Season 15 Episode 12

Going for the Oscar

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on CBS

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    I think the reason I have continued to watch Survivor over the years is because of episodes like this. Nothing stands out about them, but they give me one solid hour of entertainment. There doesnt seem to be another show out there that can met my expectations week in and week out and still be able to every now and again give me an episode that just blows me out of the water. The lowest rating I have given a Survivor episode this season is a 8.7, highest has been a 9.3. Thats consistancy and I like it. This episode was solid, the family challenege was fun to watch and I too thought Todd could have been lying about the miscarraige. PG winning the immunity challenge just made me laugh. She reminds me of Stefanie from a couple of seasons ago on survivor where she just wouldnt go away. We are down to five now and I think Denise just gave herself four. Todd, Courtney, and Amanda seem like the final three but anything can happen on Survivor. Should be interesting.