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Have you ever bumped into a former Survivor player?

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    I made this post awhile back when the board was pretty much dead in the off season, but i still think its neat....i was out working in a local area and was in a hardware store. And i walked past this dude that i thought was totally familiar, and i heard him talking to someone at the counter and im like i know that voice lol...

    I turned a corner and brought up Chet from the original fans vs favorites and sure enough it was him lol. It showed his facebook page and him being from this part of PA.

    I just think its pretty neat. Hes a bit taller than i thought thats for sure, i didnt think hed be as tall as he was. But i didnt say anything to him, because i wasnt really a fan and i think he had himself one hell of a bad season, so maybe his survivor moment wasnt something hes too proud of. He got beat around by Joel pretty bad in the one challenge, so i didnt want to be like "hey! chet!! i remember you, you got busted up man! " lol

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