Season 15 Episode 13

Hello, I'm Still a Person!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great episode.

    With Erik gone, PG was on her own. Boy does she have a big mouth like James said. She's so cocky sometimes, but she does mean well. Todd finally shows some light shooting 6 arrows. I'm shocked that Courtney had the most. At least she gave her arrow to PG. Denise wins and chooses the two little ones to eat at the Great Wall. PG then runs her mouth again and again. She bit the apple like James said. At the immunity. The balute, gross. Amanda finally won something of her own. PG is gone. She's out. Tribal lines are still strong.
  • good episode...

    Time is winding down and people start becoming paranoid. Denise wins the reward and chooses Todd and Courtney to go with. Pee-gei was pissed off that Denise did not choose her. Amanda considers blindsiding Todd, but chooses against it. They need to get rid of Todd soon or he's going to make it to the final two. Amanda won the immunity challenge and beat Pee-gei. If Pee-gei won, I think they would have voted Todd off. Overall, this was another good epsiode of survivor. This season is winding down and it's interesting to see who will make it to the final two.
  • Review

    I thought the hour was very entertaining, as I said before this season has pretty much been a "Live up to my expectations" kind of season, which I like alot coming from a show in its 15th season and still going very strong. Amanda is playing a very interesting game and it kind of confuses me. She cant seem to pull the trigger on Todd because I think she figures she can beat him and Courtney in the final three. I think she figured PG would never go against her for sticking to her alliance and is happy that she thougth about it. Right now I would put the rankings like this as far as strengh of being able to pull out a win...

    1. Amanda
    2. Denise
    3. Courtney
    4. Todd

    Honestly, I dont think 3/4 can beat either of the 1/2. I think Amanda wont pull the triger on Todd, for fear that Denise could beat her in the final three. Overall, fantastic episode.
  • Peih-Gee gets voted out.

    Denise once again wins reward and decides to bring Courtney and Todd with her. Amanda and Peih-Gee get to know each other a little better while Denise, Todd, and Courtney are on the trip to the Great Wall as reward. After Denise, Todd, and Courtney come back Amanda wins immunity in a challenge that was a mix of several previous challenges. After the challlenge Peih-Gee tries to convince Amanda and Denise to vote Todd out, but Denise feels she has a better chance of winning against Todd. At tribal council Amanda, Todd, courtney and Denise stay strong and stick to their original plan and voted Peih-Gee was voted out 4-1 on Day 36 and is the sixth member of the jury.

    Overall: This was a good episode, but I wanted to see Todd blindsided by Amanda, Denise and Peih-Gee 3-2.
  • Peh Gee tries to crack the alliance of her once opposing tribe.

    "Hello! I'm still a person!"

    Poor Peh Gee (I hope I spelled her name correctly). Here she is, trying her best to stay in the game, and the poor girl could not get a break at all this episode. Despite trying her best to bond with Amanda and Denise, she is still left out of the reward and barely misses the immunity challenge. So here we go, with the grand finale left, and the Peh Gee is gone. I tip my hat to Peh Gee's tenacity and never-say-die attitude. She realy grew on me as a competitor, and although I think both Denise and Amanda could beat her against the jury, I understand why they stayed true to their alliance. I hope that either Amanda or Denise wins, but I will not be surprised to see Courtney and Todd in a final Tribal Council. Nobody said that this time around it would be the final 3 going for the million!
  • Last of the remaining tribe goes home!

    First of all, I am so glad that PG is gone. As she was really getting on my nerves. Plus, she acted like a sore loser. Knowing that she was the last of her original tribe. Todd I think is a little wimp. And that he is like a little Richard Hatch Jr that I hope doesn't win. Only one that I care about is Amanda. As she seems to be popular after James went out. And that she shows that she is worth winning. The others I don't really care about with the exception of her or James and that Courtney really I don't know why she is still on here is beyond me.
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