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Survivor E07 "Not The Only Actor On This Island" Discussion

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    [1]Nov 3, 2012
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    seems gloves are off in Kalabaw tribe.

    If you ask me they are stupid for what they did. If they stuck with Penner, they would remain 4 strong and RC and Skupin wanted their tribe gone first before them! So they(Kalabaw 4) could ride this all the way to top 4! It's a game of numbers and why would you wanna get rid of your number when you merge!?!?! They were 4,got 2 more and thus advantage in numbers. When they were 3 tribes they(any tribe I pressume) wanted to get to merge with tribe numbers in lead. And main person for f-ing their tribe is Jeff,because he is afraid of Penner. Carter just follows him and Denise plays under-radar game,so her names doesn't come up at tribal.

    They wanted to blindside Penner,but their whole thing to get rid of him is stupid. If he doesn't play it,ok blindside successful. But if he uses it(like he did,very happy that he did)...guess what people...HE IS COMING BACK AND IS STILL IN GAME AND NOW PISSED. Those who love drama, are probably happy that now things will go crazy in camp.

    And all that talk about being veteran doesn't mean much. It is helpful when you start game,so you know how to build shelter and all,but people and their personalities are different and there is no sure thing you will make it to end or win game, just by being veteran in this game.

    Malcolm plays great game,Lisa is also doing great atm as well as Artis.

    Abi is just plain stupid. She had talk with RC at tribe about clue thing,but she didn't think,that Pete also knew about clue. She didn't need to say that Pete also knew,but if she thought to herself:"well RC didn't do it,I didn't do it and Pete knew...wait, did Pete do it??" YEEEES ABI!!!!!

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    [2]Nov 3, 2012
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    Yeah, I'm not really sure what Jeff and Carter are thinking. I could understand everyone else's perspective except theirs. I think as long as Denise survives down to final 6 or 7, "tribe lines" start to disappear and her alliance with Malcolm and Lisa comes into play, so she'll be fine.

    Great episode though! Even though Matsing got decimated, the way Malcolm and Denise both integrated into the other tribes but still had their history together, it was just as good as a tribe shuffle. Those two are real wildcards that I'm enjoying, if either of them won it would make for a great story this season.

    Jeff and Lisa I think will continue to be interesting players, which is great because I always felt "celebrity" contestants tend to fizzle out. I think they're generally there to revive a career or something, but Jeff seems to at least be playing hard if not smart, and Lisa is smarter than she seems. The way she handled Malcolm coming up to her about the idol was perfect I think, with her nature it worked to say "I wasn't snooping but I found it, I won't tell anyone, I'm sorry". I can't imagine anyone as nice as her being taken to the final three, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was around for awhile.

    This is a great moment in the season. There are so many alliances and so many moving parts, I'm not sure where things are headed. I just hope Abi and Peter go soon. Particularly Abi. My heart should be going out to her that she's being played and made to look a bit foolish, but she's so overly fiery and arrogant, I hope we get to see the moment she finds out RC didn't do anything.

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    [3]Nov 4, 2012
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    I think "tribe lines" are already blured, since RC and Skupin wanted to jump ship to other tribe and Jeff,Carter and Denise went for 1 of their own.

    Jeff is afraid that if he sticks with Penner,that Penner will blindside Jeff at one point, but what they did was too early. Like I said before, with RC and Skupin they got numbers and if they would seen that,they would be smart and safe for few tribal councils. Now they don't have numbers and Penner might still be the first to go on the list,but if he wins immunity,then either Jeff,Carter or Denise are on choping block I think.

    Still can't believe, that they were this stupid. It's a dream come true in a game like this,that when you are out-numbered,that you get 2 more people on your side and you can have the numbers.

    And what was that sound at council,when everyone looked behind them. Yes you might say some animal,but I think it was some "signal" for Penner to let him know he is in trouble. Yes it is crazy to think this,but that sound came,just when Probst was going for votes(or maybe coming back with votes). Of course they would be like, no player gets any special treatment or help in this game

    I think atm things stand like this:

    Pete and Abi(she follows where Pete goes and what he says to her I think) and maybe they have Artis

    Jeff and Carter(same as Abi,follows Jeff's lead)

    RC and Skupin

    Penner alone atm

    Malcolm and Denise tight,but no one really knows how tight they are and that is their biggest advantage atm. They let those 2 tribes decimate themselves and like in Matsing they come out on top.

