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Survivor E9 Cut OffThe Head Of the Snake Discussion

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    [1]Apr 10, 2013
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    I have to say, this was one of the better episodes of the season so far. Strategies, counter strategies, counter counter strategies...and in the end, another Fan goes home.

    The oddest thing that struck me though....Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold ran around talking to everyone and Michael said very little in comparison. I do think the Fans got taken to school by the Faves on this one....they sniffed out their plan and shifted the target accordingly.

    A very satisfying ep despite the fact the recycled challenges were a bit underwhelming.

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    [2]Apr 10, 2013
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    The season is heating up nicely.

    Cant believe Reynold just tossed the idol so easily, man...took guts. If hed of went home that would of been probably one of the more stupid moves a person could do at the last second in that situation.
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    [3]Apr 11, 2013
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    Great episode! I think a good season has a lot of moving parts and this one definitely has that. Malcolm, Reynold, Phillip, Andrea, Eddie, they all have clear and separate agendas that make the outcome harder to predict. This was a real turning point though, now that it's happened...Malcolm and Reynold seem especially screwed, Andrea might bring Eddie in if she's good on her word but I doubt it. Still, sometimes outside pressures can change things...maybe that breakdown Dawn looks to be having will throw a spanner in the works.

    If I'm doing the numbers right, I think there has to be some sort of double tribal council in at least one episode coming up, or else they'll enter the last episode with six people! (Assuming they're aiming for a final episode with five people. They have done finals with four though, and I prefer that, which means two double tribals before the end). Although a withdrawal or medical evacuation would address this.

    I really like Last Gasp as a challenge by the way, great to see it back...although holy crap it looks dangerous.

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    [4]Apr 11, 2013
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    Wow, I also thought in end,they will vote for Malcolm and if his plan worked,he would be praised for that move,but now it will get even crazier. Hell he is probably all alone now,because he voted for Reynold. All he got is his idol. Can't wait to see what happens. I heard him say,that idea for Reynold vote,was throw away vote,but what else did he say?

    Don't tell me Dawn will quit! Nooo,pull yourself together woman! At least be voted out and not quit from game.

    Still no screen time,alone time with cam I mean, with Erik and Brenda,WHO WON IMMUNITY! Come on Survivor,at least give us some of their thoughts. Brenda is like "what,she won?? big deal,I guess...back to Phillip..."

    Phillip you are such a f-ing idiot. Tell me of a spy and his "secret organization",that TELLS EVERYONE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER(x1000) AGAIN,that they have this "secret organization" going on AND RECRUITING NEW PEOPLE IN. And then...AND THEN he tells at tribal,that he doesn't like to repeat himself!!!!!....!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Game of who lies to who and who is better liar,never gets old in Survivor. I just don't think,that as a player in game,you should be happy that someone is better liar then you are. That means,you are in trouble This season really has players,who are willing to play game and make moves.

    Reynold also has big balls Do you think he wanted to play idol for himself,or was he planing to give it to Malcolm all along,after what was said at tribal? Also Malcolm face was priceless. First you could see wheels spinning inside his head,when and what someone said and after that talk,how he is target and seeing,that he wasn't,he just,priceless.

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    [5]Apr 11, 2013
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    Forgot this...that joke/observation from Reynold and Eddie is at the top of episode.

    Reynold : " So like,have you noticed every girl,that associates with us,gets voted out."

    Eddie: " I know,yes."

    Reynold: " Who's the next victim? "


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    [6]Apr 11, 2013
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    Oddly enough this actually puts Malcolm in a really good position for a blindside next episode. I don't think Phillip and them have any reason to believe Malcolm would have ANOTHER idol (if they would please correct me), so if Phillip goes the whole "Let's vote Malcolm out because he betrayed Stealth R Us" route and they dont split the votes, Malcolm could just play his remaining idol and get rid of whoever he wants. Also, his "throw away vote" can end up helping him if he plays it right, and by that I mean explain his meaning behind it.

    As for Dawn, I have a gut feeling she won't quit.

    Good for Andrea and flushing the idol, saving herself, and getting a fan voted out!!! She's really growing on me

    This season is becoming really intense! So much can happen and I have no clue what will! This episode was a great example of that. Loved the immunity challenge, loved Brenda winning, didn't love her lack of screen time.

    Ignore anything I may have said about screen time, I am now positive that Brenda and Erik are either being isolated or isolating themselves because of their experiences during their first seasons. So they have no screen time because they aren't doing anything. Though confessionals would still be nice.

    If there's one thing I know for sure, I'm definitely watching the Ponderosa videos this year, seems like they will be interesting!

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    [7]Apr 12, 2013
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    I have problem with lack/no screen time for Erik and Brenda. At least Erik got some,while Brenda had zero screen time! And problem is,that we have no idea what their game plan is this time around or why and how they think.

    Dawn made case for herself and we know now,she has regrets from how she played first time. Cochran plays game like last time,but we still get insight on him and his thoughts. And now he has stone throne Phillip "plays" BR game. Andrea also plays game this time around. Malcolm wants to make moves,not just be a victim. Reynold says "It ain't over,till it's over." Sherri is from what she said,waiting to get in power position and strike. Eddie is also hoping too last little longer,so he can start playing. While Phillip still dominates screen time,among the rest,I'd say it's a fair-ish divison of screen time.

    WHAT ABOUT ERIK AND BRENDA!?!? I have no f-ing idea,because they don't show their thoughts. Oh Brenda won big deal. Brenda did something to her knee! big deal. I get it,if she plays quiter game this time around,because she was strong in her season,but I have no idea,what is what,because they completly ignore Brenda(who was probably the best in her season).

    Erik maybe doesn't like to strategize and I know he doesn't throw away morals in this game,but it also bugs me,how he is ignored.

    From this I am lead to believe,that,when/IF they show any screen time of them,it will probably mean,they will be voted out in that episode. Hell at this rate,we will be lucky,if they show their "exit" speech at end of episode! I hope I am wrong about this,but I learn from past and I see,where the wind is blowing

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    [8]Apr 15, 2013
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    I'm not sure what's going on with Dawn. Why is she breaking down. She's in a pretty good position. Is it that she misses her family or conditions in camp getting to her. IT's not raining that much currently. She's got to keep her head in the game. So far she's made all the right moves. Raynolds should realize he's been shafted by Malcolm. But he's not in a position to make many choices. He feels he's in the position where he has to leave his life in Malcolm's hands. I don't get PHillip and his "stealth-R-us" thingie. If it's a secret organization who's the opposition that is not supposed to know of 'em. That would work if there were four of them in a secret alliance that the others knew nothing about. PHillip's organization must be the worst kept secret on that island. And him telling Sherri she's got to be absolutely loyal and obedient to him; why should she? I guess he expects her to remain loyal until he tells her she's got to sacrifice her life for the benefit of SRU by getting herself voted out at, say.. Final Six. He expects that of her? He must be genuinely nuts. Interesting moment in the game though. Anybody's game.

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    [9]Apr 17, 2013
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    This my favorite episode of all time. Phillip has to be the most delusional player ever. His denial that he is sucking the fun out of the game is crazy. "do what I tell you or I'll vote you out". Yes sir mister dictator.

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