Season 9 Episode 9

Gender Wars ... And It's Getting Ugly

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2004 on CBS

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  • Interesting developments!

    This episode had an interesting series of events - I love that Reward Challenge as it presents an opportunity to dissect the game and see where everyone truly is at. Leann winning was great! Good on her! Surprised that she chose Julie TBH, as Julie wasn't in the original older alliance but I think Leann is trying to incorporate her into it.

    The Scout/Eliza drama is I don't like Scout this episode - she was annoying me. Eliza is one of my favourites. Along with Ami and Julie probably.

    I am thrilled to see Lea gone - I did not like him since Day 1. Good riddance.

    I don't see how the men are gonna get out of this situation! Their backs are against the wall!
  • Eliza and Scout, new vs old!

    Eliza and Scout, new vs old! Though I don't like
    Both women at all and I have my separate reasons
    For not liking them, I can tolerate Scout a bit as
    Eliza comes across as a goody two shoes. This ain't about gender roles but it is about new vs old. In this show!
    Sarge is voted out and he is the first jury member!