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Season 13 Episode 14

I Have the Advantage...For Once

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The castaways get news about their reward challenge and Parvati and Adam know they need to win it or Adam is going to Exile Island since the remaining 4 members of Aitu are still tight.

Ozzy, Yul and Parvati win a spa reward and Ozzy sends Adam to Exile Island. Back at camp, Becky realizes Ozzy is a real threat in the game. After returning from the reward, Becky confronts Yul about voting out Ozzy earlier than they had planned. Yul isn't entirely sure about doing that but mentions how Parvati and her flirting is also a threat.

At the Immunity Challenge, Ozzy wins once again and Parvati is voted out as the former Aitu tribe remains dominant.moreless

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  • Sad to see Parv out!

    Drama in the hot tub as Parvati works her way into a better position, sadly to no avail...

    The challenge in the mud was trainwreckish and hilarious at the same time. I just wish soembody can stop Ozzy's winning streak and fast. He is so annoying.

    Adam and Parvati and Yul are my remaining favourites. Sundra is OK too. Sadly it was Adam or Parv but I would have expected them to oust Adam instead.

    Sad for Parv - she was great!moreless
  • Ozzy demonstrates what a strong competitor he is.

    In a mud gathering reward challenge, the castaways demonstrate their individual strengths and weaknesses. The winners of this challenge (the three that collected the most mud using only their bodies without holding the mud) got to go to an all day spa.

    Ozzy, the strongest competitor, again demonstrated his physical superiority, gathering almost as much mud as the next two combined.

    Yul showed off his brain power, figuring out a way to cradle the mud on his back.

    Parvati revealed that she was a competitor to contend with, ingeniously packing mud into her long hair in the challenge.

    The other competitors failed to crack the top three because they failed to think outside the box.

    This challenge seriously threatened Ozzy's position in the game, as his Aitu tribe members were alarmed by his overwhelming dominance and feared facing him later in the game. If Ozzy had not won the immunity challenge the next day, the other Aitu members would almost definitely have voted him off.

    Parvati, in what may not have been such a great strategy move, showed her strengths as a competitor and was voted off in Tribal Council.moreless
  • Mud challenge

    Becky's statement that she sees Ozzy's do or die determination, makes me wonder where she's really been all this time. It's been pretty obvious from the beginning that he is a determined guy. So much so that I'm still surprised that he's still in the game. For Becky to realize only now what a threat he really is, makes me believe she hasn't been paying any attention. While I'd like for her to be the next to go just for being unobservant, Adam should go next only because Ozzy had immunity.

    I've liked Yul to win this since the beginning. He just always seemed like a straight forward guy. But I've seen he likes to play a little. For example, in this episode he tells Adam that if he wants to stay he will stay but then he goes back to Pavarti and tells her he thinks Adam is a bigger threat. Yul plays it so well. The result was that Pavarti was sent packing. Not the person I would have voted off but still a good choice. Whether she goes first and then Adam or vice versa, it's all the same.

    Good episode.moreless
  • Final five instead of four.

    Again they should had targeted Adam to go and not

    Pavrti but the Aitu four as I like to call them

    Maybe have their reasons for targeting people first. As Yul, Pavarti, and Ozzy enjoy a nice relaxing spa and night as Adam suffers third night of Exile Island. This will have a final five instead of four finale this Sunday.
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