Season 15 Episode 8

High School Friend Contest

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 7: Jean-Robert goes idol hunting, and Todd almost makes a move.

    I was getting whiplash by the end of this episode, and it's all thanks to Todd. For whatever reason, Todd decided to continually flip-flop from James to Jean-Robert, unsure of who to vote out. James is the bigger physical threat, while Jean-Robert is a verbal threat.

    It all starts after Jean Robert is part of the team that wins reward. While Todd, James and Amanda all know who has the idols, Jean Robert is in the dark, the way he typically has been throughout the season. He vows to find the hidden idols, and after failing, Erik spills the beans about James having both idols.

    From here, we get a runaway train of events, with Jean Robert semi-threatening James to go along with him, and James denying that he has the idols. Jean Robert then goes to Todd and suggests that the group votes James out. Little does Jean Robert know that Todd is already considering voting out James. However, he's unsure and says that he could change his mind in two minutes.

    Todd has shown that he has control of the game, at least in terms of his alliance. It's weird to see him going all over the place. When we get to Tribal Council, I literally had no clue who could be voted out. Usually, there's a pretty good idea floating around, but since Todd seemed to be keeping everyone waiting until the last second, I honestly thought it just as likely that James would go instead of Jean Robert.

    However, in the end, . goes home, thus ending the run of one of the more annoying Survivors.
  • Todd had the potential to make a great move, but he messed it up

    Todd was set up to make one of the best moves in survivor history and then he blew it. I really wish he explained to us why he decided not to get James out, because it didn't make any sense to me. I really wanted to see Todd make a big move and get James out but it didn't happen. Anyway, I thought Jean-Robert looking for the idol was funny and I was glad Denise started considering flipping tribes. I liked the reward challenge and it was interesting to see if people valued people who were light or who were strong. The immunity challenge was also, good and I was happy that Courtney finally provide she could be sucessful in a challenge. It would have been a great episode if Todd had went through with his great plan.
  • good episode...

    Courtney wins immunity idol, which was a shocker. Finally, her anerexia helped her in a challenge. Anyways, Jean Robert goes off looking for an idol and finds out James has both. He lobbies to get James voted out, but instead, he is voted out. James had a close call and Denese finds out that her alliance doesn't trust her. The reward challenge was funny. Courtney and Frosti just sank like rocks. Seriously, why would you choose Courtney to be on your team? Anyways, overall, good episode. Pretty average. Nothing special. I'm interested to see what happens next now that Jean Robert is gone.
  • So... why didn't they vote out James?

    Yeah, I think they made a mistake in voting out Jean-Robert. It looks like the main reason for voting him out was the fact that he was annoying... That's not exactly a good reason to vote someone out at this point in the game.

    James should have been the target tonight. He has two immunity idols, and Todd even said that it doesn't look like he will give up either of them. If James can win a couple of immunity challenges (there's a good chance he will, though I do realize that Frosti is a pretty good competitor), then he's set to reach the final four. So I reiterate: why didn't they vote out James? It's just bad gameplay to me. Erik and Peih-Gee had it right, but now they casted votes against James, James will be more motivated to win immunity.

    I also see one other flaw in Todd and Amanda's gameplay: they didn't include Denise. It always causes some problems when you alienate someone from your alliance. Denise will be more inclined to vote with Erik and Peih-Gee now... I guess they don't see that as a problem since they have the numbers, but anything can happen in this game, too.

    Now about Courtney... I was happy for her when she won immunity. I don't think anyone really expected that, but in those types of challenges, the winners and runnerups are surprising sometimes. But about not caring about who would be sent packing? Come on... play the game!

