances and Yul confesses to Becky that he found the idol. On Raro, Parvati feels she'll be able to flirt as much as she can with guys on the tribe.

      After the Aitu tribe lose the Immunity Challenge, everyone scrambles trying to be safe and questioning who to vote for and who they can trust. Before Tribal Council, Cecilia seems to be the front-runner and after the votes are tallied she is indeed voted out.moreless
    • Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Tensions are high from Lex’s snake hunt and voting off Kelly. For the reward challenge they need to be in pairs, so they draw names out of a hat. The teams are: Kim Johnson and Ethan, Teresa and Lex, Kim Powers and Tom, and…rivals Frank and Brandon. Frank and Brandon win the challenge they set their differences aside and enjoy dinner and a movie. The next day frank plots against Brandon. Lex wins immunity and Brandon gets voted off.moreless
    • The Truth Works Well
      Season 33 - Episode 6

      Two castaways start to think that they may have revealed too much to their fellow tribe mates. Paranoia sinks in for one tribe when a hidden immunity idol is supposedly found.

    • Witches Coven
      Season 31 - Episode 9

      The castaways look for a new hidden immunity idol but an unexpected advantage in the game may give them extra security.

    • Dire Straights and Dead Weight
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      The Hiki tribe return from Tribal Council and right away feel the extra pressure, but celebrate when they finally get fire. At the other tribes, chickens seem to all be on the menu as tribes are able to catch and cook chickens. On Aitu, the other tribemates feel Billy is not pulling his own weight and decide maybe to throw the challenge to get someone out. Meanwhile on Puka, Cao-Boi once again cures the headaches of his tribemates. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Raro, Hiki and Puka all win immunity. When Aitu returns to camp, Ozzy reveals they lost on purpose to get Billy out. On Exile Island, Yul is able to find the hidden Immunity Idol after reading the clues. At Tribal Council, Billy confesses his love for Candice but also argues with J.P., in the end Billy can't save himself from the vote.moreless
    • My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      At Zhan Hu, the new leaders Dave and Phei-Gee start to clash on tribe decisions while over at Fei-Long, Jean-Robert's snoring irritates the other members while they work. Todd, Amanda and Aaron start an alliance to make it to the final three. Meanwhile, at Zhan Hu, the girls feel that preparing food is the first priority compared to Dave's plan to build a fire pit. At the Reward Challenge, Fei-Long wins and as a result have to kidnap a member from Zhan Hu, Jaime is chosen. Returning from the challenge, Zhan Hu finds their campsite completely flooded with rain water and Dave and Ashley continue to argue. On Fei Long, Leslie continues to struggle until Jaime shares the clue for the hidden immunity idol which in-turn lifts Leslie's spirits. To help find the idol, Leslie tells Todd about the clue. At the Immunity Challenge, Fei Long wins for the second time.moreless
    • Crack In The Alliance
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      It's a day of luck for Gervase - who, after hearing news of the birth of his baby boy, wins the Reward Challenge, giving him a chance to chat with his girlfriend, Carmella, about the baby, and a big slice of pizza. But his luck runs out there. He struggles with the Immunity Challenge and loses to Richard, whose alliance of four bands together to vote him out of the tribe. Before the vote, the relationship between Kelly and Susan reaches a tense boiling point, as the once-friends quickly turn to become each other's enemies. As Kelly's unwillingness to play the game "dirtily" emerges, the Tagi alliance begins to crack.moreless
    • Thanks for the Souvenir
      Season 24 - Episode 6

      When the new Manono tribe return from Tribal, Alicia considers sticking with the guys on her tribe rather than the women and Colton isn't shy about insulting Christina and telling her that she is the next to be voted out. The next morning on Salani, Kat wonders if a dream she had about Alicia has a meaning of some kind.

      Salani win the reward challenge, an opportunity to enjoy an ice cream parlour, while on Manono, Christina approaches Leif and Jonas to try and save herself. That night, Colton feels ill and Christina comforts him. The next morning, Tarzan thinks Colton has the symptoms of appendicitis. The medical team later inspect Colton and decide he needs to leave the game. After the removal of Colton, Jonas feels that now is the time to vote out Alicia.

