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Survivor One World: What I Thought About Colton

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    [1]May 30, 2012
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    When Jay said 'I am completely bum-puzzled right now', didn't he mean 'I am completely bum puckered in case Colton tries to slide one in with his growing manhood and manipulations'. I like how at Tribal Council upon Matt's eviction, Colton rolls his eyes and moves his tongue in such a way reminiscent of felatioing Matts departure on a hot summers day on a jagged rock with goo goo berries and sea-weed.

    It's a shame Colton won't be able to get a manicure now that he has hurt his dic hand. I have got nothing against whinging and whining quick to take offence pillow biting poofters who crusade to protect their gayhood, but by gosh man! he can be so crude and blatantly rude if not a little shrewd and overtly lewd but I suppose that is what some gays are made off when they perceive illusionary threat to there chocolate starfish black hole pounding days of fun and half out of the closet love affair with Long John Silver swiveling nicely.

    Now that he has been bitch slapped out of the game thanks to karma being a real biatch on his condescending sorry ass, he only has one person to blame and that is himself. Though he did leave quite the impression so I wouldn't be surprised if we see him again in a future season of Survivor wearing his idol where his appendix should be.

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