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Survivor E06 "Down and Dirty" Discussion

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    [1]Oct 25, 2012
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    woot Penner still in game....was afraid that they just might go back on their words and blindside him,but they stick to their alliance....which I am glad....if Penner,Jeff,Carter and Denise stick together they can go far. And maybe Malcolm joins with Denise,who knows

    Kinda seemed to me,that Penner had tear-ish eyes at that tribal,no?

    funniest reward challenge for me on Survivor was this one. Skupin on Penner and Penner's head beneath Skupin's "treasure"

    Abi needs to go...oh my,if she makes it to finals, all players have only themselves to blame. She didn't even compete in reward challenge,because they forfeit it And at camp all she does is bitch and points fingers at others.

    Was Katie 1st jury member or are they going back to good old 7 jury members and 2 finalists? With Katie there were 12 of them and from past few seasons they went with 9 jury and 3 in finals. Hope they go with 7/2. 3rd finalist is pointless,since they never vote for that(whoever it may be) person.

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    I really enjoyed this episode! I also really hope that they go back to a final 2! I actually like Abi-Maria because she causes so much drama and her feud with RC is great! She does need to start competing soon though. The reward challenge was fun to watch. Really hoping for a final 2! I hope the merge is interesting and not Tandang picking off Kalabaw one by one. I can't wait for next week's episode!
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