      Later, Salani and Manono receive tree mail and find out that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. Before leaving for Tribal, Tarzan tries to persuade Leif to vote for Christina, but Leif would prefer to vote out Alicia. When both tribes arrive at Tribal Council, Jeff informs Salani about Colton's evacuation and announces the merge.

    • This Isn't a We Game
      Season 25 - Episode 3

      Matsing return from Tribal and Russell knows that the alliance between Malcolm and Angie is dangerous and that if Denise sides with them, it could be the end for him. The next morning on Tandang, Abi is concerned about her sprained knee and doesn't trust RC with the idol. Pete learns about the clue from Abi and then approaches Lisa for a new alliance to vote out Michael. Over on Kalabaw, Jeff and the others notice a missing piece from the rice box and suspect that was the idol and that Jonathan has it. The next morning on Matsing, the tribe discover that their raft drifted away and with Denise and Malcolm in an alliance, the two discuss who should go next.

      After the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Matsing must go to Tribal Council for the third straight time. Kalabaw return to their beach and Jonathan tells Jeff he has the idol in an attempt to gain his trust. On Tandang, Abi and Pete find the idol while the others look for clams. On Matsing, Malcolm and Denise are frustrated with Angie and Russell's performance at the challenge and think one of the two have to go.

    • Million Dollar Question
      Season 25 - Episode 14

      Denise knows she is at the bottom of the Final Four alliance as Malcolm is not able to commit to a final three with her. Denise knows that Malcolm has the best chance to win the jury's votes, so she approaches Lisa and Michael in an attempt to vote him out.

      Before the tribe's final vote, Lisa and Denise are on board to vote out Malcolm, but Michael considers going to the final three with Malcolm. On day 39, the final three enjoy a relaxing view of the horizon, a breakfast reward and burn down their shelter. That evening, the three face the jury.

    • Big Bad Wolf
      Season 27 - Episode 10

      One of the remaining castaways may be forced to make a difficult choice to advance in the game.

    • This Isn't Survival...It's Thrival
      Season 14 - Episode 3
      After returning from tribal council, Yau-Man vents about Ravu's past two losses. Ravu finally gets fire after Michelle prays to the sun to help them.

      At the reward challenge, Gary takes a fall and Moto soon wins the reward. They send Sylvia to Exile Island. After the reward challenge, Moto's Gary experiences breathing problems. The medical team checks it out and says that it is nothing severe.

      At the food-eating immunity challenge, Anthony loses a critical showdown against Gary. Moto is left undefeated as they win their third straight immunity challenge. At Ravu, before tribal council, many agree to get rid of Anthony if Sylvia has the idol. Syliva digs for immunity before tribal council. At tribal council, Sylvia receives the most votes to become the third Ravu tribe member to be voted out.moreless
    • Jumping Ship
      Season 20 - Episode 12
      Russell tries to get Candice to join his alliance with the Villains thinking that Sandra might flip to the Heroes alliance. Rupert hopes Sandra will flip in order to take out Russell. At a Reward Challenge win, Danielle finds a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol and fights with Amanda for who should keep it, but Colby tells Amanda that Danielle should have it since she found it. After returning to camp, Danielle tells her alliance about the clue and she and Russell set out to find it. Russell finds the Hidden Immunity Idol without the girls noticing and hides it secretly. Then to gain her trust, Russell shows the idol to Candice in hopes that she will indeed flip alliances. Russell then tells Sandra that one of the Heroes is in the Villains alliance and warned her about joining the Heroes. After the Immunity Challenge, Russell tries to get his alliance to vote out Amanda. Candice then tells Russell that the Heroes and Sandra were planning to vote him out. Russell confronts Sandra about what Candice told him, but Sandra denied it. The Heroes then agree to vote for Parvati since Danielle or Russell could use the idol. At Tribal Council, Candice and Sandra both vote along with the Villains while Russell's nerves lose him an idol.moreless
    • Houdini Magic
      Season 19 - Episode 7

      The men on the Galu tribe know that "Shambo" does not fit in with the girls on thetribe and all agree to keep her around until at least the jury. The men decide to have a vote for a new tribe leader and "Shambo" receives all the men's votes.

