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Survivor E13 "Gouge My Eyes Out" Discussion

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    [1]Dec 13, 2012
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    Oh my....they VOTED HER OUT!!!!!! YESSSSS

    With constant showing of Lisa going this way and thay way,depending how she feels,I somehow got the feeling,she and Skupin were really gonna take Abi to end. And when they showed that bite and Denise talking they way she did,I thought...Oh no!..they will pull her out and Abi will move on by default. Super glad that both of those things didn't happen and that she is finally out and will get no money for being in final!!!

    She really thought she deserves to go on a reward?!?!? And that anyone,who is not mental,would take her? In a game like this,you take people to reward,who won't ruin reward for you and at same time,maybe even do some strategy with them.

    Penner showing middle finger.....he's gonna have something to say at final tribal....can't wait for what he has to say.

    Are these last episodes kinda boring? Maybe,but I like less drama and that people I was hoping(shame for Penner,but he had mountian to climb,for him to get to end ) to get far and to the end,they managed to get to end. Any of the 4 who wins,I am ok with.

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    [2]Dec 13, 2012
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    Would have liked to see Abi go 6 weeks ago. Thank God she's gone now. Hated how Skupin didn't respond to her idiot and moron, statements. He could have easily told her, well I'm sitting here and in about 5 minutes YOU GONE so who's the idiot. Now do us a favor and shut the F up!

    Cheering for Malcolm, would be fine with any of the final 4 winning, maybe not so much Lisa, her neurosis is getting old. Would have liked Penner, but it was a surprise Penner didn't jump at the final 4 offer and waffled on it. Big mistake by a veteran player.

    Other than listening to idiot Abi babbling constantly I've enjoyed this season. Of course coming on the heels of the worst season ever it looks all the better

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    [3]Dec 13, 2012
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    That was such a satisfying episode. I had given in to the fact that Abi was a shoe-in for the Final 3 because she was so disliked, but it just goes to prove that if someone is annoying and horrible enough, reality supercedes the game and getting rid of them becomes more important, haha. Maybe on some level they were concerned too...she may have had Pete and Artis, if she developed as a bit of an underdog and those two campaigned enough for, nah probably not. =P

    I really believed Malcolm was going to turn on Denise too, right up until Jeff flipped that last vote around. At the reward he seemed set on it, and when he didn't give her the idol to play I thought "that's it". He must have had a lot of faith in Lisa and Skupin. Or I suppose if you think you don't need it, playing the idol just because you can, it could cause a little damage in that it opens you up to "but I thought you trusted us" accusations.

    So yes, great season, and a very deserving final 4 I think. I don't like Lisa much but I wouldn't accuse her of coattail riding or being bland or boring...annoying, but she's definitely had a role in the season, unlike say Carter.

    And I cannot wait to see who goes next. Having Abi around would have made this last vote predictable, but having two two-person alliances in the final 4, I can't tell how it'll go. Both pairs seem so tight. My hunch is that, if Malcolm doesn't win immunity, Denise will turn on him. Or not...scratch that, after a minute of turning it over in my head, I'm back to having no clue what's going to happen, haha. That's a good spot to be in.

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    [4]Dec 13, 2012
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    I don't care what happens in the finale, other than I don't want Malcolm to win that final immunity challenge. If he wins, it'll be a boring vote, I think. If he doesn't win, and the others keep him, he deserves the money for sure. If he doesn't win, and the others vote him out, it'll show that they were at least trying to earn the money instead of just hoping the jury will like them better just because. I like Malcolm, but it feels so obvious to me that he's the most deserving player there, which always makes a season boring to me if that person ends up winning it all. Either way, I think he's definitely getting America's vote for the 100k. If not him, then Lisa, but I think she's been too whiny lately to keep her shot at that and has probably turned some of her voters towards the other players' favor.

    Now, I could actually see Lisa winning, though, if she gets to the end and Malcolm's not there. I say this, cause there seem to be several people who don't seem to like Denise, so I think she loses no matter what. Skupin has that whole "returning player" thing to overcome in the final vote, and with Jeff's primary story being to go after the returning players from the start, he may have convinced some people to not vote for Skupin in the final vote for that reason. Malcolm . . . well, if he makes it to the end, he pretty much has everybody's vote, lol.
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    [5]Dec 13, 2012
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    I really hope that people take into accont what Skupin has done here, to go out of the game back 10 years ago in a horrible injury, come back 20+ seasons later and get to the end of the game like this has been a remarkable run imho.

    I hope he wins, i so hope he wins. But im ok with the final 4 and pretty much anyone who wins. Honestly this final 4 is very old school feeling, almost like the classic days of Survivor when great players got to the end, and its what has made this season damn near perfect so far. If Abi would of somehow made it and somehow won, it could of ruined this amazing season.

    So as it is, for me this has been one of the best seasons. I really hope more people out there have enjoyed it, because this season has been edge of your seat action EVERY tribal council with great outcomes, been a lot of fun.
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