Season 18 Episode 14

I Trust You But I Trust Me More

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2009 on CBS
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The final four Erinn, Taj, Stephen and J.T. return from Tribal Council and start thinking about votes from the jury. The next morning, the final four compete in their second last immunity challenge. After J.T. wins the first challenge, Erinn tells Stephen and J.T. that Taj could win if she goes with them to the finals. Even though Taj is in their alliance, J.T. starts to believe that what Erinn says has a lot of truth to it. After voting out one member of the final four, the remaining survivors go on their Rites of Passage, remembering all the previous survivors voted out. After returning to camp, Erinn tries to make sure the guys take her to the final two. After the immunity challenge, the final three go to Tribal Council and J.T. must choose between intergrity and friendship or an easy ticket to a million dollars. Once it's down to the final two, the jury asks their questions and votes for one person to win the million dollar prize.moreless

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  • Enjoyable ending!

    Great conclusion to what has been a season I have really enjoyed! Very surprised by the vote to evict Taj at the F4 instead of Erinn. I did not see it coming and I was a little upset by it.

    If Erinn had pulled through that final challenge, it could have been a huge upset at the end of this game, but it wasn't meant to be. JT deserved his win, and I'm really glad Stephen did not win. I didn't like hima t all.

    Looking forward to more Survivor!moreless
  • Glad J.T. won

    In the finale of Survivor Tocantins, J.T. won over Stephan unanimously. I feel that this episode was pretty good and better than most finales in other seasons. I was a little disappointed that Stephen and J.T. decided to vote out Taj instead of Erinn at the final four. However I was glad too see J.T. keep his promise to Stephan and take him to the finals after he won the final immunity challenge instead of taking Erinn. I was surprised that J.T. won unanimously because I thought the vote would have been very close, maybe a 4-3 vote. In the end, the season turned out pretty well with a satisfying ending with a deserving winner.moreless
  • OK season with a pretty good win!

    This was an ok season with a pretty good win. And with a nice guy. JT was nice and won the last three immunity challenges. Even though people didn't like his relationship to Coach. As he needed to win the immunity challenges, the remainder. Taj getting blindsided, really was a shocker. Thought she and Stephen and JT would be riding the final three there. But they felt Taj was really likable. Only second male two finals there since Thailand, seven years ago. But Stephen was a liar more than anybody and kept going back on his word. That is why he lost. Glad that he and JT kissed and made up. JT also want the Sprint popularity player of the season giving him, $1.1M in addition, to the title of Survivor. The warrior defeats the wizard.moreless
  • One of the best Survivor seasons!!!

    This has got to be one of my favorite Survivor seasons EVER!!! I've been rooting for J.T. since Day 1 (I think it was his accent that hooked me, haha) and I was SO pleased to see him win!!! He and Stephen made such an amazing partnership, and I love how they still remain the best of friends. They were the Perfect Final 2. I wouldn't have been pleased if any one else made it over them. The only thing I didn't get was why they voted Taj out before Erinn. I don't think that was necessary. She has never won immunity, and I don't think she was a threat to win the last challenge either. It would have been cool to have the Jalapao 3 in the end. But oh well.

    No matter what I think of Coach personally, he made the season very memorable. It's like you loved to hate him, lol! Very entertaining; tv comedy gold!

    The Reunion show was cool, too. J.T. looked really cute, wow! hehe. I love how he admitted to putting on an act that he was crushed when Stephen said he might have chosen Erinn instead of him, LOL. It totally bought some of those jury votes. People didn't give J.T. enough credit, he is much smarter than people first perceive of him.

    Can't wait til next season, hope it's just as good as this one! :)moreless

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