      At the Reward Challenge, Galu wins a lunch on a pirate ship and a tarp. "Shambo" decides that Laura will go with the Foa Foa tribe for a visit. Once Foa Foa arrive back at camp, Russell takes Laura aside and tries to gain her trust for a secret alliance once the tribes merge. Then, while Liz is preparing the fire she gets angry with Natalie for talking too much with Laura.

      After Galu wins the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa return to camp and Russell sets his target on Jaison instead of Liz since he gave up during the challenge. But at Tribal Council, Russell's original plan comes into action.

    • Get to Gettin'
      Season 35 - Episode 7

      The tribes merge and the castaways scramble for numbers in their respective alliances.

    • Kind of Like Cream Cheese
      Season 29 - Episode 11

      One of the castaways looks to get revenge by taking down one of the stronger castaways.

    • The Hidden Immunity Idol
      Season 11 - Episode 8

      Tensions flare in the Mayan temples when Yaxha and Nakum merge into Xhákúm and Bobby Jon instantly clashes with the abrasive and stand-offish Jamie. The following morning, the former Yaxha tribe members immediatley get to work while the powerful former Nakum members, who outnumber Yaxha, sit back and relax, conspiring who would be best to vote off next. Later, the players are shocked to discover that somewhere in the jungle is a hidden immunity doll that could secure one of the players safety until the final four. At the Immunity Challenge, Jamie lays everything out on the table as he makes it clear that the former Nakum tribe, six strong, will be voting as one, picking off each of the four former Yaxha members one by one. Despite Gary's victory, this is exactly what happens at Tribal Council when Brandon's torch is snuffed, although Jamie now has almost everyone against him.

    • We Found Our Zombies
      Season 28 - Episode 5

      A blindside leaves one castaway questioning their resolve to play the game. Meanwhile, a camp raid leaves one tribe scrounging for supplies and the other one reveling in comfort.

    • He's A Snake, But He's My Snake
      Season 17 - Episode 5
      On Kota, Dan's large appetite has his tribe on edge as their amount of food begins to dwindle. Meanwhile, Fang has their own shortage of rice. Sugar then tells Ace she'll give him the immunity idol after finding out that the other tribe mates looked through her bag. At the Reward Challenege, Kota wins resulting in a huge breakfast feast. When they return to camp the tribe mates decide how to divide their reward food. Sugar feels guilty choosing comfort at Exile Island when she knows her tribe , Fang, is starving for more food. At the campsite, Crystal has a small emotional outburst which causes her to become a target. She then sets out to make sure her tribe mates know her tears were not a sign of weakness. Right before the Immunity Challenge, Kota finds a turtle swimming near their dock, resulting in a large meal for the tribe. At the challenge, Kota wins immunity. When Fang returns to camp, Ace thinks Kelly should go while Crystal thinks they should blind sight Ace. After Sugar tells Kenny she gave the idol away, he suggests to always keep the idol with her.moreless
    • One-Man Wrecking Ball
      Season 27 - Episode 6

      Castaways learn if blood is truly thicker than water as a tribal switch happens and new alliances form.