    So basically, what I see is that Todd is trying a little too hard, Todd's alliance is getting too comfortable, and some people need to step things up in terms of gameplay and strategy. But while I am being very critical of everyone, I did like this episode, and I will be watching next week's episode to see how everything unfolds.
  • Review

    My heart skipped a beat when James went down 3-2 in the voting at the final tribal council. This is what watching television shows are all about right here. My heart is still recovering from the last scene in that epsiode. Jean Robert played a really horrible game. He wanted to start off as the bad guy and then turn into the good guy, which is the worst way one could ever play this game. Start off as the guy everyone likes and then try and ride coatailes the rest of the way or turn into the Todd who jumps around from vote to vote and settle for at least $100,000 and second place. The reward challenege was fun to watch. James pumping water into a boat brought back memories of episodes past. That guy shouldnt be allowed to play...ever. I think he got a bit of a wake up call in this episode when he got 3 votes. I think with 8 to go and having to use them up to the final 4, any challenege he doesnt win should be an automatic play of the immunity idol. He is 0/2 for individual immunity, but I mean...the two challeneges werent in his style. He did take the chance and roll the dice by not playing the one tonight dispite rumors flying around, but it paid off. He has himself in the final 6 at least if he isnt careless and give an immunity idol away.
  • I am totally mad at Erik for stopping Jean-Robert from pulling a Jamie!!!

    Seriously, I can not believe that he would tell Jean-Robert something like that. If Erik had gone to Todd and told him that Jean-Robert thought he had the hidden immunity idol, they could have set him up to make it look like he was the one going home, and then he would have played it and it would have been perfect!
    Not that it wasn't funny as it was, trust me, if you saw Todd's face at the end, you would be laughing too. His face was all red and he was trying so hard not to laugh!!!
    This episode was pretty good, Courtney actually won immunity, and I was totally fine with it even though I have hated her for the entire season because this time she really was the best and this time she actually is playing the game. Even though she's not the smartest tool in the shed, she's still more in it then Denise is. Denise is also not the smartest tool in the shed... and she has her own shed.
  • Finally some relief!

    I think that James is very safe. That is unil he gets rid of those two idols. Shocked after Jamie tried to make the fake idol, Jeff tossing it in the fires. That is so priceless. Loved it when James and Jean-Robert were in the reward challenge as James and the others were targetting JR and that they wanted to get rid of JR as much as possible. While I was pretty shocked in the immunity challenge that James, despite being safe, couldn't hang on anymore. But Courtney just sat there like she was unmovable and won. As it has been pretty rare that a woman has won immunity. Now Jean-Robert is gone despite causing some friction. Glad that he is off!
  • Finally no moe Jean Robert

    I absolutly loved this episode of Survivor and I am really happy that Jean Robert finally got voted out. He was the main castaway that i did not like. I thought that the reward challage was funny. That the teams were bascially the old tribes evan though they were able to choose their teams. I felt bad for Denise though that she did not get picked for a team just because she was bigger than Courtney. I liked the immunity challange it looked hard evan though some people made it look easy. It was also really funny that Jean Robert had no idea that there was a hidden immunity idol and that James has both of them.
  • Finally a bit of an ending I didn't see coming

    I love this season, it's just been all around great. But one thing that it was lacking, an ending I didn't see coming. Besides maybe the second episode, which doesn't count since neither character is on the show anymore, there hasn't been a tribal council that I didn't know who was going home well before they got there. But tonight I didn't know what to think...I was thinking that they would just vote off Pee-Gee and leave me angry. But finally they threw a wrench in the cog and voted off JR. Thank god! I didn't care whether James or JR went home, but now James knows he has a target on his back and will probably be using the immunity idols, if he doesn't win the idol outright.

    Anyway, I'm currently pulling for Erik, though he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell...but that's what they said about Chris in who really knows. Didn't get a good look at next week's preview
    but from what I saw my predictions are as follows
    Immunity Idol winner: I'm assuming they will be having a physical challenge so....James
    Voted Off: Phee Gee, if James wins Immunity then they'll most likely stick with the plan to get Zhan Hu out...if James doesn't win Immunity, he'll most likely use one of his hidden II's. But take all of this with a grain of salt...because I'm an idiot
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