    Lisa I left also alone,because everyone likes her and she can go either way. She can go with Malcolm and Denise like you said, or who knows where. Think she has "the most power" atm, to decide who goes or not AS long as she is looking out for herself,so she doesn't get screwed. Like Cerie did it. She put names in peoples mind and at the same time,she mad sure she was in great position herself. She knew who she can beat in physical challenge and who in mental challenges.

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    [4]Nov 6, 2012
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    Yeah, I was really let down with the way Tribal Council turned out. I had a bad feeling that Jeff was going to screw this season up somehow, and I think that's exactly what he did in this episode. He is so obsessed with looking at Penner and Skupin as these ultra-master players who have some secret advantage over the others, when in reality they are just like every one else at this point. Especially Skupin, since he hasn't played the game in 24 seasons - this is a whole new game for him now!

    I think that Jeff's actions are going to have dire consequences for the rest of the season. Like it was pointed out by another post, he gave up the numbers in a dream situation. Now, his tribe is down a member with Penner no longer trusting them. This is going to go either two ways - Penner is going to be voted out next since he's on the outs (and it doesn't look like he's trying to get on anyone's good side in the preview), or he's going to team up with another alliance and work against Jeff and his crew. The biggest consequence I see from this is that the people I really dislike this season (Pete, Abby, Artis) are now in a better position to get further in the game - Abby has the idol they can use, and the opposing players are down one with RC's exit). I hope I'm wrong, but it's looking like the odds of someone I don't like getting to the final 3 is significantly higher now.

    I'm really disappointed that RC's gone, cause I was really starting to like her a lot in the past few episodes. I think that being on the outside of the majority in her tribe kinda humbled her some and took away a lot of the cockiness I was seeing in her early on. She was starting to show a level-head when talking more and more, and now that's gone, and I just know Abby is going to be gloating over it.

    I do really like Lisa, also, so I'm hoping that the alliance with her, Denice, and Malcolm can stay tight. I'd find myself very happy if that was the final three right there, but I think Denice or Lisa will somehow be eliminated before then (just a guess by me, I haven't read any spoilers).

    Carter needs to go soon, as he does nothing but inflated Jeff's ability to be a moron and make bad decisions. Carter doesn't appear to add any strategy even, but just sits there and yes-man's Jeff's decisions. How he and Jeff thought getting rid of Penner at this stage in the game is beyond me and a complete misstep that will cost them the game. I don't see how they can overcome this error whatsoever. I'll be happy to see this happen, but I'd really want Carter gone first and then just watch as Jeff wallows in the misery of the hole he dug for himself.

    As for Abby, Artis, and Pete, well, I don't care for them one bit. I want Abby gone first, cause she's loud, dumb (as far as thinking strategically), and obnoxious. Pete's a more dangerous competitor, but he doesn't whine like Artis does, so I'd like to see Artis go after Abby.

    As someone said before, I'm really excited by how many different alliances are going on. It does make it hard to see who's really with whom. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out this season.
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    [5]Nov 6, 2012
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    I think Jeff is idiotic, personally. His obsession with Penner is ridiculous. Heres the deal, if Penner would have won before i can fully understand someone being a bit more hellbent on getting rid of a veteran player.

    But come on, Penner hasnt won anything....hes just like anyone else, sure he has had 2 other chances but they didnt amount to much. I dont understand why getting rid of a guy that is loyal to you is smart, Penner was with him 100%.

    But Skupin didnt make a smart choice either, i dont know why he wouldnt want to truly get with Penner to ride this out knowing that they are going to need each other down the road since both are returning players.

    Im loving the season, but im so pissed that Penner is the guy with the target. I wanted him to just sneak under the radar this season, but man seems its all out war now at camp.

    I am surprised with Lisa though to be honest, im a long time fan of hers, i was around for Facts of Life and i thought she was really gonna bail out after the first 2 episodes but she has really held her own. But im hoping when she says blindside shes talking about Pete or one of them, or Malcolm. Because that bunch needs split up to keep this interesting imho, if not they will roll to the finals.

    Her saying blindside would only have to mean one of them, because anything now to Penner isnt a blindside. So im hoping thats the outcome.
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    [6]Nov 7, 2012
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    nice to see,that forum got some "life" ....meaning nice that people still wanna talk about episodes,etc.

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