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Survivor E1 "She Annoys Me Greatly" discussion thread

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    [1]Feb 13, 2013
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    All in all, a fairly routine opening episode of a season. Francesca's fate seemed sealed when she kept talking how shocked she'd be at getting voted off first. Phillip, despite still being a wacky guy, managed to gather the right numbers and get things going his way.

    Not much to say about the Fans side other than the big guy (Shamar) seems to be a moody guy for a social game. It'll be interesting how that side plays out.

    Oh and the previews for next ep...Brandon loses his mind again...a bit early this time compared to his prev appearance but he seems to be keeping with his persona...sadly...

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    [2]Feb 14, 2013
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    As soon as France-squah ...kidding, Francesca,Francesca,Francesca(oh Philip,I'll get to you in a minute ) said,if she gets first voted out,she will eat that rock and I said to myself"yep,now I am 97% sure she is first one to go". And what a waste of space was she for being a "favourite". Nothing against her,but it never come to my mind,that she was favourite,just because she was first voted out.

    LOVE,that favourites I am rooting for are still in game and their names not coming up atm. They are: Erik,Cochran,Malcolm and Dawn. I also like Brenda and Brandon and then the rest,I don't really care atm.

    Seemed to me that fans only recognized Cochran,Dawn and Brenda...I mean,they only cheered for them. On others either,they were wondering,what they are doing at favourites season or didn't know them

    Poor Cochran Sunburns are a bitch! I remeber this well from my experience on shoulders. It hurts and burns as hell.

    Dawn is looking good. And Erik seems,that he has learned something from his season(I pray that he learned something!)

    Malcolm is in great position,since people didn't seem to know him and what a threat he was/is. And his charm is also working again,so he is safe for the moment.

    Andrea and Corinne are ok.

    Philip is...Philip But for the moment,I lik...no,I want him out ASAP If he stays,I already see bunch of talk coming from him and me rolling my eyes.

    Fans are interesting and unlike first fans,when they were star struck about their favourites,seemed to know what they needed to do

    Those 2 couples might be in trouble,since they are only 4 and people seem to be really anti-couple these days. You're a couple,you're a threat. See you later If they don't get 5th,those 4 fans will be first one to go.

    Only fan I remember the most atm, is Shamar,since he was causing all the drama on first 3 days. Real smart Shamar,real "smart".

    BUT COME ON SURVIVOR!?!?!??! FIRST DAY AND YOU ARE GIVING THEM BAG OF RICE!?!?!?! WTF. (sorry for caps people),but for real...WTF. Stop with this pampering and make them actually survive these 39 days!

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    [3]Feb 14, 2013
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    I hope Brandon is out soon, hate his guts...cant stand the Hantz family, just needs to end and be finished with Survivor...all of em.

    I liked the episode though, it has potential. Mainly im looking for some new stars hopefully to emerge from the fans. Reynold has potential i think, but the dude NEEDS to get his head into the game. He was like "ill be cool with ya around camp but not too much"...and then the next scene the dude was groping the chick in bed. Just not what i like to see from players.

    Anyways, i still say that the favorites cast is a joke...it really is. But the season should be decent, from the favs im lookin for Malcolm or Erik to hopefully get somewhere, i dont mind Brenda either.
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    [4]Feb 15, 2013
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    I enjoyed the episode, but I was really hoping Francesca was going to get to stay a bit longer than she did. Like mcepin3 said, it was obvious as soon as she made the rock comment, she was a goner for sure.

    I didn't expect much from this group of favorites, but I'm completely floored with how they all succumbed to Phillip. I mean, what. the. hell. Really??? Did they not see his season where he would get into alliances with people (Francesca, Rob) and then blab all of their alliance secrets as soon as he possibly could, usually at tribal council? I mean, if these people decide to keep him around in an alliance, I hope they realize they're gonna have to WORK. Half of the time Boston Rob spent in that season was either keeping Phillip in line or keeping the fires he started under control.

    I'm really enjoying Dawn and Cochran together this season. I hope they make it far, but they need to get on the same page if they want it to work. I think Cochran had it right by trying to keep Francesca, but Dawn seems to want to do her own thing since she voted her out. Hopefully they'll get their heads on straight.

    I still don't like Malcolm, so I was glad he lost that challenge, lol. I don't want this season turning into the Malcolm show again like last season where he's just dominating everything (or at least it felt like he was).

    I'm really curious how Corinne is going to come off this season. She got very little screen time this episode, so I don't think she'll be a major player, but I'm hoping she'll go the Jerri route of once being a hardcore villain to coming back and being a fan favorite. But if she wants to be a bitch, I'm fine with that, too.

    I'm trying to give Brandon a chance, and I thought he did a good job in this episode of staying cool, but the preview for next week shows that that's all for nothing. If that guy freaks out this soon AGAIN, then he should just go home early. I've heard rumors about what he's going to do at the camp (and I don't remember if he said in the preview what that was, so I don't want to spoil anything), but seriously, if he does what I think's coming just over him not being in the majority vote at the first tribal, he's just a wannabe player who will never have the brains for a game like this. Just like Phillip, Brandon is another example of someone who had to be constantly reined in (by Coach) during his original season.

    I don't care much for Erik, but big props to him for seeing through Phillip's BS.

    I don't really have anything to say about Andrea at the moment...

    Nor any of the fans except for . . .

    Shamar. At first I thought this guy was gonna rock. Then he starts drama within the first(?) day??? But, then he smoothed it over again by giving them fire. Hmmmm. Not sure how long to expect him around yet. If he continues to be that poor at the social game, then I think he'll be gone before merge. If he continues being lazy, he'll be gone before the merge, too. However, if he keeps having moments where he steps up, I think he'll stick around on the condition he doesn't get into any more arguments.

    Good start to a season overall, they just need to boot Phillip, cause I know I for one do not want to listen to him any longer than I have to. If Boston Rob gave him some pointers before returning, and Phillip makes it far (or to the end again), I'll slap Boston Rob, and he's my all-time favorite survivor, lol.
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    [5]Feb 20, 2013
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    Anyone else see the After Show with Parvati and Ozzy? Pretty amature production values, but it still managed to be charming and informative. Maybe those two have a future contributing to the show in an official capacity, maybe even relieving Probst of some of the more mundane hosting duties?

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