Season 28 Episode 6

Head of the Snake

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2014 on CBS

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  • Solana and Aparri merge to form Solarria. Sarah thinks she's in control of the game, but....

    Once again we something we have seen countless times on "Survivor". Sarah is extremely confident that she will not be voted out and she will decide who is the next person to be cut loose. From the second those words came out of her mouth it could not be more obvious that she would get a one way ticket to the Jury Box. I really wish the producers of the show would stop doing that. It gets old very fast. However that does not mean that this particular episode was bad. The excellent Tribal Council more than makes up for it. It was great to see the tribe scrambling to change their vote. What was even better was Kass showing her true colors. She better try damn hard to either find a hidden immunity idol (I wonder if anybody will find the idol Garrett left behind at or win the next immunity challenge because she just asked her fellow tribe members to vote her out. This episode started off rather badly, but it soon got back on track.
  • Glad Jefra is still around

    almost voted out --- would have disappointed millions of viewers.

    Let's leave this "beauty" in a bit longer, eh?
  • OMG wow! What in the ... Wow!

    What on earth just happened? I am still in shock. THis episode was ridiculously insnae. Kass - well I finally understand why Garrett said that she makes irrational, illogical decisions. I think she just wants to cause chaos, but she has cost herself the game today. Why flip when you are a member of the majority of the majority! It makes no sense at all!

    Sarah should have flipped - that would have made a LOT of sense considering her position in the Aparri (Brawn) part of Solana. She would have improved her odds. But her hesitanec went as far as to cost her the game!

    OMG, what an episode! Insane! Can't wait for more, and still shocked.