Season 25 Episode 13

Gouge My Eyes Out

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • As the game nears the end, Lisa strategizes about who to take to the finals. Elsewhere Abi just can't learn from her past mistakes.

    I don't think I have ever been more happy to see a person voted out. There was a big smile on my face when Jeff Probst snuffed Abi's torch. I was hoping that would be the case, especially when Abi was bitching front, back and sideways to Denise about not going on the reward challenge. However unlike most tribal councils, this time it wasn't so predictable. I believed up until the end that the castaways might keep her on because they felt they could beat her in the finals. However it seems that Abi's complaining and overall negativity just could not be tolerated another day. This episode certainly set the stage for what could be a terrific finale. I look forward to it.
  • Thar She Blows....

    Best part of the entire finally getting voted out!! Seriously can't stand her and the thought that she might have gotten close to winning would have made me sick to my stomach. Even though they would have an easier time winning, I'm glad they didn't take the chance. Hope Malcolm wins but I'd be happy with Denise winning. Lisa would be my third choice, then Skupin.
  • People could have been smart, but decided not to. (Possible

    Well there were soem interesting moments throughout this episode, mainly with Abi's idol lies. I really really like her because she adds so much drama into the fold and is so entertaining! I also can't help but love the accent!! :P

    The Reward Challenge was poorly designerd and boring. I haven't said that too much about this season's challenges, which have been a step up from the last few seasons, but today ruined that trend. And the IC was equally boring, and too easy, but the maze portion was good and the comeback was interesting!

    Lisa and Skupin had a huge chance to make a smart move and guarantee that one of them will take home the million by obviously voting for Denise but they decided to be dumb and hand Matsing a million dollars. Denise or Malcolm wil deffffffinitely win! I like Malcolm but I hate Denise.

    The ONLY way for either of the Tandangs to win is IF we have a Fianl Two, which is very possible considering there are only four castaways heading into the final epiosde. I think a Final Two might be possible, but you can never be sure with these things... They might just show one hour of people reminiscing... :/

    I hope that Lisa can somehow pull off the win! She and Abi have been my two favourites since the very beginning and I would really love for her to pull it off! It would be the most amazing ending to a truly amazing season! If not Lisa, I would be happy with Malcolm, but Skupin is boring on his second game and Denise I can't stand.