    • Million Dollar Gamble Part 2
      Season 33 - Episode 11
      Part 2 of 2. A power struggle between castaways erupts and each player tries to arm themselves with allies. Also: Tensions rise when Gen Xers turn on each other; and one person throws another under the bus to build trust.
    • That Girl is Like a Virus
      Season 20 - Episode 4
      While the Villains sleep, Rob points out that those who are sleeping near each other are close enough to be in alliances, and singles out Parvati and Russell and Jerri and Coach. The next morning, the Heroes catch two chickens which allows them to bond more, something that Rupert had been wanting. Back with the Villains, Coach thinks Parvati is the most dangerous on the tribe and tells Russell he is spending too much time with her. That night, Russell hides the machete in an attempt to control the tribe's emotions. The next morning, Randy finds a giant clam, but no one else seems to want to eat it. On the Heroes tribe, J.T. tells Cirie that Candice doesn't trust her, which is not true, and it makes Candice really nervous about who is spreading lies. The tribes meet for another Reward and Immunity Challenge and the Heroes win their first immunity in a clean sweep against the Villains. Randy feels vulnerable because he is the oldest, but thinks Parvati is the biggest threat and should be the one to go. The women think that since Randy is the weakest, he'll be voted out, but Jerri and the some of the men think he should stay.moreless
    • The Winds Twist
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      After receiving tree mail, the two tribes meet host Jeff Probst at what they thought would be their next Reward Challenge. However, they soon discover that their lives are about to be turned upside down. Jeff instructs them to each stand on one of 13 wooden discs placed randomly in front of them. He then begins the Survivor Switch. As jaws drop and tears swell in the eyes of the Rotu tribe members, they realize what is taking place. Underneath each disk is a colored buff, blue representing Rotu, and yellow representing Maraamu. As each person steps off their disc and turns it over, the color of their buff reveals to which tribe the castaway would now belong. When it is all over, Sean, Rob and Vecepia find themselves the new members of Rotu, while Neleh, Paschal and Kathy switch over to Maraamu. The new faces don't help Maraamu stop its losing streak, and they vote out Sarah.moreless
    • The Marooning
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Jeff Probst is our host and guide as 16 average Americans board the Mata Hari only to later salvage supplies, jump overboard and be marooned on the small uncharted deserted island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea off the Malaysian Coast of Borneo for as long as 39 days and nights, where they must survive not only the island, but each other, as every three days, one person is voted off the island and out of the game. In the end, one of these people will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others and win the Grand Prize of $1,000,000 in cash. The 16 castaways are separated into two tribes of eight (Four men and four women each). Wearing orange, the Tagi Tribe consists of Dirk Been, Kelly Wiglesworth, Richard Hatch, Rudy Boesch, Sean Kenniff, Sonja Christopher, Stacey Stillman and Susan Hawk. Wearing yellow, the Pagong Tribe consists of B.B. Andersen, Colleen Haskell, Gervase Peterson, Greg Buis, Gretchen Cordy, Jenna Lewis, Joel Klug and Ramona Gray. In the first three days, the tribes get to know each other, and while B.B.'s domineering attitude annoys some of his tribemates, Richard also begins to get on the nerves of the Tagi camp as he attempts to lead them in a group direction. When Pagong won the first Immunity Challenge (a competition), Tagi had to go to Tribal Council, where they must vote someone off of the island. Despite Stacey's attempts to form a female alliance against 72-year-old Rudy, it was Sonja who was voted off of the island with four of the eight votes. The tribe has spoken.moreless
    • Nakum is awaken by a howler monkey, foreshadowing a tough day in the jungle. At the Reward Challenge, the monkey's screeches are forgotten as Nakum takes home some comfort in the form of blankets and other luxuries. The losing Yaxha makes the trek back home and tries to find some protein in termites while Nakum tribe members Bobby Jon and Judd begin to get annoyed at Margaret's assumed leadership position. The 114 degree heat takes its toll on everyone at the close Immunity Challenge, which grants safety for the Nakum tribe, a sprained ankle for Amy, and the fourth defeat in a row for Yaxha. Trying to find a way to better the tribe, the Yaxha players unanimously vote to eliminate Brianna.moreless
    • This Camp Is Cursed!
      Season 17 - Episode 4
      Fang continue to struggle, while Sugar and Ace are tight in their alliance. This allows for the other tribe mates to search through Sugar's bag to see if she has the idol. Meanwhile, "GC" starts feeling like he wants to go home, and asks his tribe mates to vote him out.moreless
    • The Best and Worst Reward Ever
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      Ulong return from Tribal Council and attempt to seek shelter from a huge rainstorm in a cave. The only problem is that they get lost, so they decide to return to camp and suffer through the pouring rain. Over at Koror, Gregg and Jennifer get comfortable while the other tribemates take notice of this possible two-person alliance. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe get annoyed at Willard for not helping with fire duty. At the Reward Challenge, Jeff tells both tribes they will both be going to Tribal Council and each tribe will vote out one person. The tribes also learn that the winning tribe will be able to enjoy a feast at Tribal Council while the losing tribe is forced to sit and watch. After Ibrehem loses for Ulong, the tribe feels he should go. At their first Tribal Council, Koror votes out Willard and then enjoy their feast while Ulong and Jeff talk. Jeff then announces that Koror will vote to decide one member of Ulong to have immunity. After Ibrehem is awarded Immunity, Koror leaves as Ulong votes. The results of the vote ends in a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon. Ulong then votes again, where Angie becomes the sixth castaway voted out of Palau.moreless
    • The Sole Surviving All-Star
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      The final four are Rupert, Jenna L., Amber and Rob M. It seems that Jenna L. and Rupert face an unbreakable alliance. When Amber emerges victorious from the first Immuntiy Challenge, Miss Lewis takes out Rupert, leaving her alone against the power couple. After taking a look at the past players, the endurance immunity challenge begins, and Jenna L. slips up, leaving Rob M. and Amber in the awkward position of trying to psych each other out. The "Robfather" wins immunity one last time, and despite doubts, gives Jenna L. her ticket to the jury. The final two are faced with a jury of seven scorned players, leading to a very emotional final vote. Lex and Kathy accuse Rob of destroying their friendships, Alicia calls them unclassy and Big Tom attacks Rob M. for being a traitor. Before the votes can be counted, Probst announces that the All-Stars will have to fly back to the United States, waiting months for the final ruling.moreless
    • Total Dysfunction
      Season 24 - Episode 2

