Season 16 Episode 3

I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on CBS
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After Tribal Council, Mikey B. assumes Joel is behind Mary being voted out and thinks the rest of his tribemates are weak. On the "Favorites", Ozzy and his alliance tell Eliza the order they have to vote people out. At the Reward Challenge, the two tribes wrestle for the reward of their choice and the "Favorites" end up on top. When the tribe returns to their beach, Cirie reveals she doesn't feel secure with her tribe. So she goes to Amanda and Paravati to try for an alliance. At Exile Island, Kathy and Ami aren't able to search for their clues as they believed a storm is on its way. That night, the "Fans" suffer through a terrible storm while the "Favorites" stay dry in their cave with their tarp. The next morning, the "Fans" are feeling down after trying to sleep through the storm. After the Immunity Challenge, the "Fans" win. At the "Favorites" camp, Yau-Man is told that Parvati is the one who is going. Cirie wants Yau-Man out but Ozzy and Jonathan come to Cirie to try and change her mind and vote for either Eliza or Parvati. As a result of all the alliances on the tribe, three people are on the chopping blockmoreless

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  • Ep 3: Cirie is the swing vote, and Penner goes nuts.

    Man, I missed Jonathan Penner. People hate him, or love to hate him, but I personally love the way he plays the game. Every season of Survivor needs that guy who will say or do anything to progress. Right now, we're not necessarily seeing that side of him, but we are seeing the side of him that loves to talk and convince.

    I also liked Cirie, but not quite as much as everyone else. I'm actually sort of on Penner's side with the argument. Cirie sees that she's a swing vote, and since she wants Yau Man out and knows Parvati's alliance needs her, she uses her position to get what she wants. It all results in a pretty great back-and-forth between Penner and Cirie, where they call each other out on lying and conniving.

    In the end, poor Yau Man gets voted out because Cirie is too worried about him finding a hidden Immunity Idol to let him stick around. It's a perfect example of how someone who has played the game can be hamstrung. They're immediately viewed a certain way because of how they played last time.

    We get very, very little with the Fans tribe. We see Mikey and Joel sort of have an argument about the Mary vote, and we see Kathy going to Exile Island again, but for the most part, we get nothing with the Fans. That's fine with me, because besides Joel, they're kind of boring, and plus, the stuff going on on the Favorites tribe is too interesting.moreless
  • Great epsiode! Absolutely brilliant scenes! (Spoilers ahead!)

    I absolutely loved this episode, and every part of it!

    The challenges were both spectacular to watch, and there was a little bit of an upset at the second (Immunity) one! The Favorites seem to have a much better camp, but they fail to capitalise on it!

    The Exile Island scens were interesting! Kathy was tired, but I can't believe she wouldn't put some effort into searching... an idol is a powerful tool...

    Lots of people seem to dislike hthis episode because they loved Yau-Man. As I haven't seen Fiji, I don't know much about him, so I'm not patricularly upset by the outcome, even though he idid seem generally likeable in these last three episodes.

    I am absolutely loving CIRIE!!! Can't get enough of her and Parvati too!!! I wonder what will happen next! :)moreless
  • average...

    Well, this episode falls back into the average episode of Survivor which most episodes fall. The only part I really liked was the huge wrestling match between the fans and favorites. James and Joel dominated, and Johnathan did surprisingly well. The favorites came out on top. I'm getting tired of these love things going on; it's annoying. I was surprised when the favorited lost the challenge and more surprised when they took out Yau Man. I love him! I was sad to see him go...anyways, it was just an average episode. I was getting bored with the whole talk with of who's being voted out. Just average.moreless
  • The reason I picked painful to watch is there is no category which says better than a test pattern. It was a painful episode to watch, I only hope the pain goes away.moreless

    Hey, Cirie, the reason they don't carry you is they are not strong enough. I think Jonathan is a jerk, but Cirie outsmarted him. What needs to happen is for the alliance that Cirie is in to vote out Jonathan and then with the numbers solidly in their favor, vote out Cirie.

    She was a useless person in the first show, and she is a political but useless person in this one.

    Voting out Yau man was terrible, if she had said Jonathan, I would not have cared, but no she picked one of the all time favorite survivor players who did not deserve what he got.

    Maybe if they get smart they get rid of Cirie next week and then the ratings will go up.moreless
  • Hated the ending too!

    I hated the ending too. I mean poor Yauman. He was the one that got left out to dry. And that I wished that Jonathan or Pavarti would go. But Yauman...No! No! No! I really feel sorry for that Kathy always going back to Exile Island. The Favorites got so overconfidence in winning back to back challenges. That they signed their own death warrant. But in the form of poor Yauman. He shouldn't have left. Jonathan is really being a jerk as usual. Glad that Cirie took a stand against him. Can't wait for next week. But it won't be the same without Yauman.moreless
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