Season 23 Episode 2

He Has Demons

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on CBS
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Savaii return from Tribal Council and Cochran is thankful to have been spared and promises to change his way with the tribe. The next morning Ozzy searches for the idol on his own and successfully finds it. Later, during a fishing trip, Jim wants to create an alliance with Keith and Ozzy.

On Upolu, "Coach" and Edna share a bond and solidify their loyalty for one another. Later, while the two are alone, Brandon tells "Coach" that he is Russell Hantz's nephew now that they are in an alliance with each other. Meanwhile, Christine continues her search for an immunity idol clue and eventually finds it, but she isn't sure if she should share it or keep it to herself.

Then, after Upolu lose the Immunity Challenge, Brandon wants Mikayla out because he feels uncomfortable around her, but Coach feels differently.


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  • Not the best of episodes...Brandon is a really weak player not worthy of his uncle's legacy.

    Finally I witnessed Coach leading a group, now I can die happy:o...Seriously though, he seems to be managing quite well with Brandon's confession...But he also reveals his under average mentality...Instead of looking for the idol he assumes it was found already...Now about Brandon, this guy plays the religious card but he lacks the faith...Mikayla isn't really clever though so Brandon lost a chance to have her out...

    In my opinion, is the shows is unwatchable at this moment, due to many weak players...After merge maybe it might give some thrills, but right now it makes one sleep sounder then a sleeping pill.moreless
  • A comedy of errors...

    This episode was filled with some highly strange and unusual gameplay, and Brandon, who was perhaps my favourite after Episode 1, made a whole stack of random decisions.

    Ozzy finding the Idol was not particularly something I was hoping for. The remainder of the Svaii tribe seems to be in the back of his picket - especially the guys.

    As for Upolu, I love every single person on that tribe and I was deeply disappointed at the way they lost the challenge, after the females performed so well.

    The Tribal Council was quite funny. I absolutely love the Dragon Slayer, even though I haven't seen Tocantins, ajnd he was voted off before the merge on his second run. He has a way of stirring up some trouble.

    Hopefully Brandon will be able to pick up the pieeces after a pretty abysmal effort to traget the strongest fmale on the team - the only thing in his favour is that I think Coach trusts him, at least to some degree.

    I will be cheering for Semhar at the Duel but I like Christinne also. All up, definitely hoping for Upolu to dominate!

    Keep it up, and this could be a decent season onf Survivor!moreless
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Jeff Probst


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Benjamin Coach Wade

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