      The Salani tribe vote Sabrina as their leader and divide the chores. But Nina feels she, Monica and Christina are left out of the comradery between all the younger females. Later, both tribes receive tree mail and participate in a "Do-It-Yourself" reward challenge. Manono win a tarp and set it up right away, but Colton doesn't help out. Colton continues feeling more comfortable being with the women, but Sabrina is annoyed to have him around their campsite. Colton pleads with Salani to let him stay with them, but the women prefer he stayed on the men's side of the beach. But later that night, Colton tells Troyzan he has an immunity idol and a new alliance is born.

      At the Immunity Challenge, Monono win and Salani must return to Tribal Council. Some of the women are embarrassed with Kat's performance at the challenge and consider voting her out, while the others feel Nina shoud be the one to go.

    • Bring the Popcorn
      Season 30 - Episode 10

      One castaway is given the chance to change their fate in the game. Another castaway bristles when his integrity is called into question.

    • To Betray or Not to Betray
      Season 11 - Episode 4
      In a twisted "reward" challenge, four players are sent out for a picnic lunch in the Mayan ruins as their tribemates are shuffled up with members of the opposing tribe. Thus, Yaxha is now composed of four former Nakum members and only three Yaxha members, and the current Nakum is made up of four of each tribe. Upon arriving home from their picnic, Gary, Amy, Judd, and Margaret are shocked to find out about the switch, and all of the survivors scramble to find a new alliance. Although most are drawn on former tribal lines, Judd fits in better with Stephenie and Jamie, and quietly makes a pact with them to turn on his old tribemates. Nakum loses the Immunity Challenge, and at Tribal Council, Judd is forced to act on his new alliance, doing so by being the swing vote and eliminating Brooke from the game.moreless
    • Banana Etiquette
      Season 20 - Episode 7
      The two tribes are surprised to learn that they will both go to Tribal Council and vote one person from their. This causes the Heroes and Villains to do some major strategy. For the Heroes, they need to decide if James is still strong enough to help win challenges. But when he loses a friendly race with J.T., it's obvious he is not as strong as he was before his injury. Furthermore, the tribe thinks James is eating too many bananas. Meanwhile, Rob leads the Villains in a plan to vote out Russell. But Russell has a plan of his own.moreless
    • Rule In Chaos
      Season 27 - Episode 2

      The first duel is held at Redemption Island with the participants trying to do well enough to stay in the game. Despite earlier declarations, one tribe member reverts back to the attitude and form seen in the past.

    • Second Chance
      Season 31 - Episode 1
      Twenty returning castaways, who were voted in by fans, arrive in Koh Rong, Cambodia, an island in the South China Sea, for a second chance to win the top $1 million prize as the 31st season begins.
    • A Snake in the Grass
      Season 31 - Episode 5

      The castaways try to form bonds that they think will last deep into the game though complications may break those bonds.

    • Odd Woman Out
      Season 30 - Episode 6

      One castaway struggles to fit in after a shocking tribal council. One player looks to throw the upcoming immunity challenge with the goal of voting off a rival.

