Season 17 Episode 5

He's A Snake, But He's My Snake

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • The Sugar Shack continues! And a very sad vote, as my personal favourite is sent home... :'(

    Well,, needless to say, Kota wins again and again. Fang actualy acame close at the Immunity, but lost largely due to Ace. He is actually quite useless in most challenges. But then again, so is the rest of that whole tribe...

    Crystal failed at the running challenge - an Olympic athlete? Wow! But then again, she was doing well and was doing so until three people dropped off...

    So Fang starts scheming... Sugar gives and takes an idol from Ace, which was kinda weird. I odon't want to think of why on earth she would give her idol to Ace.

    Po(or Kelly got sent home! She was my favourite because Ialways love an underdog who is behind from the beginning and on the outs from the beginning. She is definitely more worthy to remain in this game than the rest of the Fang tribe put together, except perhaps Sugar. Very sad to see her go...

    Meanwhile - Sugar at Exile again is <3333333 epic! Four in a orow! At least she gets to eat! What more could you ask for in this gamme!

    Can't wait till the next episode, but I hope that Ace is cut soon...
  • Again not a smart move!

    First of all, Sugar is very dumb to give the idol to Ice. Thinking that he is going to take good care of her. Well, she is wrong and that she really shouldn't had given the idol to Ice. Ice is really arrogant and a bully. Meanwhile, the Fang tribe keeps losing and that they are a bunch of misfits. Except for Matty, whom actually I feel bad for. Meanwhile, the other winning team, despite winning. Are having problems with Dan. Who is eating like a hog and keeps on eating portions. Which is very inconsiderate of him. While the others are just looking at disgust. With the exception of Bob and the two females. I really also can't stand that tribe. In particular, Randy, who is the season's villian.
  • Please for god's sake will Kota lose so we can see a character whose not on Fang!

    I'm beginning to think Bob isn't even on the show anymore. They barely even showed him this episode besides his bada$$ knot untieing skills. Oh well, maybe that means there'll be more of him later. GO BOB! Ok this week was pretty much a downer episode, as much as i'm not liking barely anyone from Fang (minus Sugar and barely Ace), i'm really starting to feel sorry for them. I can hardly go through an hour without eating something, these guys are going days with only a couple spoonfuls of rice in their stomachs. I know that we've seen starving tribes in the past, but this is one of the worst (the worst was the tribe on Fiji, the was just hard to watch). The reward challenge was interesting, I love how they adapted that challenge to dry land. Of course Fang got their arses whooped, but we got to see Matty finally step up (I might go as far as cheering for him if I have to). The best part of the challenge was Randy mocking the Fang tribe. You're an evil old man Randy, but I loves ya. Back at Kota camp, Dan decided to put a bad spotlight onto himself, by eating over his fair share of food. Is it just me or does he remind you alot of the kid from Super Bad, just the way he talks gets me everytime. The immunity challenge was pretty cool, I thought Fang might actually pull it off. But Ace put a stop to that, oh well, at that point I truly believed Crystal might actually go home so I was cheering hard against them. Crystal could be the most overrated annoying character i've seen in along time, right next to Natalye from last season. Kelly got booted and we're down to two pieces of eye candy left. Curses!

    My Predictions: (2 people voted off next week)
    Reward: Kota
    Kota Boot: Dan
    Fang Boot: Crystal