Season 20 Episode 11

Going Down in Flames

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • Best episode in the history of survivor.

    Parvati and her two idols is a legend to me. Biggest movie in the game ever.
  • Russel hands over his crown to Parvati... (Spoilers)

    What an amazing episode, the tribal council was one of the best I've ever seen, it's definitely fair to say that this is the premier season of Survivor. The two tribes merged into one, "Ying-Yang" but there was an obvious division between the heroes and the villains whilst both were fighting for power in numbers. This episode became very interesting because of Russel's false alliance with the Heroes and Sandra trying and failing to convince the Heroes that Russel is on the Villains for a reason. The immunity challenge was decent, I always like endurence challenges but the really brilliant part came at Tribal Council. I was truly shocked by what happened at Tribal as all the events of the last few days came to a climax, it was enthralling. Russel is a brilliant player, but tonight Parvati truly showed her worth, she saw right through Amanda's lies and might the decision that no one expected, but it also happened to be the right one. This season just keeps getting better and better.
  • The Heroes and Villains merge to form Yin Yang. The Heroes think they have the game under control, but the Villains once again show who's in charge.

    Another episode, another excellent Tribal Council. In the previous episode Russell said he could not believe JT is a "Survivor" winner. I could not agree with him more. JT's stupidity continued to grow in this episode. Despite repeated warnings from Rupert and the rest of his fellow heroes, JT refused to believe that Russell was lying to him! What makes matters more unbelieveable, is that JT himself suspected he was being lied to but still refused to accept it! As far as Tribal Council goes, it's already been said by other reviewers. The greatest Tribal Council ever, hands down. Incredible.
  • Unbelievable! If you missed it, you'll be killing yourself! It was just simply sensational! (Spoilers!!!)

    This was the best episode that I have seen, or at least the Tribal Council part of it. Having said that, I only started watching in 'Samoa'.

    The episode was interesting, and it was great to finally see the merge, and it was great to see Parvati already starting to irritate the Heroes.

    The challenge was quite exciting, and vey enjoyable to watch. I was quite happy to see FDanielle win it, and she deserved it!

    I also enjoyed the Tribal Council, which was incredible! What a move by Parvati, and it certainly paid off! Absolutely incredible, and very glad to see J.T. set home, as he wasn't on my favorites list.

    Keep it up, Villains, and make it to the end! Definitely cheering for Prvati, Jerri and Danielle!

    I would highly recommend thi episode, as it was simply sensational! Incredible ending, and you'd be crazy not to watch it!
  • Russell is such a lair! JT is such an idiot.

    Russell is such a liar. And JT should feel like a you know what having giving the enemey the idol and that he also may have cost his team. Along in the process. Because after Sandra told the Heroes after the merge, about Russell. The Heroes biggest mistake was not targetting Russell. And that they should had done so. Forcing a tie and all of that. And Amanda, though I love her, really shouldn't had gave all the secrets to Parvati. And Parvati took advantage with two HII that she gave both to Jerri, who would had been the target of the Heroes as Parvarti not giving it to her, and Sandra. JT is an idiot as it came back to bite him and his tribe in the rear.
  • The Heroes had no clue what was coming. One of the greatest, if not THE greatest, Tribal Council of all time. This show proves that evil is smarter than good. "This ought to be interesting." - Colby, too right!

    Last week I said in my review that "The Heroes have no clue what's coming." Boy oh boy was that an understatement.
    For one of the few times in Survivor history, I was completely flabergasted at Tribal Concil. Parvati giving away TWO Idols. TWO! BOTH of her Idols GONE!(One of which Russell had just given her, again!) And given to Sandra and Jerri of all people! Maddeningly brilliant. My stomach dropped when she gave the first Idol to Sandra (knowing that the votes were for Jerri). And then, Russell-style, out comes another Idol (that even Russell knew nothing about). Boom. Jerri's safe. BOOM! The ENTIRE Heroes tribe looks to the ground, knowing they are 1-2-3-4 next to be booted off (unless things get shaken up, which they usually do). What a moment. Priceless.

    So keeping in line with my hypothetical Final Two/Three of Russell, Parvati and Danielle, the jury votes are now:
    (2) Russell: Coach, JT
    (1) Parvati: Courtney
    (0) Danielle

    [More to come tomorrow, after I re-watch it and the online scenes.]
  • Sick episode...Russell is starting...

    Enjoyable episode...On one side just shows the dullness of Parvati...Giving the idol to sandra, a more dullness than even Parvati...I mean she just shows her face...During the next episode we see Russell being attacked from all sides...However, I have faith, because he shines best during situations of adversity...Back to Parvati, she's brainless in my opinion, and maybe beautiful and charming, not!...All Russ has to do is get on the look out for another idol and get sandra out...
    I saw a story that he got arrested for shovving a guy... Well as we all know he lives in the US where laws are pretty strict...People are too sensitive these days...
    Coming back to Russ, they say he wont win Survivor. I say he already won it, he gave so many insane scenes that in 10years when you say Survivor you say Russell Hentz.
    Thanks Russ.