Season 16 Episode 5

He's a Ball of Goo!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • Ep 5: The tribes mix, and Cirie is a strategic fiend.

    How in the world is Tracy pulling off the stuff she's pulling off? I can't figure it out, but whatever she's doing, it's working.

    The first shake-up of the season occurs (usually, when there's 20 players, they do this pretty early on), which results in Fans being placed with Favorites, and more importantly, alliance members being seperated. Ozzy's alliance is split after James and Parvati are transplanted to the other tribe, so as a result, he approaches Joel about voting Chet off. The idea is to keep the tribe as strong as possible, and while Joel disagrees at first (he wants Cirie gone), he goes along with it after witnessing Chet's pathetic attempts during the challenges.

    The problem is, Cirie knows that Ozzy and the others want to keep the tribe strong, which means she would be one of the first voted out. It's a perfect example of why Cirie is great at this game: she's nice, she's flexible, and she's extremely perceptive. She notices Ozzy and Joel's plan and quickly approaches Tracy and Chet about pulling a fast one on Joel. Of course, it was Cirie's idea, but it shows that Cirie and Tracy are on the same />
    Cirie, for the second time this season, convinces her alliance to vote a stronger player out of the game instead of the obvious weak player. Watching Joel go tells me one thing: Cirie and Tracy seem to have this game in their back pocket (at least right now).

    So far, this is a very good season, probably my favorite since the Exile Island/Cook Islands seasons. There's just a lot of scheming and maneuvering going on by the players. Plus, you got Jonathan Penner. What else could you ask for?
  • Wow! This season has been so amazing so far! I'm loving Cirie, and I'm loving Tracy!!!

    This episode was just so great! So firstly to the tribe swap, and interestingly enough, Ozzy & Amanda stayed together and so did James & Parvati!

    Teh challenges were both quite interesting - Hilarious to see Joel draggin g Chet through the course, as if he wasn't even there! The Rewrad challenge led to a lot of injuries, but it was the Immunity Challenge wihich was most exciting! The puzzle was so hard, but Airia came back from behind to win it all!

    An d so Malakal thought everything was cool an d Chet was going home, but the two awesome women on that tribe (Cirie and Tracy) stirred up something and flipped Ozzy, Amanda and seemingly Ami as well into voting for Joel. A great move on Cirie's behalf! I feel as though she is literally running the show and her wor d is law! It's amazing the moves she is making, and she is such a smart player!

    As for Tracy, she's constantly on the minority and always manages to fidn a way to cause a blindside! She is great tactically, and she seems to love teaming up with people to vote off the strong palyers!

    All up, what a great episode! That's like FOUR awesome Tribals in a row! This saeson is going from strength to strenght and I can't wait for more!
  • Blindsided again!

    First off, the new tribes are switched and there are no more fans vs favorites. As they are blended in. While the tribe with James and Jonathan among them. Win a BBQ but their new orange tribe you can say, really looks like nothing much at all. As they have a hard time keeping fire and food on there where the beach washes it off. Meanwhile, the new tribe that is purple have everything but the weak link is that Chez. Not only do they lost the reward but they lose the immunity challenge and Joel, the arrogant fireman is voted off. In a sense, I wished that Chet was voted off but Joe was just really mean I thought and so glad to kind of see him go.
  • wow...I wasn't expecting that...

    They voted out Joel! What? He's my favorite player this season. I was hoping he would get farther. Also, Jonathan got hurt and he may have to quit soon. He's my second I'm not very happy. Nonetheless, the episode was good. I like the team changes and the new dynamics. I was annoyed when Joel got voted out, but I have to give props to Ozzie in acknowolging (spelling?) that Joel was a huge threat. I want Chet to go. I think that, now without Joel, their team has no chance in winning. So...I guess I'm rooting for Jonathan and Ozzie now. Overall, good episode with another blindside.
  • Wow.

    Another 42 minutes of episode where it would be really hard to find something wrong with. The reward challenege was fun to watch - though it seemed like the Chaser always had the advantage over the people that were being chased. Joel and Chet losing out in the final chaser stage was great to watch. Chet got banged around and cost Joel catching two people that he almost caught even without the help of Chet. Irony? Yes, yes indeed. The immunity challenge was a come-from-behind slugfest where Jonathan was hilarious. for some reaosn I like his character. I think hes a good guy, who just realizes that he is playing a game and plays it like one. Him getting hurt in this episode really made me upset -because losing someone over an injury is never where you want to be. I find it funny that 2 weeks ago I was talking about the intensity of the Joel v Mickey B drama and now in back to back weeks both are stunned with eliminations. The fans clearly made the wrong choice on the new purple team to not go 4 and 4, as I would have. While it looks like Amy wants to flip, I do wonder why when she is in such a good position right now. Overall, another amazing episode of the show with 42 minutes of solid beach drama and two good challeneges to watch devolop.
  • Cirie rules

    great episode, i liked it when Cirie said - i dont have a problem with them wanting to vote the weakest players expect for the fact that im one of the weakest. Cirie is one of the strongest players, she is weak at challenges, do nothing around camp dont socialize very well, but still convince everyone to vote the way she wants too, and thats what survivor is all about.

    glad to see joel go, the fans and joel basically lost (in Cirie group) because they werent united and in survivor you have to be united with your old tribe in order to keep on going, smart play by Cirie and the favorite, it will be easy to keep picking up the fans now.
  • They mixed up the teams and the cockroach named Cirie refuses to die. That woman is one of the weakest players ever and keeps on the show.

    This show is getting old. Cirie is getting old. Joel was a brute and should still be there, they should have gotten rid of their weakest link and then won a few challenges, but no, they have a very weak team with a rudderless leader who lets Cirie run all over him.
    Disappointing is an understatement. This season has so much promise, but it will be losing viewers each week when junk like this continues. The first time it was shocking, now it is just old and let someone who deserves to win, actually win.
    In a real survivor situation, Cirie would have been gone a long time ago.
    I feel sorry that people are getting this confused with good reality TV, this is a regurgitation of Rob and Amber all over again.
  • The 5th straight blindsight in a row.

    Now, this episode I really enjoyed. It had everything I like in this series. On an interview with Jeff himself, he said there will be 6 straight blindsights in a row. And so far, there has been one every episode (5). So I'm assuming next week's will probably be the last.

    Back to this episode. The reward challenge was brutal on a lot of the players and yet, it was funny to watch. Especially at the end of the challenge and Chet said "I hit my head" Joel said "I don't care" Then Chet said again "I know." That was hilarious!

    I also felt kinda bad for Jonathan because of his knee. And if it does get infected, he will be taken out of the game. I really don't want that to happen. He's one of my favorite players!

    As for Chet being used as a pawn against Joel, that was a clever plan. Very sneaky and I could see why they did it. So it really was a good plan. But, I do want Chet gone one way or another. And if they can use him against anyone else trying so hard to get him voted out even more, then that can still work. But you never know when a plan as great as that will backfire you. Especially in the game of Survivor. So I hope they can only be this smart later in the series. But I doubt it. There will be some people that will be idiots and something bad will happen. Next week's episode doesn't look as interesting, but it looks ok. So hopefully it will be better than expected.