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Survivor E03 "There's Gonna Be Hell To Play"

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    [1]Feb 28, 2013
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    Is it just me or are we getting too much of Phillip,Brandon and Shamar atm??!?!? They completely ignore Erik,Brenda,Julie and...well Hope is gone now,so she don't matter anymore.

    Sherri is really the only one,who knows how to deal with Shamar,but I am so sick of him and this is no race thing. It is Shamar thing. He is a wuss,because he is this war vet(I ain't gonna go into war thing here,I apologize,if I offended someone) and he thought,surviving will be piece of cake for him and now,when he sees,that is alot thougher,than he thought,he just wants to bail. And like Reynold said,is spinning around.that he is staying because of loyalty. BULLSHIT! I thought Laura and Julie will really go and help vote out Shamar....damn it!

    And did you see at the challenge,how he acted? Everyone were giving each other high five,for boosting morale and when Michael gave him hand,he looked at him funny and turned away. If it was Reynold or Eddie,I would get it,but he is so smug. I like Abi-Maria more now, than him and that is saying something.

    I see some points he is making,for example,when he said Reynold is playing this social game,of when he wants to talk to him,even though Shamar doesn't want to talk to him,so Reynold looks like better guy,but Shamar just lays and sleeps and then has nerve to tell others to shutp up and yell at them.

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    [2]Feb 28, 2013
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    I completely agree with you on the division of airtime, mcepin. I have to believe the reason the producers are devoting so much attention to Shamar and Brandon is because they won't be around much longer and want to capitalize on the discord they cause before both players get the boot (that's my hope at least).

    Part of me wants to empathize for Shamar because he genuinely seems to have trouble assimilating with others but it's hard to feel compassion for the guy when he basically transforms into Gloria from Wedding Crashers every time he doesn't get his way. I almost expected him to pull this little number when he got back to camp after the challenge loss...

    Gloria - Wedding Crashers

    As far as the immunity/reward challenge goes, I thought the funniest moment occured when Jeff declared "It takes all 9 tribe members to move this chest" when Laura was clearly standing off to the side while the rest of her team carried the crate. At least act like you're contributing, girl!

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