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Lisa, Lisa, Lisa....*November 14th Episode Spoilers*

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    [1]Nov 14, 2012
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    Ah my god, where does one begin with her?

    Ill get to her in a sec, but let me say that Penner has been so entertaining and brilliant this season...its been such a joy. For me personally, everything that ive WANT to happen and feel should of happened for the most part, has happened. So its been so entertaining and tense every week. Mainly because Penner just can NOT have an episode directed at him, i just want a week or so when Penner is not the focal point to get voted out.

    But Abi, such a cocky little b*tch....and im so glad she has whats coming to her. But what in the HELL is Lisa doing catering to her? I mean i just want to freak out over Lisas decision to vote against Penner after how Abi has been treating her.

    Like Penner said, the audience is going to want to see Lisa vote with the good guys so to speak, not the bullys. And Lisa just takes Abis crap and votes with her.

    She keeps talking about being loyal, but guess what honey....that ALL went out the window when you threw Malcolm under the bus, right? So that is gone...loyalty is gone, its time to play for whats right.

    It would be a CRIME, no a felony...if Abi wins this game somehow. She DOESNT even do challenges, she sucks so bad....its just unheard of how people like her make it. And shes been nothing but a bitch to people.

    Unreal Lisa went with her on votes. Thank god for Skupin.

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    [2]Nov 15, 2012
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    I agree. Unbelievable how rude and just utterly disrespectful that Abi has been to everyone yet Lisa can't seem to see beyond it to cut ties with her. It's almost like she's waiting to physically be stabbed in the back before she'll react against her. For a smart lady, Lisa is pretty stupid. I just hope the tide is now turned enough that Abi gets b****-slapped to the jury so we only have to see her lemon-face for the last 10 minutes of the episode. She's so unbearable.

    As for the episode itself, I absolutely LOVED the way Penner's team played the challenge. For him to find all the bags and made it easier for the others just to get through the obstacle and have such a huge lead was awesome. What made it better was that Survivor didn't make the stupid choice to allow Abi to choose which team she thought would win so that she could go on the reward with them. Not that she would have chosen their side but still. I'm still amazed that she has done the least in all the challenges. Given the choice between her and Skupin's constant screw-ups in team challenges, I would have thought she might have gotten a school yard pick. Guess it shows they really don't think much of her.

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    [3]Nov 15, 2012
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    Fantastic episode, I really am loving this season. The way they were talking, I really believed Lisa and Skupin would vote as a tight block, so once it was 4-4 with one vote left I was so sure Penner was going, but there was room for a surprise...I love those moments when Jeff turns the card and you sort of register the word and hear him say it at the same time =D

    Knowing only one of them flipped, I assumed Lisa and Skupin had decided to stick with Tandang, but Abi's outburst changed Lisa's mind at the last minute. But since Skupin flipped...well, I don't know what to think. My only theory is that since Lisa wants to appear loyal, and only one vote was needed to flip, Lisa and Skupin agreed that Lisa would stick to Tandang for now and only Skupin would flip. I guess.

    But in all honesty I'm not sure why Lisa is so worried. Everyone likes loyalty, but given this situation I seriously doubt the public would hold it against her. Is she worried about jury votes? Given a final three of Lisa, Abi, Peter/Artis, no one's going to vote for Abi (except maybe whichever of Peter/Artis isn't there), RC certainly won't, Jeff couldn't stand them, they treated Skupin terribly...the point is if she goes to the end with them (and I doubt anyone would take her to the final three but that's another story) she doesn't have to worry about their votes!

    Maybe that's it. Maybe she wants to keep her well-meaning, naive image intact, let Abi and Peter burn everyone around them, then sneak into the final and be the "good choice"? It's a good play if so...nine times out of ten people would vote for people who played a better game over her, but if you take people like Peter and Abi, she might be able to play to people's sense of justice a la Russell (although Peter hasn't been that bad).

