Season 16 Episode 10

I Promise...

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2008 on CBS
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After Tribal Council, the tribe reacts to Eliza playing the decoy immunity idol. The next morning, the tribe competes in a reward for a visit to Yap, another island in Micronesia. Ozzy, Erik, Amanda and Jason win the reward and enjoy a traditional experience with a feast.

On Exile Island, Cirie is having a rough time trying to live through a rainstorm. But while she is there, she has time to think about how she can get rid of Ozzy and his idol.

Back on the Dabu beach, while James is keeping himself busy, Parvati complains that he is making too much noise while she is trying to sleep. Later that day, James and Amanda discuss how Parvati's own alliance with Alexis and Natalie seems to be getting much more serious.

During the Immunity Challenge, Jeff tempts the contestants with food in exchange for dropping out of the challenge. After 5 hours in competition, Jason drops out after being given a guarantee from the rest of the tribe that he would not be voted out that night. But after returning to camp, everyone says they don't plan on keeping their promise and will vote out Jason. However, Cirie goes to the other girls behind Ozzy's back with a plan to blind side him.moreless

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  • The bset episode I have eever seen! Amazing stuff!

    I just can't belieeve what went down in this episode! It was complete insanity!!!

    Reward was a pretty hard challenge, and the reward scenes were quite funny, with Erik in particular.

    Meanwhile, that Immunity Challenge was just INSANE!!! 6 and a half hour s of putting your hand-up to hold a bucket. Jason's move seemed pretty stupid originally, but let's face it. If he continued on an d won Immunity, he just goes home next Tribal instead. If he gives up the Immunity reward, he risks going from one tribal earlier than expected and possibly keeps himself in the game for a much longer duration. I have to say that it was a good move.

    Then Tribal was just insane! You have got to love PARVATI - she is so amaizing! The devilish smile is really good at fooling people, and when it comes to Parvati, don't judge a book by its cover!

    Good job by Cirie, Parvati, Natalie, Alexis and Jason to oust Ozzy! I am so thrilled, because I can't stand arrogant people, and Ozzy is the definiteion of arroagant. I can't stand him at all.

    However, I do feel sorry for James, because he is one of the most hilarious people ever! At the vote, he says 'I thought I was supposed to be the most stupid player ever...' which was insanely hilarious!!! And that scene with him irritating the three sleeping girls was hilarious too!!!

    Can't wait until the next episode!!!

    EDIT: And I forgot to add this earlier, but the look on ELIZA's face as Ozzy was going was just PURE GOLD!!! I loved it!!!moreless
  • Ozzy get kicked out...

    Survivor has met all expectations this season - with injuries and withdrawals and alliances manipulation. But the best has been kept for last. Ozzy has been a leading light for most of the season - he has the idol - he seems to be the group leader - and this has made him comfortable that he won't be kicked out. But the girls led by Cirie (who has been a revelation this time around) and Parvati - manipulate the remaining men in a way that has never been seen before. It becomes a true test of brawn versus brains. And the girls seem to have the upperhand. Incredible final scene ends with a bitter Ozzy leaving the group after the vote.moreless
  • One of the worst episodes to date in Survivor history, VERY disappointing

    Well, so we all know what happened.. Ozzy got voted out and blindsided by a bunch of dickheads who lie and cheat and whatever costs.

    Technically speaking, Ozzy was a great competitor. Yeah, sure he was becoming a bit arrogant and maybe a control freak but think about it - Jason should have gone home. The guy seriously scammed the last of why the audience should like him, as going behind other people's backs made him survive, but he's a stupid bugger. Little does he know he'll be the next one to go and get blindsided, just like Ozzy.

    I feel sorry for Amanda, James and Erik as none of them were aware of what was going on between the evil phonies of the tribe (Parvati, Alexis, Jason, Cirie and Natalie), and when I think of who I like this season and who I dislike, all those who were in favour of getting rid of Ozzy, the biggest threat are the ones who have all been involved with playing someone or controlling something out of the blue that has changed the game in a negative sense.

    We can all now say that no longer is Cirie the biggest love me life hero they all think she is, nor was Alexis really having some relationship with Ozzy (while Ozzy was too stupid to see that she was playing him all along while Amanda was left out). It was no wonder Amanda eager to find out whether or not Ozzy was actually playing her. Ozzy was one of the good ones (with the exception of his arrogance) but he just didn't show it as the arrogance towards the end got in the way.

    It was also a huge shame knowing that Ozzy didn't ever apologise to Amanda for being arrogant. If only he just had the gumption to speak to her in private about their honesty towards each other (and their love) then maybe she would get the idea that what they have was real. Amanda is a very sweet woman with a great heart, honesty and (she's very attractive, I like her but I wouldn't call what I have toward her a crush because that word just sounds very childish, but yeah, I really like her) since when has she done any wrong to anyone? Never.