    • I Will Destroy You
      Season 33 - Episode 7
      Two millennials attempt to mend their relationship and work together; another castaway feels the heat when they are interrogated about their true profession.
    • Surprise Enemy Visit
      Season 11 - Episode 7
      The physical nature of the game takes its toll on Yaxhá when they cope with bangs and bruises from the Reward challenge the week before. At this week’s challenge, the teams play for a sweet reward, chocolate and a zip line tour through the jungle. Nakúm panics and falls behind while Yaxhá springs ahead and takes the ride of their lives through the Guatemalan jungle. For Danni’s birthday, Yaxhá invites Nakúm over to their camp for a pool part, but Jamie gets rather paranoid about his tribemates making friends with the others. For the Immunity Challenge, the tribes race to unearth pieces of a puzzle, and despite a close competition, Nakúm assembles their puzzle first. Back at Yaxhá, Amy feels that she is the next to go, but Brandon and Danni, still undecided, try to figure out whether they should off Bobby Jon because Amy is more deserving of the final prize. With Amy and Bobby Jon at risk, the tribe votes out the weaker of the two, Amy. After the reveal, Yaxhá is thrown for a loop upon hearing that the two tribes, Yaxhá and Nakúm, will become one effective immediately.moreless
    • Stuck in the Middle
      Season 21 - Episode 10
      While the tribe is away on a reward challenge, the campsite fire destroys all of the remaining food and the cooking supplies. Before Tribal Council, Holly and Jane initiate a move to get Brenda out and NaOnka is on board with the plan.
    • Sour Grapes
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Jenna tells the entire tribe about Rob's secret plans, revealing his strategies to everyone. Feeling ostracized and betrayed, Jenna and Heidi refuse to stay in the game feeling that way.
    • Jury's Out
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      When John, Tammy, Robert, and Zoe get too cocky about their alliance, a powershift occurs in Soliantu. John finds himself on the wrong end of a shocking vote.
    • Salvation and Desertion
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      When the castaways get word of the upcoming challenge, one with a huge reward, they all work their hardest to win. The tough challenge results in a big win for Casaya, and the team collectively wins the prize, which includes immunity, the choice of which member of La Mina goes to Exile Island, and the chance to visit a Panamanian town and distribute toys and food to the children there. During Casaya's trip, the tension that occurred prior to winning, the apparent break-up of the Shane-Aras-Courtney-Danielle alliance, was forgotten, and all enjoyed the reward. Meanwhile, at La Mina, Sally, the last woman on the tribe, is saved from certain elimination when Casaya sends her to Exile Island, and while she is gone, Dan reveals his astronaut past to the rest of his tribe. Whether or not this fact has any bearing on that night's decision is trivial: Terry sides with the younger men, Nick and Austin, and Dan's torch becomes the sixth snuffed out.moreless
    • For Cod's Sake!
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      Casaya wins the reward challenge and earns food, the consolation prize of either beans or rice goes to La Mina. The immunity challenge is won by La Mina and so Casaya go to tribal council.
    • Thy Name Is Duplicity
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Colleen, Jenna, Gervase & Greg return to camp shocked that fellow castmate Gretchen was voted out. Jenna admits that there is some kind of alliance. Richard is angry after receiving a vote and decides to stop fishing to punish the tribe. Susan admits that she really wants Greg gone. Sean tells everyone his alphabet voting strategy, which Susan calls dumb. At the Reward Challenge the winner would receive a video from home. Jenna breaks down when Jeff tells her they never received a video tape. Greg ends up winning the reward and watches a video from home. Richard realizes that Greg is a big threat. At Immunity, Gervase wins. At Tribal Council, Jenna receives 3 votes while Greg receives 6 votes and is voted out and making him the 1st Jury Member.moreless
    • The Dragon Slayer
      Season 18 - Episode 8
      Jalapao returns from Tribal Council and while Taj is relieved, Joe is more concerned about his weak relationship with the others along with his infected knee. The rest of the tribe is more worried about an upcoming merge since Timbira has more members than them. On Timbira, "Coach" starts the day with some meditation and warms up to his tribe mates. The two tribes receive tree mail and after they meet, they discover that they have now merged. During their feast they decide on a new tribe name, Forza. After arriving at the campsite, "Coach" approaches J.T. to talk about the game and creates a new alliance along with Tyson. Meanwhile, Joe and Erinn realize one of the immunity idols has already been taken and create their own voting strategy. After the Immunity Challenge, medics look at Joe's infected leg and warn him about the consequences of staying in the game. Back at camp, Tyson's new alliance plans to vote for Brendan but he tells the rest of the tribe that he's voting for J.T.. Suddenly, Jeff Probst approaches the tribe at camp and gives them news about the night's Tribal Council.moreless
    • The Most Deserving
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      It's the last three days in the Outback, and only Keith, Tina and Colby remain. They are set a challenge to carve totem poles to "give back to the land," causing Colby to enter a reflective mood. On the penultimate day, they toss their totem poles in to a waterfall as an act of respect and then take part in their final Immunity Challenge, a question-and-answer round about their departed tribemates. Colby wins Immunity, and casts the single vote that gets rid of Keith, and places him and Tina in the final two. After they dismantle camp and look down on the Outback from the highest peak they can find, the final two Survivors head to their final Tribal Council, where after their speeches and quizzing from seven former members of Barramundi, the Jury cast their votes. We then cut to a live show from Los Angeles, where host Jeff Probst reveals the results of the Jury vote live. In a 4-3 vote, Tina Wesson, the 40-year-old Nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, walks away with $1 million and the title of Ultimate Survivor.moreless
    • Shocking! Simply Shocking!
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Everyone at Balboa is triumphant over Burton's latest catch -- an electric ray that all feast on. The next Tribal Council victim will also be the first juror to return to subsequent Tribal Councils.
    • The Dead Can Still Talk
      Season 27 - Episode 5

