Season 21 Episode 3

Glitter in Their Eyes

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • Disapointing season...Miss you Russell.

    I wanna start by apologizing to the people I will offend for bring up again Russell's name...But this is just a weak season, I know I shouldn't say it from the start but no action, no kinpin, just people who glance around without knowing where to go..
    Marty might want to be recognized as a strategist but he took a pretty bad decision...Telling everybody he found the idol this soon will probably hurt him...Jimmy Johnson paid for his bad thinking... Old tribe are clearly at a disadvantage... As I see it the only way they could win it is if the young tribe decide to throw the game so they can get Naonka off..On the other hand there are some pretty decent players such as Jill who practicly runs the show from the Old tribe and Brenda from young tribe.
    But nothing exciting happens, so I will just have to wait for further in the game-post merge-to see how they will manage.
  • No action in Espada, but La Flor is getting interesting.

    This episode really highlighted the fact that no one of the Espada tribe is really here to play. None of them seem to really care what is going one, except a select few. However, La Flor is certainly getting extremely interesting, particularly with NaOnka pushing Kelly to the ground.

    Certainly I miss the strategising that is clearlyt missing from last season, but the action in La Flor is very interesting, if only they lost a challenge, it coul d really intensify!

    I think that this season still has the potential, but I hope it picks up its game very soon, or it could turn to be disappointing. Can't wait to see next week!
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