Season 16 Episode 13

If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • OMG!! The IQ of the male population has officially dropped dramatically.

    Erik Erik Erik! I have never seen someone been so duped so clearly, but YOU never saw it.

    Your a sweet guy, I give you that. But sweet guys tend to get used by others for their own agenda. The best out of this is probably that this life lesson will stick to you for the rest of your life...

    Good luck in the future Erik. You fought bravely, but you were very very naive.

  • OMG - the Men of Micronesia is just so dumb...

    Wow, again! Every episode leaves me speellbound! I am stunned again!

    Firstly to the challenges. Reaward was interesting, with the Survivor trivia quiz, and itnerestingly enough, a Fan won, not a Favorite! And then Eirik wins Immunity too, meaning that it looks like Natalie is done for/.

    I can't believe the strategy talked by the girls. It was the most hilarious thing ever! And then Cirie's and Parvati's comments when voting were just... OMG! Cirie says, "My mom told me you can't always beat them with these (biceps) but you can always beat them with this (brain)". Hilarious! And Parvati was hilarious too!

    James's reaction was GOLD - "I've lost my reign as Dumbest Player to Play Survivor"!!! Insanely funny stuff! Also, if only they knew about Heroes vs Villains and JT's omove, and then they'd be talking!

    So the women have it! Four amazing girls in the Final Four! I love them all, but I would love Parvati and Cirie to win it, with Natalie being my third favourite. Amanda is someone I like as well, but not as much as the other three.

    Can't wait for the next episode! The finale should be spectacular!
  • Oh My God! Erik, are you sure you are fan of this game?!

    Erik is like a crazy survivor fan and he seriously didn't see this coming? He is definitely the dumbest player ever!
    I got handed to you Cirie. She's the best mental and social player of Survivor. She's so smart, so adorable and at the same time she's the master player. I still can't believe that she made Erik give up his immunity! I never thought that was possible and especially when you're in top 5! So, right now I'm really leaning towards Amanda, Parv and Cirie. I think Cirie is the most deserving winner. And Amanda should win it too, because she beat the odds. Parvatti, I think, is not going to win because she already has Ozzy, Eliza against her. But, we'll see! Until the next episode!
  • How stupid can one person be?!

    This season has just been one big mistake after another. It seems that the guys are just trying to out-stupid each other, while the girls keep pissing me off. Honestly, I don't think I can even watch the season finale now, because of how utterly p.o.ed I am at this season. No one can honestly fall under the "Smart Player" category. There is basically "Idiot Players", "Very Idiotic Players", and "Annoying Female players whose right to speech should be taken away"

    There is no one in the final 4 that I can honestly say deserves to win. The two guys that I wanted to win, were both medically evacuated from the game, leaving me to just see how it ends, which I don't even think I can do now.

    Overall, this was possibly the worst episode in survivor history. good day.
  • "It would be the ultimate Jedi mind trick." - Cirie

    How can you describe this episode in words? It's nearly impossible. One really has to watch this episode to get just how shocking it is. I would even recommend re-watching the past few episodes to see where Erik thinks he lost the Jury. As far as I know, the jurors like him. It's only at the Final 6, where he voted Amanda instead of sticking with her, that he the idea appears. The hilarious thing is no one says anything about master manipulator Cirie. She is just the best at the social aspect of this game. It was her suggestion that maybe Erik is dumb enough to give up his Immunity, which he, incredibly, does. This is the dumbest move in Survivor history, just barely ahead of or tied with Ian jumping off and telling Tom to take Katie instead of himself to the Final Two, but definitely more so than James getting voted out with two Idols (though that WAS pretty daft on his behalf), or Ozzy this season (which was just a pure evil brilliant blindside) or Jason (who was insanely mental as well) or Dreamz taking Yau-Man's car and then betraying his deal or even JT from Season 20 where he gives Russell his Idol (at least there it would've likely made him a Final Three had his plan worked). By keeping the Immunity for himself, Erik would've guaranteed himself a spot in the Final Four, and then, likely, the Final Three. Had it been Erik and two women as the Final Three, they'd *spoiler* probably not have changed gears at the end and made a Final Two with an odd-numbered Jury (the first time ever that that has happened).

    Who would have won were it:
    Erik, Parvati, Cirie
    Erik, Cirie, Amanda
    Erik, Amanda, Parvati

    Or maybe they'd have done a Final Two anyways, and he wins that, too. Would he be the Sole Survivor if he had outlasted all those brilliant Favorites? Quite possible. Thus, this is the dumbest move in Survivor history, or on par with Ian from Palau.
  • A absolutely stunning way to leave the show...

