Season 13 Episode 1

I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed With My Chickens

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 2006 on CBS
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"Survivor: Cook Islands" begins with the four tribes all having their own opinions on the fact that the tribes were decided by race. Soon they all get to their camp and start building shelter and get settled in and start getting to know each other. Raro (the Caucasian tribe) end up losing one of their chickens and a possible romance begins. While Aitu (the Hispanic tribe) seem eager to work together and on Puka (the Asian-American tribe) Cao Boi is able to get rid of Brad's headache with his hands. At the Reward and Immunity Challenge, three tribes win Immunity and Hiki (the African-American tribe) lose. However, they are then able to decide which member of a winning tribe gets sent to Exile Island. At Tribal Council, Hiki vote out their first tribemate.moreless

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  • Ep 1: Slow start, stupid premise.

    Maybe it's just the fact that I loved Survivor: Panama, or the fact that the season had so many strong, interesting characters (Terry, Cirie, Aras), but I found the first episode of Survivor: Cook Islands to be a bit lackluster. The premiere didn't grab me the way the first episode of Panama did, but you never know. It could just be a matter of getting used to a new group of characters so soon after watching the previous season.

    The gimmick for this season is that the tribes are divided by race: Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic and Caucasian. First off, it seems like a stupid gimmick. Last year, they did it by age, which made things interesting, but to me, there's no purpose in splitting the tribes into race. It also leads to some horrifically awkward jokes and comments from some of the competitors.

    At first glimpse, there aren't many competitors that stand out. For the most part, the people we meet are kind of bland or completely kooky. For instance, the two people who stood out the most, to me, were Cao Boi and Sekou, and not necessarily in a good way.

    That being said, I'll repeat something I've already mentioned several times in this review: this is only the first episode, so it's all subject to change. I think there could be some interesting group dynamics with Aitu (the Hispanic group), since you have a guy who's athletic and leader-like (Ozzy), a solid group of players and one guy on the outs (Billy). I'm sure as we get to know the players over the season, everything will start to click.

    Tribal Council: Sekou ends up taking a hike after the three girls on the Hiki tribe team up. I think it was the right thing to do. Sekou is just a weird guy, and I'm not sure I could've handled multiple weeks of him. We'll see how it affects the tribe in future challenges. I don't necessarily think they'll struggle the way Sekou seems to think they will.moreless
  • Great start to a great season!

    The Cook Islands is a great season to Survivor and the beginning is unique! Tribes divided by race - certainly there would be mixed feelings about it, but I see nothing wrogn with it, and it adds a great aspect to a very complex game.

    My early favourite is the blue Caucasian tribe, followed by the yellow African American tribe. Cao Boi is a hilarious character on the Asian Amercians and from the red tribe I quite like both women.

    I was expecting Immunity to be really close but yellow just fell behind and it was all over.

    Sekou - upset to see him go. Part of me wishes When Sundra left instead. They are both great people seeimngly in any case, so it was tough to watch.

    Great start, looking forward to more!moreless
  • New concept. Tribes made of different ethnic groups. African Americans, Asian Americans, Caucassian and Hispanics.

    Season 1 was the first and last Survivor I saw. I thought it was pretty good and I didn\'t think any shows after that were going to be good. I\'ve not watched any episodes of seasons 2 thru 12. When I read about how the tribes were going to be separated, I knew I had to watch. The discussions with my friends were mixed reviews. Some thought it was not fair and others thought it was going to be interesting.

    None of the caucassian (Raro Tribe) survivors impressed me. The African Americans (Hiki Tribe) didn\'t either. Especially Sekou. He said he went in and did what he knew and the others sort of \"gravitated\" to him and that was how he became the leader. I didn\'t feel this was the case. He went in and tried to take over; thus explaining why he was voted off first. Rachel and Sundra bonded quickly as did the men, which made Stephanie feel like the odd man out. Sekou tried to convince her to vote out Sundra. Not a wise move because although she didn\'t feel close to the other 2 women, in the end, she stuck with them.

