Season 25 Episode 11

Hell Hath Frozen Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • Go Carter!

    What I can't believe about this episode: Carter paid $200 for a baked potato with fixings; he gave up the baked potato to get rice and beans for the tribe. He may have got Thanks and a Hell Yea, but not one person that bought food before that or even after offered him a bite of theirs. Again, the second time Carter paid $200 for veal shanks; he had to share with the tribe. I believe Carter earned the million dollars right there; he was there for the tribe and they were all about themselves. The 10 is for Carter!
  • I can't stand Abi!!

    Of course she would win immunity. Ugh. I was really hoping we didn't have to listen to her bitter stupidity any longer but alas, at least one more week. The other 6 are just too nice. If I was on the island with her, I'm pretty sure I would have socked her one by now. Carter came close though, I wish he had pulled off the immunity.
  • Realizing her back is to the wall, Abi focuses on winning immunity and staying in the game.

    All you have to do is watch the opening minutes of this episode and you don't need to watch any further. Denise tells the viewers exactly what is going to happen so that will save you the time of watching it. As soon as Denise said that she highly doubted that Abi would win the immunity challenge I knew Abi would win easily. She also said that Jonathan would be cut loose if Abi did win so no need to watch Tribal Council. This episode is not the first time Lisa has said she is not cut out for the game. OK! OK! You have said it enough times. We get it. After a long string of terrific and exciting episodes, "Hell Hath Frozen Over" is a major letdown. Well, nobody's perfect.
  • ABI you are AMAZING! (Spoilers for this episode

    Wow, this episode had it all! A person who is down in the dumps coming back with a miraculous win - not for the very first time this season - and playing a brilliant strategic game along the way.

    I really really love Abi-Maria! I have thought she is amazing sicne the very beginning! She knows how to play this strategic game, while her social game is obviously extremely flawed. Her strategy with that note and using this to 'find an idol' is a great one, and hopefully it buys her one extra round! Sadly, I don't think she has ANY shot at winning the game, although if she made the end, I assume she'd get Artis' and Pete's votes. But even if she stays for one round longer, that is something for me to be happy about as well!

    Other than Abi, being my favourite, my other favourite is Lisa, who is absolutely amazing and so cute! You just wanna give her a hug because she is just about the nicest person I have seen, and fiercely loyal as well. <3

    It might be weird that my two favourites are on the opposite ends of the spectrium, but if either of those women win, it will be absolutely brilliant!

    I do wish Denise had gone home, as I can't take her euphemisms and twisting thigns around like a therapist would do. Apparently the last Tribal Council was not "brutla", but it was "six people's tolerance raeching the maximum'. Apparently that is supposed to be different...

    Jonathan Penner played a horrible game last week in choosing NOT to align with a Final Three offer that was presented to him, and that ruined everything. He was a great strategist in his previous games, but that decision not to align with Skupin/Lisa has tarnished my view of him significantly.

    This episode - and this season - have been incredible! Can't wait for next show next week!