    To you readers, you're all probably wondering why I even bothered with this review, well, I'll put it this way; Despite the fact that Ozzy getting voted out was terrible knowing that Ozzy, Amanda and James are my favorite competitors, but that was not the biggest upsetting factor, nor was it Cirie or Alexis and their big lying eyes - It was Parvati breaking her alliance with Ozzy, James, Amanda and Cirie for the extent of her selfish attitude to rid them all of Ozzy. What a selfish cow, and the same goes for Cirie (the lying good eyed liar), Natalie (I.. can't comment on her, she's got something evil about her), Alexis (ok, so she'll flirt with Ozzy and then oh basically "Screw Ozzy, kick him out, I've had enough with him") and then Jason (why, why, why.. Your selfish reign to get rid of Ozzy will be your downfall next week dude).

    However, with all this intact, the reward and immunity challenges were great, and there were some hilarious moments between Erik and the locals of Palau while the deserving people; Amanda and Ozzy were able to go on the reward challenge. But screw Parvati for allowing her selfish kitty looks to get in the way and then the alliance. Seriously girl, get a life.

    Well, this brings me down to my final statement. With the evil looks and selfish words going around, there is only one person who I think deserves the title of sole survivor (well 2) and for all it's worth, I want Amanda to win and will be very disappointed if it does not turn out to be either her or James.moreless

    This episode started mediocre, but ended on a very high note! Nothing intersting in reward, but Immunity heated things up! One by one, in a challenge from All-Stars, survivors drop their bucket hanging overhead in excitement or for rewards until five are left. James, Ozzy, Amanda, Jason, and Parvarti. James loses concentration and is elimanated while Ozzy jumps for some donuts. Amanda needs to use the bathroom, so she drops leaving only two competitors. The rest of the tribe agrees to keep Jason alive and in the game, with full intentions of voting him off. He drops and Parvati gets immunity, and the rest of the tribe gets the reward that prompted them to make the decision to "keep" Jason: a platter of guitly pleasures, all the ones featured in that challenge. However, upon return to it, James begans to feel some bad vibes aroung the camp and begans to feel the tight "Girl Power" around camp. Ozzy wrongly ignores it, as Cirie convinces all the girls-Amanda and Jason to oust Ozzy. Eliza revealing he had the idol destroys him, and he dosent't bring the idol. The result is a spectacular ending with certain jury member in a classic pose.moreless
  • Review

    Got to love the dramatic come-from-behind, down 4 to 1, voting system they have there at tribal council. I was kind of surprised. Usually Survivor kind of plays up the possibility of the blindside, but then the treib still votes x-1 and its not very exciting. Its so hard when you are playing the game to know when the use it. Ozzy held it a little longer then I would have. Sometimes you have to just play it to get the target off your back. I think I woud have even played it two episode ago just to get it away from me, but he felt comfortable enough to hold on. That now makes two survivors though where the power player leaves because he had the individual immunity idol. This wasnt as shocking to me because it was a forseeableplay, Ozzy just didnt pullt he trifgger in order to use it. With Ozzy gone a girl versus guy thing could start, whcih spells trouble for the three guys running up against the five girls.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ozzy is the third contestant (after Amber in "All-Stars" and Stephenie in "Guatemala") to play the game twice and make the final in one and sit on the jury in the other.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Parvati: (tring to convince Jason to throw the immunity challenge) Come on Jason, you could make friends.

    • Ozzy: (after being voted out) I'm an idiot. I shoulda seen it coming but I got too comfortable. I felt that I could trust the people in my alliance and it serves me right. I'm a fool. I'm a fool for thinking that and to whoever it was in my alliance that voted the other way, right now I pretty much hate you so screw you basically.

    • James: (voting for Jason at Tribal Council) I thought I was the dumbest Survivor ever.

    • Parvati: I think if went to the final five with Ozzy, Ozzy would win this game and I haven't been here miserable going through all this crap to not win this game.

    • Cirie: We all guaranteed Jason that we wouldn't vote him out tonight but I think Ozzy wants to vote him out anyway, which makes this the perfect time to get rid of Ozzy and that idol because he'll never see it coming.

    • Ozzy: (referring to Jason's actions during Immunity Challenge) I think one of the dumbest, most naive moves in Survivor history just got played out. We all guaranteed that we weren't going to vote for him but Jason fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book and he's going to go home.

    • Cirie: (on Exile Island) Ozzy is a huge competitor and then to have the idol on top of that, that increases his target like tenfold. Maybe I'll just have to work on getting rid of Ozzy and his idol.

    • Erik: (ill after reward feast) I partied a little too hard Micronesian style. Beer and betel nut, not a good combination.

    • Erik: (talking about reward feast) I'm sitting there ready to eat my food and the lunch lady doesn't have a shirt on. It was a little culturally interesting for me. I mean, it wasn't a huge deal but that was probably most boobs I've seen in my life!

    • Jason: You know, I feel like I could fare pretty well as long as I continue to beat Ozzy.

  • NOTES (4)