    The Hispanics (Aitu Tribe) didn\'t impress me either. Billy seems to be someone who wants to look like he\'s doing everything but I think he\'s a slacker. I\'m pretty sure that will come out sooner or later. He talks a lot but I\'ve not seen him do anything worthwhile.

    While the Asian Americans (Puka Tribe) were as unimpressive as the others, they were the least annoying to me plus they had Cao Boi. It seemed as if he didn\'t belong with the others and even he admitted that he has never been accepted by the Asian community. The weird massaging thing he did to Brad\'s head and face to rid him of his headache was odd and as he did it I thought to myself, \"it would be funny if after all that, he really did get rid of the headache...\" and sure enough, Brand admitted to the others, the headache was gone. In the end, the Hiki tribe lost the challenge. In a twist, the Hiki tribe was to choose one of the members of the other tribes to and send them to Exile Island. Previously, Jonathan had unknowingly taken the chicken of one of the other tribes and for this, Sekou took it upon himself (with Nate in agreement) to send Jonathan to Exile Island. I don\'t know how this makes any sense because it wasn\'t his tribe\'s chicken he took. This was stupid and the right man was sent home.

    I\'m anxiously waiting to watch the next episode.moreless
  • Tribes are determined by race!

    Personally, I don't care how the tribes are split up. All I look at is whether I like the persons personality or not. Or they're lazy, than vote em off; if they're losing challenges, then vote em off; if they do their part inside of and outside of challenges then keep em around. I don't agree with getting rid of a person because they are annoying...usually!

    After watching this episode, I had not picked a favorite tribe and I still haven't after watching the second episode.

    In case anyones wondering, I'm white, but that doesn't mean I really like the white tribe. So far I haven't seen anyone that really stands out at me, but I'm still getting to know the players a little better.

    I thought this episode was a good one no matter what other people say about the race thing! I mean, does it really matter??

    I don't think these people are representing their race, I think they're representing themselves and no one else!moreless
  • Great intro episode to hopefully a great season.

    This is the 1st episode of this show I\'ve seen, and I can honestly say, it was fantastic. I love reality shows and this is another to add to my addiction list (along with Big Brother and others).

    I loved the way it started, diving right into the action of the show. The challenge was fast paced and led smoothly into the rest of the show.

    The the highlights of the first 3 day started. It was the usual get to know eachother / settle in of reality shows, with a few funny moments (like when the chickens escaped).

    But the most interesting part has to be the first challenge. The Asain - American tribe (my favourite tribe) won the challenge and fire, and the African - American tribe (my second favourite) were sent to tribal council. I\'m glad Sekou got booted out, as he was the worst member of their tribe, and tried to take control to early in the game.

    Overall, this was a great start to hopefully a great season, that will stay fantastic, right up until Becky is crowned the sole survivor (I hope).moreless
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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • J. P., Oscar ("Ozzy"), and Billy are the first-ever Hispanic-American males to compete on Survivor. Cecilia and Cristina are only the fourth and fifth Hispanic-American females ever, joining Jessie from "Africa", Sandra Diaz-Twine from "Pearl Islands", and Lydia from "Guatemala".

    • The contestant Jonathan Penner, claiming to be a writer, is in fact, an actor. His previous work includes shows like "Naked Truth", "Grapevine", and guest appearances on "CSI".

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  • NOTES (6)

    • This is the third time Exile Island has been used on a "Survivor" season. The first was used only once in Palau. The second time was an installment in "Survivor: Panama - Exile Islands".

    • Sekou is the first person voted out of "Survivor: Cook Islands" and Jonathan is sent to Exile Island.

    • Not including any specials, reunions or re-cap episodes, and only counting episodes with game play in them, this is the 165th episode of Survivor.

    • This season was referred to as "Survivor: Cook Islands".

    • It is the first time that the contestants are divided into tribes by ethnicity. As a result, there was a lot of controversy before the first episode aired. It's the first time that more than 2 African-American contestants are on the show.

    • This is the second time in "Survivor" history that there are four tribes to start off the game after "Survivor: Panama - Exile Island".