Season 20 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on CBS
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Coach returns from Tribal Council not happy with the fact that Rob was voted out and hopes for a merge because he feels the Villains will now be weaker at challenges. The next day, J.T. finds the hidden immunity idol and shares it with the rest of the Heroes. Candice approaches Amanda to see if they can work together to get rid of J.T. and the idol. Later that day, both tribes meet for a challenge and while the Villains think they will merge, Jeff tells them this is not the case. After the Heroes win a reward, the Villains argue back at their campsite. Courtney and Sandra are singled out and know they are vulnerable for the vote. So Sandra comes up with a plan to make Russell think that Coach is out to get him. The Heroes win the Immunity Challenge and the Villains are divided between voting for Coach or Courtney. Danielle wants Courtney out because she is the weakest, but Russell believes that Coach may betray him.moreless

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  • Coach paid for it last time!

    If Coach had written Russell's name down last time, he would have forced a tie between him and Rob. But in the end, it came back to bite him in the rear. Finally the Heroes are acting like the Heroes we all grown to know and love. And by James getting voted out, that bond has since grown. They won both challenges again. And despite Courtney that should had went as she's weak at challenges. Coach's vote of her last time, rather than tie it. Came back and haunted him. But not all is lost as he is the first jury member. Really it is Pavarti running the show!moreless
  • Coach openly voices his disgust and anger at the fact that Rob was voted out. Coach then makes a bad mistake when he chooses what two tribe members have to sit out the reward challenge. Russell continues his mastery of the game.moreless

    The Heroes seem to be doing a good job keeping their momentum going. They have their act together and continue to chip away at the Villains' lead. However, there may be trouble brewing on the horizon for the Heroes. Because they believe the Villains tribe is being dominated by the women, it seems that the Heroes will try to protect Russell. The trailer for next week's episode seems to support that (JT might give Russell the hidden immunity idol.) I certainly hope the Heroes come to their senses. Russell is a master manipulator and will do just that if allowed.moreless
  • Perfectly valid decision.Russ is planning something.

    I had different expectations for this episode. I thought I'd see Parvati planning to backstab Russ, but it didn't happen. She merely did something that had to be done. Coach was becoming incoherent and had to go...The difference between him and Courtney is she is way stronger. Yes way stronger. She is capable of putting up with a lot of misfortunes and distresses to get on top. Coach is a crier, he can't really do something. As for Russ, even if he changed his mind and wanted Courtney out he still runs it, and could even be closer of getting out the last two fragments of the Rob group, as per the scenes from the next episode. I am sure it will be incredible ending.

    Strategy wise, a lot of clashes are coming in my opinion, and with both Russ and JT on the outs-apparently:P- a new interesting alliance might come into action. I like this situation because Russell will shine more.

    The game will become more cut-throat. I am satisfied that anyone wins this game with the exception of Sandra and Parvati. They are so bad in the sense of weak, they can't help it.

    Russ served his purpose by giving two incredible scenes in two episodes, anything that will come with make it a nice treat.

    Russ is saying in the end : "this is supposed to be a vote not just throw off. Hope it works". He's planning something sweet.moreless
  • The Dragon Slayer fails to slay Dragon Sandra!

    This was a thoroughly interesting episode, and one that I highly enjoyed. The episode was very predictable in terms of the challenges, but that in itself was very interesting.

    I was glad that Amanda saw J.T. find the idol, as I was hoping that he wouldn't sneak away with it. However, I hope that he makes a stupid decision with it, next week!

    I also was disappointed at Tribal Council. Courtney shoudl've gone, as I hate her a lot, but I hope she is out next.

    Overall, I'm highly shocked at Russell's, Parvati's and Danielle's votes, because I thought they would all make the opposite decision that they did. However, a great episode, and an unpredictalbe one that I would highyl recommend. Great job, Survivor!moreless
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