Season 2 Episode 10

Honeymoon Or Not?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2001 on CBS
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Jerri and Colby win a reward challenge, where they are sent to spend the afternoon on the Great Barrier Reef. What turns out to be a surprise for Jerri is that Colby brought back pieces of coral for everyone. In a bigger surprise, Jerri finds herself going home when Keith, Colby, and Tina team with the Kuchas to vote her out.moreless

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  • Great episode and a surprising blindside!

    This was definitely one of the more interesting episodes of the season. The Reward Challenge was good but rushed, but the Reawrd itself was picturesque and beautiful! Certainly a Reward worth winning!

    Immunity was even more interesting, because Nick definitely needed it and pulled off the win just when he needed it most!

    I was upset because it seemed as though Eliseabeth was going home, and she's been one of the most genuine and likeable castaways I have ever seen. But there was a storm brewing, and a very interesting blinside for Jerri!

    I'm not happy to see Jerri go hoem, because I liked Jerri. I think the reason I like Jerri while other people seem to hate her i s because I saw Heroes vs. Villains before I saw this season and Jerri was one of the most loveable people on Heroes vs. Villains and deserved to win that one, and a s a result, I liked seeing her again.

    My only concern for Ogakor is that now that Amber has seen her tribe turn on her and her ally, she could very easily flip to Kucha and bump off the Ogakors. I think it would've been smarter for Ogakor to keep Jerri for at least one more round and then get rid of her, because they could at least keep a stronger grasp on the numbers that way.

    It should be interesting to watch the remaining days unfold!moreless
  • Jerri and Colby go to the Great Barrier Reef and Jerri is later voted off.

    This episode starts with the Kucha members still wanting to vote off Jerri because she is a pain in the neck. Before the reward, they must form teams of two and Jerri wanted to have Colby to be his partner but the rest want to randomly pick teams. Jerri still randomly picked Colby and they went on to win the obstacle course reward which was a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. They got to eat as much as they could and Jerri called it a perfect honeymoon. When they got back, Colby pulled out coral for the rest of the tribemates to have as which was nice, but also illegal. Nick, who was vulnerable, then won the immunity challenge. At tribal council everybody voted for Jerri except the stupid Amber and the surprised Jerri. This was a wonderful episode because of the reward and the tribal council.moreless
  • Neener! Neener! Neener!

    Jerri is finally gone for good that witch(Won't spell what I really think of her! So figure it out folks!)

    Glad that Liz didn't get the boot or I would had been very mad indeed!

    Colby will win what will be a total of five immunity challenges and was doing good!

    That is until he gave the $1 million to Tina and not vote her out at the last minute!

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