Season 15 Episode 3

I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 3: Jean-Robert is a miserable human being, and Sister Christian is voted out.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't start off my review by saying that Jean Robert is the worst. From beginning to end, he just says and does the worst things. Here's hoping he takes a hike soon, because unfortunately, it doesn't happen in this episode.

    One thing I'm enjoying about this season more than the previous season is the amount of physical challenges. Last season, there were a lot of strategy-based challenges, and not may that required you to put your all. This year, there are a lot of very physical match-ups, and as a result, we get the absurdity of Dave stripping naked on Zhan Hu and of James literally picking up and throwing Frosti into the water.

    To be honest, I can't figure out why Leslie would be voted out over Courtney. Courtney really did seem to drag down the team in that challenge, and the only thing I can think of is that Courtney is just playing a better social game. She has Todd and Amanda on her side, and people seem to like her, which makes her worth keeping.

    However, Leslie did do one thing before she left: gave the hidden idol clue to Jamie. I think it's hilarious how the cameramen keep showing exactly where the idol is, but nobody is catching on. Let's see how long it takes.
  • Zhan Hu finally starts winning and Dave's nudity.

    Well what can I say, Survivor: China is one of the best seasons. Zhan Hu finally smartens up and it is the women who started to do the work in their first win. However with James, Aaron and Jean-Robert against Dave, Erik and Frosti, Zhan Hu is worthless. Dave taking his shorts off was rather disturbing thank god it was blurred. Well, of course it wasn't Amanda's fault that she was with 2 women who were quite older while Zhan Hu's were in their 20's. The reward was kind of lousy to tell you the truth although the blankets and pillows looked nice. I don't blame Courtney for losing the challenge, maybe Todd should've done it and Courtney and Jean-Robert could've solved the coins. They don't get along but same results. Leslie is gone hopefully they will gain their streak back.
  • The show has a great group of people who are really playing the game.

    I am really liking this season. There seems to be a lot of likeable people and people who are thinking ahead and already playing the game. It was great how they focused on the differences between the two tribes in this episode. It really makes it so that you can start routing for one tribe over the other and I usually have trouble picking a tribe. It also causes us to hate certain people, which makes it more fun. The reward challenge was really funny and entertaining but they have done too many challenges like this. Agian I liked the way they did the kidnapping for the hidden idol. The immunity challenge was good and it was an origonal idea. I felt so bad for Courtney, but I was glad to see the other tribe win. I like how they voted out Leslie, because it showed they were using strategy and thinking ahead.
  • funny...

    The teams face off in physical challenges and Leslie is voted off. This was a very funny episode because of the skinny girl (I forgot her name). She looks like she is anerexic and she is so weak. She couldn't chop wood at all; she could barely even hold the machete up. It was pitiful. I thought the other challenge was pretty funny. It was like a huge cat fight and there was rolling and kicking and hitting. It was brutal. . .but funny. Jean Robert is gross and needs to stay away from the women. Overall, average, but entertaining, episode.
  • Finally she is gone.

    Yes Yes Yes finally Leslie got voted out and it seems like it is goning to be a very interested season of Survivor. Since day one Leslie has annoyed me and now she will not be there any more. I am happy that this season it seems like one team will not be winning everything for a change. It started off like one team was going to win everything but they lost both the reward and immunity challanges in this episode. I was really disappointed with courtney that she tooke to much time complaining durning the challange instead of trying to complete it.
  • I guess praying won't save you on this show.

    I'm not sure what will it take to win on this show. Being mean won't, being religious won't, being nice won't, etc. I think it's just luck who will be at the end. I'm still liking James, he's a hard worker, and the show just picked up on a conversation between two guys chatting about the women and what's on their mind. Maybe a little rude, but personally I can't stand Courtney anyway, since the very first show. And it's true on what will she look like soon with no meat on her body? She's already looking like she's been there for 2 months with no food. And I agree that when men are hungry, they turn into whiney, mad children, but that's to be expected when you've got the biggest guys on your team.
  • Not Even The Power Of God Can Win The Game Of Survivor...

    We are down to thirteen people and the race is closing to see who will be crowned the next champion. James relly stood out to me in this epsiode unlike he did in the first two episodes and watching him in the challeneges has really become my favorite. I really think he could be the next Colby/Tom when it comes to individual immunity challeneges so I expect him to leave in the next couple of episodes or to make it to at least the final four riding on his work ethic and power. I think it is his relationship with Jean-Robert that has him in trouble right now.

    Moving onto the episode itself, you can sepearte and grade the episode in four different part. I loved watching the reward challenege. The red teams men clarly had a dominant advantage over the yellow team and I was stunned that the red women couldnt pull it together just one time to sqeek out a victory. With Denise on the team I thought they could have won but they simply let the yellow team be the aggressors and they lost beause of it.

