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They should do a Survivor gameshow competition...

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    [1]Dec 23, 2012
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    I was just thinking about this, and i think it would be a damn good idea if on the off season they did a show similar to the format of wipeout or american gladiators where people compete in Survivor challenges for perhaps 50k.

    How many times have you thought, MAN i know id be awesome at that challenge?? But then also think that perhaps actually playing the game itself is too much, this would allow for people to have a competition of just Survivor challenges.

    Id watch it, id be all over that!

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    [2]Dec 24, 2012
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    That does sound good, I'd totally watch that. I love the way the challenges are shot, I really get into them sometimes, haha. Also the effort they put into the music I think makes a big difference.

    On a similar theme, I was actually wondering if a Survivor resort would work. Two little stretches of coast, 16 players. The games you set up would be permanent since most people would only go there once. A couple bags of rice and there's your catering! Do it over three or four days, boot four people a day, it'd be super condensed but still a fun experience. One cameraman per beach for the memento DVD to take home, not as amazing as a real Survivor season but still. You'd probably have to charge people $20,000 or something for that kind of experience, but I reckon I'd find a way to do it once in my life.

    Though at that price you wouldn't want to be first to go.

    EDIT: Actually one camera per beach would never work. It'd take like four, and now $20,000 is sounding like an awkwardly small amount per person. Oh well, I can dream...

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