Season 25 Episode 5

Got My Swag Back

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Very interesting series of events!

    Very interesting series of events here! Definitely one of the more entertaining episodes from recent memory. Matsing bein g absorbed is kinda sad and kinda funny too. I just hope Denise and Malcolm can reunite down the road.

    The challenges were interesting, and Kalabaw is seeming like the new Matsing. :P

    Dana's shock departure was sad. I would've liked too see her continue, but ovbsiouly she couldn't/ :/

    Dawson seemed nice, and I love how she just jumped on Jeff after she was voted from the game! That was a highlight for me, as were her final comments about not blowing Jeff's cover.
  • Matsing is mercifully absorbed by the other tribes. Kalabaw is dealt a bad setback when one of their own is forced out due to illness.

    While this episode was not fantastic it is in my opinion the best of the season to date. One big reason is because Russell is gone so we were spared more of his bitching and moaning. I don't blame Denise and Malcolm for kicking him to the curb. I'm glad they finally managed to locate the hidden immunity idol before Matsing effectively ceased to exist. The last time a player was removed for medical reasons I cheered at the top of my lungs (Too bad Colton recovered.). This time I felt bad. You can't help but feel sorry for poor Dana. That aside I think she did the right thing leaving the game. She clearly could not continue. The rest of Kalabaw deserves a lot of credit for being so supportive of her as she was taken away by the medical team. Kalabaw also deserves credit for cutting Dawson loose. Man she was annoying!
  • Disappointing merge of third tribe...Was hoping for a reshuffle.

    Didn't much cared for how the producers managed the transfer of Matsing to the other two tribes... I was hoping for the maintainment of the third tribe with 3 players from the other two tribes... Of course it would have been 14th competitors so one tribe would be with 4 while the other two were with 5 each...It would have been more interesting.

    Another thing I didn't liked was seeing how easy Denise was received by Kalabaw and even kept...That's rare and shows poor alliances...

    So 12 players remain and hopefully 2 episodes from now we should be seeing a merge and things will get interesting...Until then, boooooooring.