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Survivor E02 "Honey badger" Discussion

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    [1]Feb 21, 2013
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    Ok,so I had to check out definition of honey badger

    Here are some,if you didn't know them:

    A Honey badger is one fearless mother fucker! He is the ultimate badass of the animal kingdom. No one knows what they look like as anyone who's ever seen one has been immediately killed by said badger. They wouldn't think twice about starting some shit and are actually totally fearless, when they kill something (usually 100+ kills a day) they crack open their victims skull with their teeth and eat their brain and digest their thoughts. This makes the Honey Badger the world most intelligent and ruthless mother fucker out ther. They will also sleep with and inpregnate your sister while she sleeps.
    Explorer: Oh look, theres a Honey badger!

    2.35 seconds later

    Oh look, I'm dead!

    The Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom. No bigger or faster animal ever gives the honey badger crap. If they did, that animal wouldn't have the chance to regret it.
    When the Tasmanian devil goes to sleep, he checks under his bed for the honey badger.

    Oh my,Brandon might be crazier than Phillip. In his season,I gave him some credit,because he seemed he struggled with some of the stuff he needed to do in order to advance,but this time around,he is just crazy. Him wanting to pee on food,really out there Imagine,if he really does this and then he also eats that food

    And Phillip and Shamar are in same boat. I would have voted for Shamar any day of the week,the way he acts. Sits and sleeps there,while others work. But I get what Sherri is doing and in a game like Survivor,numbers are everything. You have numbers,you are safe...for short period I knew it those 4 will be in trouble,if they don't get numbers. Shame,they didn't figure this out,before going around camp and talking at tribal,how JUST THOSE 4 clicked Tribe of 10 and they think,they have it in bag,with just 4. You can be core 4,but you need 2 "dummies" more for numbers.
    Shamar seems to know thing or two,but the way he acts is like Abi-Maria last season.
    Phillip thinks he is like Boston Rob and that he plays the same way. Please favouites VOTE HIM OUT ALREADY!
    I kinda like all fans atm,most of them Matt,Michael,Sherri and Laura. Reynold and Eddie and that 3rd one,are in tough spot now,even with Reynold having idol.
    SPOILER: I did read something about being alot of idols played this season,so it might get crazy,if that is true.

    All in all,I thought it was a great episode and great tribal,with Probst nailing Laura for knowing about idol Also humor is great this season,I laugh all the time

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    [2]Feb 21, 2013
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    Bang on! My contribution: things are going to get very messy for the so-called Fans (though with some of the things they do it makes me wonder if they've actually watched the show, frankly!) as Reynold's remaining two fellow "Cool Kids" stared daggers at him when the idol got outed. Trust issues, yo!

    My prediction is that for the time being the Faves will dominate challenges due to their superior experience and organization, the remaining 3 "Cool Kids" will be scrambling to realign themselves within the Fans group and hope they can make the merge.

    Sherri does appear to be the most astute new player so far, guess managing a fast food franchise helps a lot with dealing with loose cannons.

    I'll be very surprised, however, if a returning player doesn't end up winning this one.

    Survive on, survivors!
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    [3]Feb 26, 2013
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    I'm so ticked that I picked Shamar in the Survivor pool lol That guy is a grade A douchebag. He's that bully, that I can't stand, all he does is shout at people who want to have any kind of discussion he doesn't like. I want to see him gone.

    As for Brandon, we knew he was a crazy SOB but Cochran totally nailed it comparing him to crazy serial killers all manic rage one moment and repentant and remorseful the next. My gosh, I worry about the Hantz family line, I do indeed!

    Phillip is a totally different crazy but at least, for the most part, it's entertaining as hell.

    I wish that Malcolm had been able to win the immunity/reward challenge though, would have been fitting since Reynold beat him in the first one.

    Ohh random observation - does anyone else think Reynold resembles JC Chasez from N Sync?
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    [4]Feb 27, 2013
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    I'm not worried about the Hantz seems fairly certain they're a little, hmmm, off kilter in their approach to life and once Brandon gets the heave ho and does the obligatory reunion, it shall be the last Hantz sighting for some time...hopefully.
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