Season 26 Episode 2

Honey Badger

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • Unhappy with the Tribal Council vote, Brandon decides to go hog wild. Meanwhile Reynold does a very bad job of hiding the Hidden Immunity Idol.

    "Honey Badger" is a certainly a better episode than the previous one. However it still had the predictability problem the opener did. In this case it could not have been more obvious that Shamar would not be voted out. Mainly because it was stressed over and over that he was going to be voted out first. This flaw is made up for by the entertaining moments at the camps. I was laughing myself silly watching Brandon try to be his uncle. He has certainly been out in the sun too long. Trust me. He will go back to his old self real quick. It was just as entertaining seeing Reynold fail miserably in his attempt to hide the Hidden Immunity Idol. Phillip strikes again with his stupid nicknames. He annoys me just as greatly as Francesca annoyed him. Hopefully he is out of the game soon. Overall despite it's problems "Honey Badger" is better than its predecessor. Very entertaining.
  • Great! (Possible spoilers)

    The good start to Season 26 continues with a fascinating episode here. I thought the Favorites would baounce back after last week and Brandon went into his wonderful mood swings again. But they did blitz the Fans at the challenge as I predicted.

    I thought the Phillip's alliance - Stealth R Us - was hilarious. Some amazing nicknames dished out! Particularly Andrea the Eliminator!

    Meanwhile at the Fans, Sherri is absolutely amazing! One of my favorites for sure! And there were a lot of surprise developments late in the day and that made Tribal more interesting than expected!

    And in the end, Tribal was really great! Loving Laura and Sherri and they are my favorite Fans!

    Keep it up Survivor! I look forward to next week!