    I might be giving her too much credit though, haha. One way or the other, she's definitely turned out to be a confusing but interesting contestant, and not the sort of character you get on Survivor very often. Her game style reminds me vaguely of Lillian from Pearl Islands. In fact she's the sort of person who maybe does get cast from time to time, but is usually an early boot (like Lisa nearly was), so we don't get much of a storyline for them.

    Also I think Abi at least, possibly Peter as well, is completely screwed now without Artis. If you're going to treat people like Lisa, Skupin and RC that badly and then let them get on the jury, you better have a group of three that you can all take to the end so there's no "good" option for the jury. Without Artis, I think you could throw those two up against anyone else left and the third person would win. Except maybe Carter. Peter could possibly dig himself out of that hole though.

    Oh another long post. God I can talk about this show forever. Just ask my co-workers.
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    [4]Nov 15, 2012
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    Finally Skupin! Finally you did the right thing. You owed them no loyalty. Just because you were in same tribe at start,doesn't mean you are bad person, if you choose other side. Even more so, when "your" tribe treated you, the way they did ( not Lisa and RC,but those 3). I love you now for doing this ( I disliked you in season 2,but you have changed )..........(what did he wrote next to Artis on that paper?)

    Guess I also understand why you voted with them at previous council. Because of Lisa's plea to keep Tandang strong and you are in alliance with her.

    Abi and machete....I never wanna be near her,when she has something potential in her hands to kill someone I know she didn't hit Skupin with machete, but...oh you know where I am going with this

    And yes Abi is such a bitch to all of them,but Pete and Artis. Hope she sees herself how she was on show and changes that ugly side of her. She is the one who is naive and stupid and much, much more bad things I wanna say,but will end it there.

    Finally Penner,Malcolm,Denise and Carter got together and hopefully now also Skupin and Lisa are there,till Abi and Pete are gone. Since they wanted to stay 4 strong, why didn't Malcolm play idol for Penner, KNOWING(all of them) they will vote for Penner and Abi will never give Artis idol!?!?!?! That way even, if Skupin and Lisa voted with those 3, they would still get rid of Artis and kept Penner in game.

    Lisa is(like she said in preview for next episode) not good at breaking up. And fear of what will people say to her, that she was disloyal to her original tribe. But she was/is in the same boat as Skupin and RC from start. Here's a tip Lisa : STOP wanting to please people,because you will never please them all and only person you need to please is YOURSELF!!! So that at "the end of the day",when you are alone and when you look back on your actions,you can say, "I am proud for doing this!"

    Oh and please don't compare Lisa to that horrible Lillian from Pearl Islands. They are nothing alike!

    I hope Penner,Malcolm,Denis,Carter,Skupin and Lisa stay strong, split votes on Pete and Abi(and flush her idol out) and vote them out.

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    [5]Nov 16, 2012
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    mcepin3 wrote:

    Oh and please don't compare Lisa to that horrible Lillian from Pearl Islands. They are nothing alike!

    That's a fair point actually, haha, I never really liked Lillian whereas Lisa is kind of interesting. Even if she is being a bit silly, listening to her talk though the concept of loyalty does get me thinking about how it can be won and lost and when betraying someone is "okay", that sort of thing, and she seems genuine...her story is great to follow but it doesn't feel like "a story" that she's intentionally putting together.

    And I'm not sure what Skupin drew...it looks like a log fire, or a sandwich, haha. Or actually it could be a falling anvil? Which would make more sense.

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    [6]Nov 16, 2012
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    You're missing the bigger picture. Mike and Lisa knew exactly what they were doing, they trust and tell each other everything due to both being very religious. The edit isn't showing the plan. Just know they don't want to go with Denise or Malcolm in the end, but they also had to break up Artis, Pete and Abi. The plan,,,,,hehe. Let's just say my guess is Lisa, Mike and Abi will be going to the final 3 with Lisa winning.

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