Season 15 Episode 12

Going for the Oscar

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • Erik's elimination and Denise's power

    With James blindsided, the tribe is full of shrimps. James was the biggest guy there. PG and Erik survivor. Glad to hear that. However, Denise thought of maybe flipping over. The reward challenge I got to say, Denise and her Husband rocked it as she was the only castaway who didn't win a reward challenge. The cake was so good. Maybe PG and Erik could've swayed Courtney over. They were alone with her. I was so shocked to hear that Todd's sister's baby didn't survivor. Definitely a Jonny Fairplay move but this was real. The immunity was so important and Todd could've won, but PG was so tired that she won and poor Erik. Denise should've flipped. Now Erik's gone and PG better win the next immunity.
  • We get to see their family memembers and Denise finally gets some power in the game.

    The episode where the famlies come is always fun. It was cool to see what all their family members were like. I could not believe Denise ended up winning, that was pretty cool to see. It was also interesting how the whole tied lieing about his pregnaunt sister thing played out. At first I thought he was lieing about it. Seeing PG win immunity agian was great, she is really dominating in the challenges. In the end I really wanted to see Denise flip to the other side but she choose to play it safe. I can't wait to see what happens in the coming episodes and I am really hoping that some of the underdogs turn on Todd so that they have a better chance of winning.
  • Denise a threat now!

    After laying under the radar and not really being much of a threat to begin with and in the middle. Now Denise is a threat and that it all came down to her. Todd I think is a little liar and a weiner as others don't really trust him about his sister's miscarriage. And PG and Erik seem to be in trouble. I thought that PG comes off as a you know what. Now Erik, whom I liked a lot in the beginning, is beginning to show his cockiness. PG wins her second immunity, and Erik is voted off. If PG doesn't win, she will be a goner. And that Denise is playing her trump card it seems. After laying low, don't let this lunch lady fool ya!
  • Review

    I think the reason I have continued to watch Survivor over the years is because of episodes like this. Nothing stands out about them, but they give me one solid hour of entertainment. There doesnt seem to be another show out there that can met my expectations week in and week out and still be able to every now and again give me an episode that just blows me out of the water. The lowest rating I have given a Survivor episode this season is a 8.7, highest has been a 9.3. Thats consistancy and I like it. This episode was solid, the family challenege was fun to watch and I too thought Todd could have been lying about the miscarraige. PG winning the immunity challenge just made me laugh. She reminds me of Stefanie from a couple of seasons ago on survivor where she just wouldnt go away. We are down to five now and I think Denise just gave herself four. Todd, Courtney, and Amanda seem like the final three but anything can happen on Survivor. Should be interesting.
  • good episode...

    The survivor's loved ones come to compete with them for a reward. It was so sweet to see all of the survivors crying and their loved ones. Courtney's dad was halarious and his accent was great too. The news Todd's sister brought was sad. Denise and her husband won and they chose Todd and Amanda to accompany them with the reward. Phei-gee won the immunity and Erik was voted out. I liked how Denise was the swing vote, but she's in a terrible position. Unless Amanda is smart and voted Todd off, Denise will be the fourth voted out. Overall, great episode and one of my favorites this season.
  • The fate of the votes depends on . . . wait a minute. DENISE???

    I give props to Denise this episode. Not only did the final vote depend on her, but she won the reward challenge. Surprisingly, she now does come of a little threat so kudos.

    This episode was pretty epic and meaningful. PG saved herself, and I give major props to her. The family episode is always a favorite. I'm really happy for all of them that they got to see their families. It was really nice and it's great to see the reunions.

    Erik is gone, which means PG now must win the next immunities to save her *ss. Whether Denise voting Todd was a good or bad choice, we will see the results very soon!