Season 13 Episode 3

Flirting and Frustration

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 3: The tribes merge, Yul and Becky scramble

    The tribe merge finally happens, and this season of Survivor benefits big-time. I've always hated jumping between four different tribes, since it means we don't get to spend as much time with the people before we jump to a new tribe. With two tribes, we get rid of the stupid race gimmick and mix things up a little bit.

    Much of the episode focuses on the Aitu tribe, who lose immunity and reward and send its members scrambling to figure out who goes next.

    For me, there's nothing more fun than watching people who don't have the numbers heading into Tribal Council scrambling for more votes. In this case, it was Yul, Becky and Jonathan who were looking for people to help them vote out Cecelia. Yul and Becky formed an alliance early and got Jonathan and Candice to join, but after Candice gets sent to Exile Island, it puts Yul and Becky in a tough situation.

    I really like Yul and Becky, and while Jonathan succeeds in talking Flicka over to their side, he seems like one of those silver-tongued players who will say anything to get ahead. Whereas Yul's words to Cao Boi seemed genuine, Jonathan's seemed desperate.

    Either way, their plan works and Cecilia is eliminated, leaving Ozzy and Sundra at the bottom of the Aitu totem pole.

    It was a pretty low-key episode overall, with a LOT of focus on Aitu (nothing wrong with that). Oh, and I guess Parvati is flirting with the guys on her tribe to get her ahead. It's kind of a lame tactic, but hey, there's multiple ways to play the game.
  • Great episode!

    Admittedly I am thinking that the tribes were dissolved into two far too quickly. I obviously thought there would be two more episodes like this before we turn four into two, ubut sadly that is not the case.

    Nonetheles, you can't be too disappointed because there is plenty of drama on the new tribes in any case - especially Aitu where we had most of the episode centered.

    I love Parvati Shallow! This is the least exciting gameplay of her three games, but she's funny to watch nonetheless! The whole scene with the octopus was hilarious. :P

    Very sad to see Cecilia go home. I would much rather have seen Becky outed, but this wasy does make the alliances somewhat more interesting. I look forward to seeing how this plays out!
  • They merged into two tribes.

    This is why I don't see what all the fuss was about when the teams were segregated. Everyone knew that they would soon be put into two teams and those teams would be a mixture of every race. If you didn't know that, then you don't know Survivor very well.

    I was a little disappointed in the water challenge. I've seen them do a lot of challenges similar, but they had done this exact challenge previously. You would think they could of found a way to change it up a bit.

    I wasn't that sorry to see Cecelia go. I kind of like Becky and didn't want to see her leave!
  • Pivotal episode with tribe switch. Repeating challenge came off bad.

    The tribal switch episode has traditionally been an episode to watch on Survivor. It\'s when the dynamics changes and people who were vulnerable before finds themselves in favorable position and vice versa.

    The way the tribal switch happened this time though, was a little bit weird. It was confusing, the switch seems like a combination of things they have done in the past. It was a really intelligent way to ensure even representation in the new tribes. However, it came off really complicated and casual viewers probably wouldn\'t have appreciated it that much. Another disappointment with this episode was the repeat challenge. When the show\'s producer doesn\'t care enough to create new challenges, it makes it harder for viewers to care to watch. Hopefully, the next few episodes would be stronger such that Survivor could regain some of the lost viewership.
  • the four tribes merge

    finnaly they combined the tribes!! now i wouldnt have minded if they stayed the same for a few more episodes but on the whole im glad that they combinded, its a bit more interesting now. the challenge was exactly like one from a past season but it was still enjoyable, though it was pitiful the way all the girls droped out so fast and i wanted the other team to lose. i was kinda sad at who they voted off, i mean i was never fond of her but she had grown on me over the episode and i didnt want those other people in charge, but what are you going to do? it sucks. hopful though one of the main people will get voted off.
  • A dissolving of the tribes already?

    Every single time Survivor decides to break up the tribes in unique ways, they always seem to ruin the fun. Why even divide the tribes based on race in the first place if you're only going to keep it that way for two episodes? Ratings? Didn't work, Mark Burnett. This was the lowest rated opening for as Survivor series ever, despite all the hype in the media.

    Not only was I disappointed that the original four tribes dissolved, but I'm also disappointed that this challenge was an exact rip-off of the challenge used on Survivor: Palau. Come on, guys, be original. At least try or else Survivor will be no more. And this is coming from your biggest fan!

    My last rant--this is the third time this season that we have had only one challenge per episode. Usually, that only happens on the season premiere and on the merge episode. Well, Survivor: Cook Islands is setting a whole new, bad set of precedents.
  • The four tribes are meshed into two tribes.

    I am terribly disappointed. After all the hype about doing a Survivor where the contestants would be divided up into 4 different ethnic groups, they turn around in the third episode and bring them together into 2 tribes. Big freaking deal. They should have advertised it as being divided for two episodes only. I will continue to watch this season only because I've invested three hours of my TV watching time and have already started to like and dislike the people on this show. As for any seasons to come, I'll pass. Getting that out of the way, I like Cao Boi alot. He's an odd character who speaks his mind before he remembers to think about what he's going to say. That may bother some people but what's the point? He is unique and he doesn't care. I don't care if he's medicated or not...I would enjoy listening to his stories regardless of whether they are real or made up. I used to sit and listen to my grandmother go on about things and I always wondered each time if it was a real story or just a story. It doesn't matter. These kinds of people just like to talk and they need someone to listen to. They are harmless folks. You can actually learn something sometimes from these people.

    I gave this show a 5 instead of a 0 because overall the show was still ok with the big exception on joining everyone together.
  • Great to see them merge into two teams!

    The whole entire segrated thing ended after two shows and people seemed more alive as they were with one another and divided into two tribes rather than races. And that was good to see everybody together. Glad that now they are with one another and interacting with each other. Wished that it could go ont for at least one more show.
  • I miss the ethnic breakout

    Well some people had problems with the ethnic breakdown, but I liked it. I will miss that now that the teams are merged. I still love this show because no matter how many times I have seen it, each series is different. You can't predict how it will go and so many things make it unprdictable. I really like the characters and every season, Survivor does the best job of finding good people. That is why it is the best rated after 12 previous generations. I like most of the Asia team, they seem very nice. We shall see how it turns out.