Season 3 Episode 7

I'd Never Do It To You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on CBS

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  • Very good, but so sad! :)(

    Very devastataed to see Lindsey go home, as she was by far my favourite with a truly great personality.

    The challenges were very good today - I thought was pretty interesting tbh. I enjoyed the drama at both acamps - the Borans with the chickens an d the Samburus with the voting drama.

    It was an interesting episode, which leaves us with 6 Borans, 2 older Samburu and 2 younger Samburu. Assuming the merge is upon us, it leaves the Borans free to peck away and pick these Samburu off one by one, but will they stick together or not!?>

    We shall see soon indeed!
  • Yes, Lindsay is out of the picture. Just couldn't stand her anymore.

    I'm so glad with this episode. I can't wait for the merge to happen. I'm loving this season so far! It always surprises me survivor, it's impressive. I usually have favorites by now, and I think right now it would be Kelly, Frank, Ethan,Kim the old one, Lex and Tom. Basically the old Boran tribe. I just love what Kim the old one did. When she was doing the 'L' thing. It was so smart! Glad Kelly understood it.
    I felt sorry for Brandon too. I know that it must have been hard. I mean, if it wasn't for his loud whisper, Lindsey wouldn't probably be voted out.

    Let's see what happens. Stay tune!

    p.s: I think the challenges could be more active, with a little more action. They're not that interesting.
  • Lindsay voted out

    Well since that Silas was voted out and the youngsters
    Will now go down one by one and they suffer
    A whole lot after Kelly got wind of the plot to
    Have Brandon take the fall and force and tie between him
    And big Tom. Tom has no votes but Lindsay has four
    Votes against her. Glad that she is gone as she brought high-noon drama to her tribe!