    I like the graphics in the immunity challenege whenever someone would cut a rope but for the most part it was a blowout for the yellow team. Cutting all 4 rops before the red team even got 1 cut down. The show tried to make it seem like he read team made an amazing comeback, but they were sitll easily 3-4 minutes behind.

    The camp life in this episode was the boring stuff. Watching Dave continue to assert dictatorship over the yellow team was brutal to watch again. I think he would be such a great player if he didnt do that. I expect him gone soon.

    Tribal Council was fun - Jeff really is doing a great job this year at starting up some stuff at tribal council. They seem to be a more animated bunch of arguers this year. Overall, pretty solid episode.

    Reward Challenege - A+
    Immunity Challenege - A-
    Tribal Council- A-
    Camp Life - B-
  • Proves that nice people don't finish first.

    It goes to show you that nice people aren't always the ones that finish first. As in this case, Leslie who I liked a lot but the others on the tribe didn't. If she was on the other tribe that kidnapped her, then she would had made it to the merge. Her now former tribe is getting to show a big head. After I liked them at first. Jean-Robert is a sexist pig. As he rubbed the women the wrong way. While Dave was doing all the work. And despite thinking of him as a jerk, still the others were really lazy in his tribe. The once invincible team lost not one but two times.
  • What a bunch of doofus's! The third episode this season is the funnest yet.

    This episode showed a lot more of peoples characters, and was quite funny with some head shaking moments. First of all, who in their conceited mind strips everything off during a wrestling type challenge? Did it help in any way, other than making him look like a fool? Secondly the gravedigger and the poker player talking dirty things about Courtney within plain view of her was horrific! I'm really surprised she didn't bring it up to anyone. Lastly, I was sad to see the Christian radio host kicked off so soon. She clearly had the most heart and a great attitude, and it just goes to show how anti-Christian some people are. For crying out loud, Courtney was so useless during the challenge, and then walked around afterwards holding up her injured hands, unable to do anything. She should have gone home! It was good to see the other team take some wins though espcially from the muscle bound idiots. I kind of hate it when one team dominates.
  • What a season! I hope it's this good the whole way

    Zhan Hu made up a little ground this episode, thank god...while Palau was fun to watch a complete domination of tribe over another just sucks. plus if Zhan Hu were to lose again, my man Dave would be gone. anyway, this episode started off where the last one ended, Dave and his tribe not getting along. Please for the love of god Dave, there is absolultly no strategic reason to be acting like a complete a-hole to everyone. Unless of course you have a alliance that CBS isn't showing...which would be dumb. reward challenge, a king of the boat competition. Finally we get to see Denise do something, i think we see more of her in the intro than on the actual show. Zhan Hu finally won a challenge, a much needed one. Knowing Dave he'll probably tear up the blankets for kindling when no one is watching, just to piss everyone off. Zhan Hu chose to kidnap Leslie, not sure why...but I really cant see a reason to choose anyone else either. Leslie then preceeded to spill the beans about Fei Long's camp life, I'm not sure how this will affect the game later...probably won't but in Survivor you never know.

    Immunity challege...rules, chop wood take circles...repeat 4 tower, drag tower. What was Fei Long's strategy in this? Put Courtney on the puzzle, have you not been living with her for 6 days? Just by watching two episodes I could tell she wouldn't be able to swing a sword. The could have just had her hand circle things to Todd and let him do the puzzle alone. But whatever...Zhan Hu preceeded to build a huge lead, almost blow it and then win by a relativly large margin.

    One thing that I love about Survivor is the way CBS edits the shows. After the immunity challenge I knew for a fact Leslie was gone. But then CBS goes "Hey! What about Jean Robert"...and my mind goes....wait could he go instead, but I know in the back of my mind that it's just the network trying to mess with me...and after Tribal Council I was right...curse you CBS, you've fooled me once again.

    Next week's episode looks like more of the same....Dave being an idiot and trying to get himself voted off. oh well...but they get to wear cool armor!..BooYah!...

    Ty's overall grade for this episode: A-
  • The playing field is starting to get more level. The once dominant team takes it on the chin. It makes it a lot more interesting.

    I liked the whole episode, it showed a little more of the tribal life and the way they are interacting or not. But a major screw up by Jean-Robert and James being overheard with their strategy will end up biting one if not both of them in the end.
    This season is better than I was anticipating. The last few years were not the best, this year I think they took notice and made some changes to get back the interest and viewers.
    China is an interesting backdrop to the series, and with the preview of next week, the Art of War will come into play more and more.