Season 23 Episode 6

Free Agent

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • Very interesting series of events. (Spoilers ahead!)


    The game continues to get very interesting, as today, we see Ozzy telling everyone that he owns the Immunity OIdol, simply because he is feeling emotional after the Elyse elimination. I didn't expect such a big mistake from somebody who has played this game twice before and made it to the end. Quite amateur-ish if you ask me.

    Well, Savaii seemed to be imploiding in many ways, but they seemed to end that at the challenge. I can't fathom why Mikayla was shooting with one hand, as Upolu did throw away a huge lead and, it isn't the first time they have done so.

    I thought the Duel on Redemption Island was really cool, and was thrilled to see Christine win! It would be terriific if she were to come back!

    As fo r Tribal Council, it was quite interesting. Brandon continues oto be a loose cannon in many ways, but I was happy to see Edna surviev! It would be great if she went far, but I also like Mikayla, so I wasn't thrilled either.

    Next week's Duel will be, I think, the toughtest that Christine will have! It shall certainly be interesting, that's for sure!

    I hope Upolu can get it together, next week, and this season on Survivor has certainly been much better, these last couple of weeks. Keep it up, guys, and I can't wait for the next episode!

  • Best episode so far...Coach has proved with worth.


    I am not a fan of Coach, actually I resent him blaming Russell for his elimination in Heroes vs Villains, but he blew up this episode.

    For a while there I didn't thought Coach could turn the votes to Mikayla, but he managed to...Coach did it like Russell in Survivor Heroes vs. Villains where he voted Danielle without most of his alliance's help...Yes, with help from Brandon but still he had his important role in this...He appears to be a balanced guy, and befriends everyone in this tribe...He might have a chance to win it.

    So final 12, probably a merge will come soon, most likely at final 10, even though I think a good moment would be next episode, because the teams are balanced so its the best time...Maybe in two episode they could be a 6-4+1 from Redemption...I also liked the Coach's strategy to start considering eliminating Brandon...He may be Russell's nephew but he plays this game very risky, and without considering all aspects...

    I was disappointed in Ozzy's change of mind and appologizing to Savaii members...I'd have loved to see him give up the challenge, make Upolu loose and eliminate someone, and going to Redemption in an episode or two...Even if he is less slimmer I still think he's a powerhouse and can win this...

    I am hoping Brandon will at least get to the merge because if he does there is a big chance we could see him in Heroes vs. Villains 2, as a Hero, against Russell.

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