      One castaway looks to consolidate what he believes is his growing power in the game. Another castaway may sacrifice their chance at winning to save their loved one.

    • It's Psychological Warfare
      Season 32 - Episode 9

      One woman tries to direct the female alliance towards targeting a single castaway but the gesture may backfire on her when the vote is held.

    • 4/12/07
      We begin at Ravu on Day 22. Mookie says that the idol is for himself but he will still use it with Alex and Edgardo if he needs to. Both tribes recieve tree-mail telling them to paddle to Exile Island, bringing only personal belongings. The two tribes arrive on Exile Island and climb into the hut. One of the ten castaways opens up the clue box. They discover purple buffs. New name! New color! They will live on Moto's camp. When the newly merged tribe returns to camp, the tribe is expecting to see the luxurious life still intact. But when they turn the corner, they find that everything in the camp of luxurious value has been taken away. The new tribe votes on the name Bula Bula as opposed to Boo's idea of the name: Nookie Nookie. While talking with Dreamz , Mookie accidently reveals that he has the immunity idol, with Alex close by. Edgardo is shocked when he hears this. At the immunity challenge, they are expecting indivdual challenges, but they are shocked to find out that they are competiting as teams for this challenge. The orange team consists of Cassandra, Earl, Boo, Edgardo and Yau-Man. The Green Team consists of Alex, Dreamz, Michelle, Stacy, Mookie. The green team falls behind while collecting the puzzle bags, but the green team catches up when they arrive on the finish mat. The orange team wins after a last minute switch by Yau-Man. Jeff reads a note that says the losing green team must go to Tribal Council, without returning to camp. Returning to the camp, the Orange Team induldges in their steak, vegetable and wine dinner. The five people guess who they think will be voted out. At tribal council, Michelle Yi was booted in a 3-2 decision.moreless
    • Walking On Thin Ice
      Season 19 - Episode 5
      Galu returns from Tribal Council and "Shambo" is surprised to find out she was the only one who did not vote for Yasmine. The others comment how the campsite is better without Yas and Monica targets "Shambo" because of her vote. The next morning both tribes notice that the waves and tides in the ocean have been stronger than usual. The tribes then get tree mail telling them their next reward challenge is a food eating challenge. After Galu wins the challenge, Russell sends "Shambo" to visit Foa Foa meaning she would miss out on the reward of steaks and sausages, a decision that does not go over well with "Shambo". On Galu, everyone is ready for the barbeque and Russell can't start the fire, but Dave comes to the rescue and the tribe enjoys their steaks. Back on Foa Foa, "Shambo" shares all the clues for the hidden immunity idol with the others, but when they can't find it, Liz suspects Russell has it and that he is lying about it. That evening, it starts raining and both tribes are miserable and suffer through the rainstorm which continues on during the Immunity Challenge. After Foa Foa loses the challenge, the tribemates try to keep dry from the rain by sitting in their shelter. As a result, no one is able to talk to each other about who they are planning to vote for. However at Tribal Council, the entire tribe are unanimous in their vote.moreless
    • Persona Non Grata
      Season 26 - Episode 5

      One member of the Favorites tribe becomes so agitated by perceived slights that a rampage ensues in the camp area.