    The last 3 ways that the contestants have left the show has been mind-blowing. The power girl group(s) has seen Ozzy (with the idol), naive Jason (with the idol) and Alexis voted out in extra-ordinary ways. With Cirie playing a fantastic game and prepared to think outside the box and Parvati/Amanda/Natalie prepared to confuse/divert suspicion from themselves - it has been an eye-opening season of Survivor. But now they face Erik. He has been killing himself to win challenge after challenge - knowing its the only way he can survive in this game. And in this episode he wins again. But he makes a fatal mistake. He talks to the girls(!). He promises them all sort of things to stay in the game. The girls chat amongst themselves and find out all his lies. Cirie eggs on Natalie to confuse Erik even further. Amanda makes Erik feel guilty. At Tribal Council, Erik capitulates to the girls mind games in a way never seen before - and hands the Immunity Necklace to Natalie (who would have been voted out) - and the girls turn on Erik in a flash! Erik follows Jason and Ozzy as the men to be completely outwitted by the girls! What a brilliant ending to an episode - completely unexpected! But now there is only 4 girls left, no men to devour...
  • How can Erik be SO stupid?

    Again? How is it that Natalie is still here? Jeez I hate her, she is so crazy and such a b***h. I don't know why they would want her around for longer, I can't stand her and I'm only watching her on tv! I would hate to be there with her!

    Go Amanda! I totally want you to win! I don't like Parv and Cirie, and I don't think they could get the votes if they were in the final two with Amanda.

    As for the Tribal Council, JEEZ, I did not see that coming! Man Erik how could he have done that? Why would he have done that? How could he have given his necklace up to Natalie and not known that none of they would of voted for each other if they had the chance to get him off?


    Until next week...............................
  • Erik is so stupid!

    Ok, this is the last episode of the 16th season of the hit reality show, Survivor. Which takes place in Micronesia in Palau. The final five are Erik, Parvati, Amanda, Natalie, and Cirie. I don't really remember who wins reward but that's not important. Erik wins immunity and thinks he is forcing the women's alliance to turn against each other and vote out one of their own. Instead, the women's alliance comes up with a plan to get Erik to give his immunity necklace to Natalie and in the end, it suceeds and Erik is turned againtst and voted out. Erik is the new dumbest Survivor ever.
  • A first in Survivor History!

    Well before I get to what happened as the first in Survivor history, I think that Erik is the most dumbest Survivor ever. Sure he could had beaten the women with brawns but he definately had no brains plus he was starstruck and just got a bit ahead of himself. Parvarti was right in doing what she said in voting out Erik as he does go down in history as one of the most dumbest players in the game to think that he would be promised not to be voted out but he was. Now a first, an all-female foursome of Natalie, Amanda, Parvarti, and Cirie!
  • Someone stole my thunder. But, how stupid can one guy be?

    The ice cream scooper should not quit his day job, heck, with him being that stupid, they may not even take him back. His utter stupidity could have cost him a million bucks, which in ice cream scoops is a lot of butter pecan.
    I guess you do not need to have an IQ above room temperature to get there if you are a guy, three guys got blindsided, three, I would figure that the girls who have been saying all along that an all female final four was their goal did not sink into ice cream scooper boy, he must have gotten brain freeze.
    Will I watch the finale, probably not. I will tape it and come here later to see who won, as long as it is not Cirie, I may watch. I would love to see one of the fans win, but this was the one of the worst seasons ever.
  • Learned some things and had some laughs.

    Erik. Erik. Erik. My initial thought was how gullible could one person be? Though upon seeing his reaction with being voted out, I began to think differently and believe he wasn't really that naive and trusting. I imagine Erik had his own suspicions with what would happen if he gave Natalie his immunity necklace, and thus felt it'd probably be his downfall and if so, wanted to see if the girls would see it through or not. And they did. Or perhaps he was that gullible, but I choose to believe the former. I sure did appreciate the entertainment of a plan coming together.

    Beforehand with the challenges, I enjoyed the one with answering questions from past seasons of Survivor. For I love testing my own knowledge as well. I missed the last one, though, answering it as All-Stars. (But they were split into three tribes, not four! Argh!)

    Now looking forward to Sunday's finale, and the final four of all ladies. I believe that is a first for the show. I'm not really sure who I'd like to see come out as the winner. Giving it some thought, I guess I'd go with Cirie at this time.
  • Really?

    I dont even know what to say right now. Between all of the survivors this season that have had to been removed from the game because of injuries, to the blindsides that have shook the game in half, to the dumbest move in survivor ever this season of survivor has been entertaining and exciting to watch to say the least. I just dont even understand what the thought process could be at that point. Trying to win back jury votes, really Erik? I dont even know what to say right now. Im still stunned that Erik could do something so dumb. I think that this will never be beaten in the history of survivor. Great Episode nonetheless.