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Episode 1 Discussion, wow...we are dead here...

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    [1]Sep 19, 2012
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    Sad that this board is totally dead.

    Well anyways, for any passerby. I thought it was a good start, although i tire of these young kids that have no personality, are all cookie cutter, have instant dislike for anyone that tries to take charge. What is so bad about someone trying to round up people to DO the things that will benefit yourself in the long run?

    Just annoying these young people on the show anymore, i miss the days of real players like Lex, Big John, Ozzy, Parv etc....where it seemed they understood that you dont just get rid of your strong the instant you start the game.

    But, it worked out at least for Russell, Zane was annoying...and what a silly ass strategy he tried for there.

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    [2]Sep 19, 2012
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    Zane was shaping up to be my early favorite to win. He did a good job screwing it up though which was entertaining too. I'm rooting for our returning guys to go deep and I kind of wish they'd stop with these "celebrities" that no one knows that just sit there and talk about how much lying they are doing except for that one person who remembers who they are.
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    [3]Sep 20, 2012
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    Well, the problem with returning players anymore is im sick of the instant target. I mean its so silly when Sandra and Parv, who already won a season return and nobody flinches. Yet someone like Penner, who never won a dime is instantly targetted.

    People are stupid, you cant on day 1 just plan to weaken your tribe. You gotta keep numbers, id WANT a guy like Penner around to help with the things that need done. And then know when to cut the ties. But man, people just short change themselves and they dont even let things pan out, episode one and they are already planning for the finale. It just doesnt work that way, they gotta be a strong tribe and worry about getting rid of players later on into the game.

    In defense of Lisa though, shes quite known for a certain age group. Like for me, watched facts of life growing up so its cool to see her. But she isnt built for the game, could tell right off the bat...and i think they need to cast stronger willed celebrities if they are going to do so.

    But i agree, id rather see just regular new members.

    We need seasons with just new members, im tired of returning members unless its an all star season or something along those lines.
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    [4]Sep 21, 2012
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    Russel was the guy who chose PILLOWS !!! over fishing gear and tarp in Samoa. Now he managed to chose:

    -Miss Teen Utah to solve a puzzle (even tho she is obviously athletic and did track and field)

    -A 40 something woman with the physics of a squirrel to lift a 200lbs chest (even tho she is obviously a very switched-on lady and has two degrees)

    -And of course a big pile of lard who just quit smoking (both cigarettes and cracks by the look of it) 24 hrs ago to....thats right... to do the running.

    I mean what is this guy??? Apart from being the most obvious steroid user ever on the show, is he really the most mentally challenged too?

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    [5]Sep 21, 2012
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    EdgeOfThorns316 wrote:

    Sad that this board is totally dead.

    I've been wondering what happened to myself, so quiet these days!

    I'm optimistic for this season. Loving the three tribes format (though I can't imagine it staying that way for more than...four episodes at most? Depending on how evenly the tribes lose people). The returning players this time around are a touch more reserved (that is, I love Penner for example, he's a charismatic guy with a big personality, but I don't think they'll dominate proceedings like Coach, Russell, Rob). Big spin out seeing Michael Skupin!

    On the other hand, Zane's plan was a complete eyeroller. And it was frustrating to see Russell talk about how leaders stomp on everyone and ruffle feathers and become instant targets, not a jaw dropping observation but trueenough, and...then proceeded to do that exact thing. Sigh.

    Hard to get a feeling for everyone at this early stage but a couple stood out. Hope the 40 year old sex therapist lasts awhile, she seemed interesting. Also I suspect that four person alliance Michael Skupin made (or got roped into) might make it far.

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