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Survivor E04 Kill or be Killed discussion

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    [1]Mar 6, 2013
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    Interesting episode for the Fans tribe...Shamar leaving due to an eye injury was unexpected though he may have been gone this episode regardless. I do not get why his 'tude was so poor...he was in the majority alliance of a tribe (albeit one that couldn't win challenges ever). It can't be cause he couldn't handle the heat/conditions though when the reunion rolls around, I'm guessing he'll claim it. Laura going out in the vote smacks of a vote of desperation by the majority but the HIII got played so it served a purpose anyways.

    As for the Favorites, biggest thing was the preview for next ep where Brandon looks to go into nuclear meltdown...could he be the first kicked off the show for hitting another cast member? Anyone else, no, but the Hantz blood runs pretty wild emotions wise.

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    Can't wait to see what happens with Brandon, he was really riled up in that preview.

    As for this episode, as legitimate as Shamar's eye damage turned out to be, still a crappy way to go. At least it was someone who didn't really want to be there.

    To be honest I think the fans got the best possible outcome, flushing out the idol and getting rid of Laura. The merge is probably another four boots away at least, if they didn't do something drastic it'd have been Malcolm and Denise all over again (although it worked out nicely in that case...).

    I did think though that Laura made a fantastic point about the effects of a shuffle. I'm sure Eddie and Reynold would switch at the first opportunity in that situation. On the other hand, shuffles seem to be on the outs with the producers lately. A glance at the Survivor wiki, and it looks like since Gabon (Season 17) there's only been two shuffles, in Nicaragua (21) and One World (24). On the other hand, just like in One World, I think the format of the season could do with a shuffle after awhile, and there was one in Fans v Favourites 1, so maybe.

    Also not a Reynold fan personality wise, seems like a bit of a douche, but he was a boss at that challenge. I honestly believed they might make a comeback.

    EDIT: Also researching shuffle history reminded me how awful One World was as a season, and found a random fact: One World is the only season not to producing a returning player yet. Well, that about sums it up! Though I think I read Troyzan was on-board for this season until Malcolm bumped him.

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    Great episode. Shamar's eye looked painful..did you see and stopped scene,when they opened his eye? I did and...oh my First I was thinking,here we go again,Shamar making some big deal out of nothing,but that thing looked and is serious.

    They still ignore Erik,Brenda and Julie,but at least they showed some scenes with them,right? I laughed,when Andrea said "WTH,now even Brenda will get in Stealth'r'us ? " and they do scene,where Phillip invites her in

    Yeah,Eddie and Reynold do seem to bitch,because it didn't go their way and they are on the outs. But I get their anger/frustration that,guy like Shamar,who sleeps 19h(!!!),does nothing,Sherri bringing him rice,etc. and that he would outlast them.

    Switching of tribes might happen soon,because fans are down 3 now and depends,what happens with Brandon next week(crazy preview). Seemed to me,he got in some arguement with Phillip,right?

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