Season 10 Episode 9

I Will Not Give Up

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2005 on CBS

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  • Stephenie Alone

    Boy, the start of this episode is just brutal and yet, one of the most memorable parts of any Survivor season. Stephenie is left to fend for herself as the last remaining member of Ulong. As the last remaining member, she gets a free pass to the Koror tribe and then, the individual part of the game starts for the first and only time without a legitimate merge. You have to wonder why it seemed like she didn't care about winning the immunity challenge, but none of the winners did. Janu thought that she was going for some odd reason and I'm a bit surprised that Koror just didn't take the easy vote and get rid of Stephenie. But Coby was annoying his tribe for a long time now and it seems like immunity wins were the only thing keeping him in the game. Like Willard, he was their next in line so his elimination was a long time coming. As much as I like him as a person, all his shade throwing did him no good. In fact, he pretty much dug his own grave this episode when he aired the tribe's dirty laundry to Stephenie. I do hope that we eventually see him again sometime as he's quite the interesting person and could do a much better game the second time around. Meanwhile, Koror, the true star of this season, will officially be taking over from this episode onward.
  • It's a whole new game!

    A whole new ball game indeed! Stephenie being alone is kinda scary - I'd bre truly freaking out by myself in the dark. It's just scary - I know there's camera crew and stuff, but you are fending for yourself. There's nobody to lean on.

    Her emotions were just so true and relieved when she got told to send herself over to Koror. Fancy that there is no merge and she is just absorbed into Koror instead... :P

    The challenge was interesting - Tom didn't want food and ultimately everyone else did. No surprise to see Coby ousted - he seemed to get ALL the screentime today, which either meant the start of his dominance of the game or his pending demise and denial, and ultimately it was the ltatter.

    What is next? I do not know! Just glad to see Steph still fighting strong!
  • A Survivor First

    For the first time ever in Survivor history, there is a one-person tribe. Stephenie outlasted, outwited, and outplayed the losing Uling tribe. It has taken a toll on her being alone. Now she gets to go and merge with Tom, Ian, and the others. And they make her feel right at home. Despite her coming in as a "dead-woman walking."
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