    • Man Down
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      Both teams struggle to find food, and although Lydia's fishing skills proves an asset for Yaxha and some contestants consider eating ants, all are happy when the Reward Challenge is announced. Nakum wins the tricky game, earning fishing gear for themselves, and earning Blake a title of hero. Back at camp, Judd voices his dislike for Blake's tendencies to rest all day and then come off energized in the challenges. Nakum also wins at the Immunity Challenge, where Danni exposes Gary's secret of being an ex-NFL quarterback. However, he shrugs it off, and while his team is deciding who should go, it does not factor into the matter. On the contrary, Lydia, Morgan, and Stephenie are considered, all for different reasons, but Morgan pays the price for her laziness as she becomes the second person to leave Guatemala.moreless
    • Anger, Tears and Chaos
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      The two tribes finally merge into one with more twists to follow.
    • Two Peas in a Pod
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Sean and Paschal's relationship becomes stronger when they win a feast and tribal dance.
    • Skin Of My Teeth
      Season 27 - Episode 8

      The latest Redemption Island Duel results in one person re-entering the game. A tribal merge causes some to rethink their plans.

    • A Line Drawn in Concrete
      Season 34 - Episode 10

      One group thinks they have a dominant alliance for numerical advantage but that may not be the case when the votes are cast.

    • Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
      Season 34 - Episode 13

      With only six remaining, the remaining contestants throw every ounce of their energies into a difficult immunity challenge to guarantee they move on.

    • I Will Not Give Up
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      Stephenie returns to the Ulong camp alone, stating how she's excited but scared all at the same time. She has to try to catch fish, get coconuts and keep the fire going all on her own. But on Koror, various tribemates begin to get on each other's nerves, especially Coby who tries to control his temper over his tribe. Then, Stephenie gets tree mail allowing her to live with the members of Koror on their beach. When she arrives, she officially merges with the tribemates of Koror. The tribe then get Palauian visitors to help teach the tribe to catch fish. Before the first Individual Immunity Challenge of the season, Coby takes Stephenie aside and reveals all the alliances and details of the tribe to her. Afterward, Stephenie talks to the girls about Coby's words. Right after the challenge, the tribe heads over to Tribal Council and vote out Coby of the newly merged tribe.moreless
    • Just Annihilate Them
      Season 24 - Episode 8

      The tribe participates in a reward challenge and after half of the tribe enjoys soda and steaks, Kim talks to Sabrina to stengthen the female alliance and vote Michael out. Meanwhile, back on the Tikiano beach, the girls are also talking about voting Michael out which worries Jay. Afterwards, bad weather causes the tribemates to strengthen their shelter and Chelsea accuses Tarzan of chopping wood they needed to improve the shelter.

      Later, Kim makes Troyzan believe that Michael wants him out, angering Troyzan and creating a reason for him to vote for Michael. After Jay wins immunity, he wants to vote out a girl and plans for Christina. Before Tribal Council, Kim isn't sure if she should stick with her female alliance and vote for Michael or side with Jay for the vote.

    • Blood Is Thicker Than Anything
      Season 27 - Episode 1

      In the season opener, two tribes are assembled composed of past contestants and their loved ones with the goal of being the sole Survivor and winning a million dollars.

    • Too Little Too Late?
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Stacey's departure seems to have brought peace to Tagi, though Susan feels some people still could work harder. Across at Pagong, Ramona feels left out and Greg has developed an odd penchant for pretending to talk on the phone. Tagi runs a clean sweep, claiming a chest full of supplies in a "build the best distress signal" challenge, followed by a victory in a swimming/rowing/running/digging relay race challenge to win immunity. Even though Ramona made strides to fit in and work more, it's not enough to save her from being the 2nd person voted out of Pagong.moreless
    • Keep It Real
      Season 30 - Episode 8

      One castaway tries to make another castaway a target by claiming the person had found a hidden immunity idol.